What is a typical day of a Navy SEAL

Posted September 18th, 2009 by Navy SEAL

We all know that there is no easy way to become a Navy SEAL but most of you might not know what happens after the training is complete and SEALs are assigned to their platoons. The truth is that most SEALs would probably get to see action because they will be deployed to Iraq or other parts of the world. But what do SEALs do during peace time or what is a typical day of a Navy SEAL? SEALs go back to training!

SEALs are perennially in training. Even after they are assigned to their platoons they can become a part of several different training programs that include sniper programs, explosive and demolition programs, advanced courses in water tactics, martial art courses, advanced weapon programs, parachutist courses and much more. No wonder they say, “The only easy day was yesterday!”

Since SEALs are a clandestine operations unit, hence the information about their daily routine is unavailable. Most information available is related to the various training programs that SEALs participate in.

A Day in the Life of a SEAL

Ideally, a day starts at 0500 hrs for a SEAL. Wake up, get a shower, and get dressed in BDU or army fatigues. SEALs will not get more than 5 minutes and during that time they need to also ensure that their shoes are neat and shining. Instructors and officers give a lot of importance to the way SEALs dress and a missing button means that the SEAL in question will have to drop down and do 100-150 push-ups.

A SEAL platoon is also known as a SEAL class and comprises of snipers, officers, UDT, medic and more. The SEAL class continues their daily workout and the exercises can range from swimming to 4-mile jogging or running. Also known as PT (Physical Training), this is the first activity during any training day for Navy SEALs.

Call for breakfast between 0830 and 0900 hrs and it includes nutritious but high calorie food. Every SEAL burns anywhere from 400 to 3500 calories a day in training and this loss is compensated through high calorie food. Each SEAL platoon gets three meals a day, which they eat at their mess within the SEAL training campus area. Sometimes SEALs are made to run 9 miles or more to reach their mess for each meal. It all a part of the training!

Post breakfast, SEALs participate in further training, which includes PT as well as classroom training. Class room training provides information regarding weapons, missions, tactics, US Navy, amphibious vehicles, and much more. The class room training is as important for the SEALs as is their practical training. Hence, attendance is necessary!

There is a lunch break followed by weapons and demolitions training. Some SEALs also handle administrative duties and other chores within their training campus. Of course there is no information available on the type of desk jobs that SEALs handle and hence it is difficult to define their job outline during peace time.

SEAL platoons are tested on a regular basis to determine their mental and physical preparedness for battle. A typical day at office for a SEAL is “crash and burn!”

This Article is written by James Kara Murat

3 Responses to “What is a typical day of a Navy SEAL”

  1. Scott

    I thought SEALs had teams not platoons. A SEAL class is probably referring to BUD/S. This information seems a bit flawed.

  2. Ralph

    @ scott

    To my understanding there are SEAL teams. And within those teams are multiple platoons… I think most have 6 platoons while one specialized team has 4 (don’t quote me on that)

  3. voodoo

    Seal Team is the command, I.E. Seal Team 1, platoons make up the command, starting with the smallest team which consists of 4 SEALs, then usually four of those 4 man teams make a platoon (16 guys in a platoon) usually designated by alpha bravo charlie etc. or sometimes by color. 4-6 platoons are usually what a command consists of. Then you have double in support personnel. This is just the basic structure and is usually highly modified.

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