Navy SEALs vs Green Berets

Posted July 28th, 2009 by Navy SEAL

Both Navy SEALs and Green Berets are special covert groups they differ in function, but to a large extent are trained in almost the same skills. The Navy SEALs generally do not interfere in matters of politics and international coalition on foreign soil, while the Green Berets have a greater part to play in those matters.

Green Berets

The Green Berets also known as United States Army Special Forces were formally established in 1952, by Brigadier General Robert McClure with the purpose of carrying out sensitive operations for the United States.

Joining the Green Berets is no easy task, only trained soldiers are permitted. The process is long and tedious and designed to discourage the weak willed.

  • Instruction and Preparation: a thirty day course to instruct and brief the soldiers for the physical and mental pressure they will undoubtedly undergo.
  • The Sifting: a daylong event dedicated to determining that only the finest will be able to proceed further for the Special Forces training.
  • Instructions: on language, cultures, customs and traditions of numerous countries where they are likely to be posted.
  • SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape): Prisoner of War training, which includes resistance to torture.

Furthermore, the Green Berets undergo training for physical endurance, ground combat and navigation and like the Navy SEALs in weapons, diving and parachuting.


Navy SEALs

The Navy SEALs, although dating back to the time of the invasion of Japan by America, only became an official body in the early 1960s.

A Navy SEAL is trained to handle missions on the sea, in the air or over land. Operations include underwater demolitions, over land missions, infiltration, rescue, reconnaissance, unconventional warfare and anti-terrorist activities.


Rigorous training is required to become a Navy SEAL. A seven month long course covering, general instruction, conditioning, underwater demolition and on-land combat as well. Known to be one of the most physically grueling and mentally challenging trainings known to man, its no surprise that very few who start it, actually mange to finish.

During the training the candidate undergoes the following:

  • Indoctrination: to mentally and physically prepare them for the training ahead.Basic Conditioning: Aimed at conditioning the body and testing the limits of physical endurance.
  • SCUBA training: two and a half months of water based training in sabotage, underwater demolition, infiltration etc.
  • Land-warfare training: roughly three months of on the ground training in weapons combat, hand-to-hand combat and other land warfare.


Both Green Berets and Navy SEALs have to undergo very concentrated and demanding training programs to qualify. The physical aspects of both training programs are very similar.The U.S. Navy SEALs and the Green Berets are both Special Forces trained to perform various combat tactics and reconnaissance; the Green Berets officially hold the title of Special Forces.


Unlike Navy SEALs, Green Berets are also trained in languages, diplomacy, politics, culture, disinformation and psychological warfare.While Navy SEALs assist in providing security, The Green Berets also work with foreign governments in areas of operation to advice on Political administration and Economical situations.Most Green Berets are highly educated before entering the program itself; some with even a postgraduate degree.

While both Navy SEALs and Green Berets are trained to perform special reconnaissance, fighting terrorism, unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, information operations, counter-proliferation and combat search and rescue (CSAR); functions like coalition support, humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping and counter Drug operations are usually handled by the Green

This Article is written by James Kara Murat.

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  1. Cliff Hogge

    Green Berets is a nick name, they are the U.S. Army Special Forces. Training is a lot longer then 30 days, depending on your MOS. Each Branch has there special ops. The term special forces is used wrong by many. It is like calling a apple an orange.

  2. Ricardo Velasquez

    I think the navy seals don’t get enough credit, despite your article saying green berets have 30 days of training and navy seals have 7 months…

  3. Estevan Munoz

    To True, but I classifie the Navy SEALS and Green BERETS, to be the best of the best no matter what. They both are classifie in there own category. I do believe that the Green BRETES have a longer training period like the Navy SEALS because the Green BERETS do not get that good in just 30 days correct me if im wrong.

