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Upcoming Navy SEAL Movies

December 23rd, 2011

The decade-long pursuit of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden ended when he was finally killed by a highly-skilled Navy SEAL Team. After this revelation, Hollywood talents became interested in making movies based on the events that happened. Filmmakers want to re-create how the Navy SEAL Team went on with their mission that led to the […]

The fame and reputation of the United States Navy SEALS received a huge boost after their successful raid into Pakistan in May 2011 that resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden.  The Navy SEALS are not the only special force unit in the world, however – many countries, including those in Europe, have Special […]

Prisoners of War (POW), alongside with those missing in action (MIA) have been honored in a September 17, 2010 event called the National POW/MIA Recognition Day. This was observed both by the Navy and the US Armed Forces and was publicized in a US Navy SEALs website. Celebrations such as this are being made to […]

The Singapore Special Operations Force, the SOF, is part of the Commandos arm of the Singapore army and consists of highly trained individuals that participate in elite special forces operations. They are trained to deal with strategic special operations, hostage taking and counter terrorism. Their History The SOF was formed in 1984 but has only […]

The special forces of Sri Lanka is part of the Sri Lanka army and is known as the Sri Lanka Army Special Forces Regiment or SF. They are a covert operative force comprised of three regiments. Their History The SF have been around since 1985 and were first called a Combat Tracker Team that specialized […]

The Thailand Special Forces are called the Royal Thai Navy SEALs and they are part of the military of Thailand. They are comprised of 144 men and are part of the Royal Thai Navy. Their History The Royal Thai Navy SEALs were set up in 1956 by the government of the United States, presumably in […]

The special forces in Poland are called GROM and are a division of the Polish Army. The acronym of GROM means thunder in Polish and they are deployed for a variety of special operations, including unconventional warfare. Their History GROM was formed in 1990 and is currently part of the Polish Army, although it began […]

The Egyptian Special Forces Unit is also known as Unit 777 or Task Force 777. It was created to counter terrorist activity as well as hijacking of Egyptian aircraft. The special forces unit was created in response to Anwar Sadat expelling Soviet military advisors from the country. Their History Unit 777 is also known as […]

There are several factions of the Indian Special Forces, all of them elite, with the MARCOS being the most like special forces operations such as the Navy Seals and the SAS. They are a division of the Indian Navy. Their History MARCOS is short for Marine Commandos. They began as the Indian Marine Special Force […]

There are three special forces groups in Chili. They fall into three different categories and are designed to protect the country from domestic violence, invasions as well as terrorist attacks. Ever since the attacks of September 11, 2001, most countries have begun a special task force or special forces of their military to deal with […]