US Navy SEAL Boats

Posted July 28th, 2009 by Navy SEAL

People often use the words ship and boat to mean the same thing. But a ship is a large maritime vessel with a tremendous capacity. In contrast, a boat is a smaller and lighter vessel used for specific purposes. Boats are specially used in war zones by US navy SEALs. These boats are small and narrow in shape carrying small groups of navy SEALS for combat. A typical US navy SEAL boat is usually 65 feet long. It has closed compartments for ammunition and weaponry. A US Navy SEAL boat is usually designed to match the country terrain and surrounding foliage of the country where it is being used.

US Navy SEAL boats

Navy SEAL boats have always been an integral component of the Navy SEAL unit. The first US Navy SEAL boat was designed during World War II to carry out aquatic short-term mission. Today, US Navy SEAL boats embark on a diversity of missions ranging from war missions to guerilla attacks, peace keeping missions and high sea patrolling to safeguard maritime borders. The types of boats used by navy SEALs include landing craft, standard Navy design, commercial and non-developmental small boats including Rigid Inflatable Boats or RIB. Navy SEALS engage usage of these boats for armed escort, command, control, and communications, transport, armed reconnaissance and pursuit.

Navy SEAL Landing Craft

Landing crafts used by Navy SEALs are driven by powerful turbo-speed engines. The boats are small sized with a rugged exterior. Landing crafts are specially used for loading and reloading purposes from one point to the other. They carry small bands of Navy SEALs, SEAL ammunition vehicles and cargo in war zones. Inspite of being loading crafts, they are super fast skimming the water surface noiselessly. The landing craft is one of the most used US Navy SEAL boats.Air Cushioned landing craft

In the Navy SEAL unit, this light boat is also referred to as the LCAC. It is specially designed to blow dust and travel on land and water at great speeds. The boat travels over a cushion of formed hot air. This hot air cushion helps it maintain balance and float over water and land. The boat itself is long and narrow powered by four gas turbine engines. Navy SEALs use this boat as a cargo boat transporting troops, cargo and vehicles at short notices.

Work Boats

There are two types of this Navy SEAL boat. The former type is a 35 foot long twin screw boat. The latter is a smaller, 13 foot version of the former. The work boat is used to carry few men on special missions. The 13 foot work boat is usually installed aboard a salvage ship and then gently released into the water to accomplish its mission. The work boat was extensively used during World War II to blow up the Axis ammunition camps underwater or near water. Today, work boats are used for targeted shooting, exploration missions including rescue operations.Most of World War II US navy SEAL boats are now kept in museums or dockyards for public viewing. These boats were designed to destroy the Axis ammunition areas and later during the cold war era for spying.

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  1. kenneth weigel

    Was the navy seals boat pc5. I was on a pc1179 during ww2. I would love to be able to board a usnavy seals boat.I am 87 years old and I was in the atlantic and pacific wars on a pc.

  2. Herman Hoops

    I am looking for information on inflatable Navy Seal assault craft with drop stitched floors that might be curved up at the bow.

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