SQT is a continuation of the skills acquired during BUD/S and is a a wry return to the rigors of SEAL life after what is considered to be a more relaxed regime during jump school.

Many believe that successful completion of BUD/S qualifies you as a SEAL but that is not the case. To qualify as a SEAL SQT as well as MFF must also be completed after BUD/S and though the number of trainees will have been greatly reduced by this stage it is by no means certain that trainees will pass SQT.

BUD/S shows who has the guts and mental stamina to deal with highly stressful scenarios, make decisions and act while SQT a candidate to grasp specialized knowledge and experience with a wider range of equipment and weaponry. BUD/S only acts to pass a candidate on to SQT and MFF it does not pass a trainee as a SEAL.

After successful completion of SQT a trainee officially becomes a US Navy SEAL and is entitled to wear the Trident emblem as well as have their service records updated to demonstrate their achievement. Most of all, the newly badged SEAL will receive assignment to a SEAL team but that is not the end of the story – new SEALs are on a probationary work-up period lasting a further 18 months.

This Article is written by James Kara Murat

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