  4. Raz Kaige

    SEALs and Green Berets are both highly elite. However, personally I’ll have to back the SEALs. SEALs would smash the Green Berets in dense jungle warfare and Maritime operations. Green Berets are more into woodland operations. There’s a difference between jungle and woodland ops. Both are skilled in one or the other. I would back the Green Berets in a forest orientated mission. I would back the SEALs in a dense Jungle.

  5. Jack the Lad

    Army Special forces have a lot longer training period than 30 days. The 30 day period, is the trial period. Either you have what it takes, or you do not after 30 days. As for jungle operations, Green Berets are far more advanced in that sort of environment. The Army special forces are the only elite soldier in the world trained in insurgent and counter insurgency. Green Berets train foreign armies, to either combat rebellions, or start them. Navy Seals are an awesome force, not to be reckoned with, but they are an in and out force. The Green Berets are deployed for often months at a time in the harshest of conditions, in very hairy company. In essence, the two are very different types of elite soldiers. When it comes to diversity, I would have to give the upper hand to the Green Berets. You have to be a decorated Army Ranger before becoming a Green Beret, you have to hold the rank of Sgt. before becoming a Green Beret, you have to be fluent in at least two languages, and last, but not least, you have to have balls made of titanium. The Navy Seals are the best at what they do, but the Green Berets are the best in the world hands down!!!!!!!!

  6. html rulez

    Umm, Army Spec. Forces are much more specialized. Whats this about jungle training you turd. Its mainly seaside training for most SEALS. RAZ KAIGE, stfu your not even in the military I bet. Go play cod4 or something. Nevertheless, if I was facing a large enemy forcer in anyenvironment, I’d want the rangers or berets on my side. Or really just good air support lol.

  7. Jason Burch

    BUD/s is 32 weeks : Green Beret selection=14 days (soon to be 21)

    It takes 3-5 YEARS to make a SEAL : Green B’s ~ 1 year

    SEALs are modeled after American Frogmen : Green B’s originated as the English Royal Marines

    Where a Green Beret leaves his mark, you’d never know a SEAL was there.

  8. rustman

    They are all heroes in my book!!!! And, we are all on the same side!!!!
    End of story.

  9. Doc

    Whoever wrote this has no clue what they are talking about. SFAS “Selection” is 14-30 days long compared to hell week ( 1 week)
    1st phase – 3rd phase then language training lasts minimum of 1 year.

  10. Ezo1911

    US Army Special Forces candidates first attend Pre-SFAS during a 30-day period to QUALIFY for selection into SFAS which is an estimated 50-week, 4-5 phase process to qualify candidates in to US Army Special Forces Group members.

  11. Golland

    7 months?? in holland its 18 months. (green barets)

  12. A Patriot

    rustman said it the best were all on the same side. Every branch does its job. And it is idiotic to say that the seals arent good in jungle combat or woodland combat. or any of that bullshit. unless you are in, you dont know what the hell they do PERIOD.

  13. Doc

    Having been one, I,m thankful for both and sleep alot better knowing there BOTH guarding the wall!

  14. Big Ken

    The Navy SEALs are trained to get in, grab someone/take someone out then roll out with ridiculous efficient precision.

    The Green Berets are trained to be dropped off in the middle of Antarctica/nowhere in speedos then show up on your door step in a few years with a million bucks and a smile.

    That is the difference, both are awesome.

  15. Seal

    Ok im a seal and seals would beat the crap out of the berets

  16. Joe

    as someone who has been through SFAS, who is waiting to go to he Q course. as some one who has had friends who were seals. you really can’t compare the two. they really do two different things. and every ODA specializes in certain tasks. As i’m sure every seal team does. in my experience SEALS tend to be younger and more fit. SF tends to be older and have a whole lot of world experience. 1/3 SF operators is in the national guard. and these guys take their law enforcement, lawyer, doctor, SWAT, you name it experience over seas and wear civilian clothing half the time and do the mission required of them with little over sight. SF cross trains in everything! way more versatile force and can change and flow in unstable nation-states/ tribal areas where as SEALS really do a lot of snatch and grabs and direct action. ( and they are good at it!) Point being, its like comparing Apples and oranges.

