How to Prevent and Treat Ankle Sprains Like a Navy SEAL

Posted September 28th, 2009 by Navy SEAL

ankleAnkle sprain is a type of injury that you can sustain when you overwork your feet and lower legs. This injury occurs when one or two ligaments in your ankle are stretched or torn. If you are aspiring to become a Navy SEAL, you need to learn how to prevent and treat ankle sprain because it can prevent you from completing the Navy SEAL Basic Underwater Demolition or BUD/S training.

How can an ankle sprain interfere with your BUD/S training? Ankle sprains are graded according to severity. A mild case of ankle sprain will take at least two weeks to heal. On the other hand, an extremely serious case, medically referred to as syndesmosis sprain or high ankle sprain, will require four to six months of recovery time.

Given that the BUD/S training is very intense and can stretch the limits of your physical strength, endurance and flexibility, you need to know how to prevent ankle injury caused by sprains.

Four Steps to Prevent Ankle Injury

It only takes a few simple steps to prevent your ankles from getting injured because of a sprain. These steps are listed below.

1. Do warm-up exercises before your workout. Warm-up exercises prior to any workout will prepare your muscles, joints and ligaments for any strain the workout will cause upon them.

2. Make flexibility exercises part of your fitness training. If your body is flexible, it becomes less likely for you to sustain injuries caused by torn or overstretched ligaments. Flexible muscles make your joints and ligaments more mobile.

3. Support your ankles with tapes, braces or high-top shoes. Tapes, braces and high-top shoes are all designed to protect your ankles when performing high-intensity workouts.

4. Wear the right kind of shoes for training. It is an absolute must that you wear the appropriate shoes for the kind of workout you are doing. If you are going to run, wear running shoes. Do not wear shoes that are intended for basketball or tennis. They will not provide the right support that your ankles require and will even reduce your feet’s stability on quick lateral movements.

What to Do When You Get an Ankle Sprain

When you do get an ankle sprain due to your intensive Navy SEAL training, here is what you should do:

1. Give your ankle a rest and do not perform any workout while your ankle is healing. Wrap it with compression bandage and apply ice on your ankle for twenty minutes twice a day for the next two or three days.

2. See your health care provider to check see if your ankle is fractured. This may require you to have an X-Ray taken of your ankle.

3. Depending on the seriousness of the ankle sprain, you can start exercising your ankle to regain full range of motion 48 hours after sustaining the injury. This will involve low-intensity exercises such as ankle pumping (both back and forth and side to side) and tracing the letters of the alphabet with your foot.

4. Once the pain and swelling diminishes, you can start performing workouts that are aimed at strengthening your injured ankle. An example of such training would be balancing on the injured ankle for 30 seconds at a time and repeating this around five times in several sessions throughout the day.

5. Once you are free from any symptoms of ankle sprain or ankle injury, you can begin jogging slowly and easily, gradually increasing the intensity of the workout every week.

This Article is written by James Kara Murat

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