Who Are The Philippines Special Forces?

Posted March 19th, 2010 by US Navy Seals

Philippines Special ForcesThe Philippines Special Forces are called the 710th Special Operations Wing of the PAF, which is the Philippines Air Force. All of the men in this special forces team are airborne qualified and trained in various operations.

Their History

The 710th began in 1991 and is comprised of an elite group of those who have been recruited from the Air Force for internal security operations. They operate under the air force and are stationed at Clark Airbase. There are an estimated 8000 men in this special forces group.

How To Become A Member Of The 710th

Those who are enlisted in the Philippines Air Force can join the 710th as members. They are given specialized training before they can become fully fledged members of this special operations wing.

710th Training

710th Training is related to internal security and is highly specialized. Actual training is conducted at Clark Airbase and specializes in anti terrorism, national security and airborne operations.

What Are They Best At?

They are best at air strikes, explosive ordinance operations, civil disturbance, and operations against hostile forces including counter terrorism.

Weapons Of The 710th

Weapons of the PNP are classified

Known Missions

Recent missions include the Manila Peninsula Mutiny where they were called into action.


Units include the 720th Special Operations Group, the 730th Combat Group, the 740th Combat group, the 750th Combat group, the 760th Combat Group and the 770th Special Operation Combat Support Group and are called in that order.

Are They Professional Soldiers?

They are professional soldiers and not civilians.   



This Article is written by James Kara Murat

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