  17. Chase

    Alot of you dont really know what your talking about. My dad is a former Navy SEAL and my step Grandfather and Uncle are both former Green Berets(Both served in Vietnam). Me Im going Green Beret it took me for ever to deciede witch one i wanted to go for. I’d go back n forth witch one is “The Best”. After talking to my dad about the SEALs and my Uncle and some other Green Beret’s I’ve come to understand both are equally Elite. And how much they r similer they are so much diffrent. Alot of you are wrong about Green B’s yes the selection is 3 weeks(but that is only selection if you don’t hack it they kick you out) after that you start the real training and it takes about 2 to 2 and a half years to be a fully trained Green Beret. A SEAL also goes threw long training it doesnt end after BUD/S after witch you go to SQT(another 6 months) then when you get to your team you go threw further training. Both r equally Elite. O and you can get a Army Special Forces contract just like a SEAL contract. Were after army basic you go to air borne school then straight to SF selection(You no longer have to serve time before joining the GB’s) SEALs offer a similar contract. Both kick in doors and do a damn good job of doing it too

  18. TT

    Both are equal. I don’t no which 1 I want to be yet. My dad’s friend is a former Green Beret and he was good friends with Robert L. Howard, the best and most decorated military hero of all time! I’m thinking about being a Navy Seal. I don’t know what I am going to do yet.

  19. Dr.D

    Look they are both on the same team however

    Navy seals have much more training that IS a fact.
    However, they are trained much more in convert ops and small task forces

    The G.B.’S are much much stronger when it comes to large groups againsed large groups and secureing postitions when stealth doesnt matter

    Heres how I would picture it.

    There is a house with a HVT if it was a seal team, it would be best for them to drop it quitely do take out an enemy partrol undetected avoid senrtys ect then take out the HVT

    Say the house was guarded by multiple squads heavy MG’s RPS’s ect
    I would say the G.B. would be much better suited for this because they are trained to deal with larger squads of enemys they would take them all out get the HTV and get out.

    I AM NOT SAYING THOUGH that the seals could not do what I suggested the G.B. do or that the G.B. could not do what the seals do its just what there more suited and there inviroment

    but there all american and there the two best teams of the best people all for our country they could work together to accomplish anything

    No one is better overall just better in diffrent senarios.

  20. John

    In my opinion, Green berets are more mass-deployed, and trained to kill. SEALS are deployed in groups of 2, 4, 6, 8,ect usually, their main objective is not to just go in and kill. It could take a seal team a day to move 500 feet under extreme conditons. The green berets would be alot faster, and probably kick more ass. but Berets in my opinion arent stealthy like SEALS.
    Pretty much betets kick more ass, but wont be stealthy and as quiet as seals about it.

  21. tim

    you could send 30 green berets in to take out an enemy base, or 4 seals. thats pretty much the difference.

  22. Jimmy Bananas

    Ok not to beat a dead horse but I can’t help myself.

    ODAs vary, some are halo/haho, some are scuba, some do DA(direct action) all do UW and SR. A 12 man ODA (if your lucky enough to be fully staffed) deploys with a special mission, usually for FID, and trains host nation millitary and para-millitary.
    The selection process is 24 days and very selective of candidates who demonstrate the potential and dicipline for continued training, the Q-course ranges from 1 1/2 to 2 years depending on MOS
    language and cultural training is required and you
    must pass the DLAB test or you will be dropped from the course
    upon completion most join a unit and e
    join an ODA, or are required to serve some time on a B-team, depends on the company.
    The teams continue training and get slots for advanced schools

    SEALs and SF are equally proficient in weapons and tactics, although SEALs have more underwater training, (although each SF company has scuba teams)
    SEALs much like Army Rangers pride themselves on DA, and they are great at it, SF are also very good at it, however SF is often used for intelligence gathering at the grassroots level through diplomatic means with local indiginous peoples.

