US Navy SEAL Training – Military FreeFall School (MFF)

Posted July 28th, 2009 by Navy SEAL

MFF comprises of a one week static line course followed by a three week military freefall course. Until recently the Army trained SEALs to parachute however a dedicated Tactical Air School was opened at Otay, San Diego CA which allows for training larger numbers.

Static line military parachuting is a basic military skill for all airborne forces which is designed to drop a body of men behind enemy lines for operations. Military freefalling is a very dangerous activity that requires a high degree of skill. Unlike civilian freefallers who jump by day and clean, a SEAL may jump with over 200 pounds of equipment on top of their own bodyweight at night and be prepared to deal with the enemy on the ground below him.

There are a variety of insertion techniques that can be used including HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) and HAHO (High Altitude High Opening). HALO is military freefalling from altitudes in excess of 25,000 feet while HAHO is where the parachute canopy is deployed shortly after exiting the aircraft and this allows a SEAL to travel up to 25 miles from the aircraft exit position onto a target with no warning.

This Article is written by James Kara Murat

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  1. Terry Crammer

    So do Navy SEAL Candidates, SWCC and EOD technicans still attend Airborne School in Ft. Benning or do they just attend this training?

  2. Hetherington

    SWCC and SEALs probably don’t! But E.O.D. would….

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  4. FreeFall Froggie

    The Navy now has their own MFF course in San Diego, Ca. They opperate in conjunction with the Army to ensure congruent teaching techniques between SOF forces. All Naval Special Warefare ratings attend that course, EOD, SWCC, and SEALs. It consists of a 5-day static-line course followed by a 5-week freefall course. The previous course that Terry Crammer spoke of at Ft. Benning was a 5-week course for static line only. It was widely known as 5-days of training crammed into 5-weeks. When I graduated BUD/S (SEAL basic training) you went directly to “jump school”. Due to the high rate of injury it has now been moved to the end of training, which sucks because you now have to wait longer to be “freefall qualified” and thus don’t get the extra $225/month you would until later in training. Hope this hellps…

  5. hetherington

    Army ABN school is only 3weeks long.Thee basics school or what?Can’t learn much their.

  6. hetherington

    Their really is a wierd since about the words added to mine!
    Making me look like a hacker.

  7. Scott Paterson

    Hope you can help. Looking to find a company or companies that train HALO and HAHO in the US. After contact details as i am a SSgt Scott Paterson Platoon SSGT of the UK Pathfinders 16 Air Assault Brigade and we have problems with our RAF in regards to aircraft and Parachutes. Normally we would descend on El Centro and train three times a year with the RAF running our training. We are looking to source a US company to set up a contract to train our soldiers in the High altitude disciplines. We are currently around 50 strong with between 20-25 soldiers not HALO/HAHO due to the problems with the RAF, and would be looking to get them all trained in one go if possible.
    my mobile number is 0044 7824864550,
    please forward this message to anyone that can help me get started .
    many thanks

  8. dammy adesuyi

    pls am in nigeria are there any free naval school over ther?

  9. ron

    My wife;s son is currently going through the free fall school, He is a EOD tech, and had to go to Ft Benning for basic para school.

  10. Brock Thomas

    Airborne in Georgia is just static line. Free fall and halo is the real deal. That’s in San Diego. I’ll be in San Diego for free fall next month.

  11. Brad Robertson

    How do I contact the Navy MFF to try to get slots for my guys to get trained?

  12. Dingo

    Instead of going to the army schools, would the air force recognize this school as being static and free fall qualified as well as being able to wear the both badges?

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