    In a fight between the two I see a draw, each advantage is countered with knowledge and experience

    IMHO though each has their homefield advantage
    example: SEALs – waterborne ops, quick strikes, in and out; and SF – force multiplication and a long drawn out fight in harsh conditions with no resupply or backup

    SFOD-D or Delta Force however, is our nations most elite strike force, and they often train with and help SF.

    If one was really better than the other than the DoD would just pick, but they are different.


  23. Kris

    Here is my two cents. We aren’t talking about robots folks. Each SEAL team member and each SF operator is a different human being. Magically pluck them from their SF training or SEAL training and put them in the opposite environment and I am sure they would have made it through because of their heart, intelligence and god-given physical abilities. Take the comparison beyond this and you are wasting time pontificating. Anyone who can make it through SF or SEAL selection is extremely resilient. Who is better? Who is tougher? Who runs faster? Who is stronger?
    Bottom line is this; both SEALs and SFs are tough, smart and badass. They both go through amazingly intense, lengthy training. Lets call it a draw and be happy they are both born and bred USA.

  24. Luke

    Perhaps you all should go to the recruiters office and ask some questions. I love the idea of being a SEAL, but water and I normally don’t flow together. I’m much more of a ground based sort of guy. Funny how I’m a lifeguard and all. My hat is off to anyone who even makes it into the special forces. Beret or SEAL, it doesn’t really matter.

  25. Shakey

    I am an ex-British Paratrooper and later Royal Marine Commando.I became good friends with 2 Green Berets when i lived in Germany,great couple of blokes very professional.My brother worked with the Seals while he was Diver in the Royal Navy,he speaks very highly of them.I think you do both units a great injustice when you compere them,just be glad there on your side!

  26. Bordoms

    I have talked and trained with both and I never heard one put the other down nor say they were better. Instead they have respect for each other.

  27. jonh

    the seals have 3 years until the get there trident pin not 7 months dip sh@#

  28. Gene

    Wow i cannot believe how uninformed and stupid some of you people are, this is not toward anyone who had previously depicted the information properly; this is for all the other absolute morons who are arguing over which one is better. Before you ever go anywhere to put your two cents in read a a book, talk to someone, or at least read the training requirements from a website. I mean why the hell would you even go on this web page and write a comment when you think that Green Berets earn their title in 30 days. I mean are you mentally challenged? I have to say that was the peak of things here and don’t have the time to address the rest of you morons, but for the ones who are serving on here and know their stuff Semper Fi.

  29. OS2

    I don’t see why everyone is trying to compare the two. Suffice it to say that they are American Soldiers or Sailors and are members of the world’s greatest fighting force, the U.S. Military.

  30. Ronald

    In order to be a Green Beret you may complete Ranger training, but you don’t have to complete the sqame training to become a Ranger only. You go through whats called RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Process). After that you complete more Ranger schooling. You are then a Ranger, thats it. No more, no less. No to be a Green Beret (a.k.a Special Forces) you must complete Airborne school, Air Assualt school, up to 1 year of language training (you must speak a foreign language fluently) among many other Army school. Essentially, to be a Green Beret you must complete just about every tactical school the Army offers.

    I know because, I happen to be one.

  31. Ronald

    Give the Green Berets their credit, they go through almost 2 years straight of training.

  32. longwalk46

    I get a good laugh outta these talks. I love all you guys. Thank you all.

    Growing up I allways wanted to be a navy seal. Some where in the confusion of my college years I decided to join the army. lol. Prolly because I felt more like I would see combat with the army. And I definetly did. I spent a few years in the airborne and after a 17 month tour in Iraq found my way to the USASOC door. Inside Ive met ex- marines, airforce, navy, coast guard, and army boat guys lol.

    I can not tell you who is more elite, nor would I if there were an answer….

    What I can tell you is that many of my friends are navy seals and terlalu banyak (too many) of my friends are green berets. These men that I serve with are all great men. They all serve our nation with unquestioned loyalty and selfless service. I would never want to go up against any of them. As a green beret I dont know too much about navy seal training, but I did go through some very nasty training in the Q and Im sure that my brothers in the navy department are not slacking either.

    In short I think our friend from england said it best. Refer back to the ex-paratrooper and royal marine.

    De oppreso liber
    God bless

  33. SamB

    idk i, much like other people, go back and forth regarding what i want to become. i am leaning toward SEALs because i like the Sea Air and Land aspect of them. not to say that Green Berets are not trained to do that, but sea air land is the quintessential Navy SEAL. Navy SEALS are known more for their stealth. they move in smaller teams and conduct missions that fit their specialties. what i mean is that you could bet that a SEAL would extract an American POW, whereas a Green Beret would most likely be on a mission where they would essentially kill the enemy and clear the way for more conventional military forces, such as Marines. Both are elite, no question in that matter. Here is a clean cut difference: If you needed a bomb set on the hull of an enemy ship, the SEALs are have more direct training to accomplish that mission. If you needed to take out an enemy base to make way for the tanks and marines and other larger forces, a Green Beret team (of a larger size than SEALs) would be ideal for the job.

    Please correct me if i am mistaken.

    One last thing: Modern Warfare 2, awesome game for a teenager, but is NOT a source to make an opinion about any Military branch. I HATE IT when people make strong opinions based on a video game.

    also, I am still stuck between which team to try out for, and i need advice. I want to be in a team that is smaller, but still goes in to kill the enemy. I love the Sea air land aspect of seals and the covert ops they do. what team does more covert ops with smaller teams? i believe it is the SEALs but that is just an educated guess.


  34. Ryan

    Guys, the Green Berets and the SEALS are the same, only differences are that one is Navy, one is Army. The whole discussion is a pride and glory fight between the Navy and the Army. I also think you should compare Rangers instead of regular Green Berets(like say the term ‘Rangers’) since one of the guys up there said ‘it takes 3-5 years to become a SEAL while it only takes just a nick of time to be a G.B. It takes couple of years to become an official Ranger. And I would not say the Army lacks skill in jungle warfare, and SEALs are superior. Yes, SEALs are good on land and water, but so are the Army SpecOps. But come on guys, SEALs are seamen and G.B.’s are land people. The Green Berets took on Vietnamese jungles way before the Navy SEALs were formed. Give them credit. Anyway, I say Rangers lead the way since they’re the elite FROM the best, while there is no second ‘filtering’ of the top soldiers in SEALs.
    75th Reg. Sergeant First Class.

  35. Roland

    I thank you all for slightly helping my understanding of such matters.
    I once wanted to become a Navy SEAL, but after more thought and time, i’m almost certain i’ll go through two years of college (because a am in the GED/dropout category) and go through the necessary steps to be a SF (Green Beret.)
    Because i am not a very skilled swimmer, although i HIGHLY respect the stealth and efficiency of the SEALs, I would be more suited to SF, as they are more.. well rounded war machines, and able to bring peace. i think that is indeed more important, as it is not the point of a war to be never-ending, and i could tell myself “hey, i did that” when i’m reading a small news article.

    However, having talking to Marine SF and digging ALOT around the internet, would say they are both the best of the best of the best, unless you ARE one, why are you telling ME what training i’ll go through, and if you’re a bit older, i notice alot has changed in training operations, so please don’t slosh insults.

    As i am a very, very stubborn and headstrong kiddoe, i think in a couple years i hope to have signed papers, and start some training, to help me with anything i could need in life.
    God Bless.

  36. former spec forces

    Well 1/100th of you knew what they were talking about. 13 years Special Forces. I started directly after 2 years with the 101st Airbore (Air Assault) The SEALS And the Green Berets, (SF) have 2 completly different jobs. For instance if a plane were to be hijacked and theywanted it back they would call DELTA (DELTA) DELTA being the Elite of the Green Beret. But it seems like we are training with DELTA a lot more these days. So I believe DELTA evolving way behond what they used to be.

    So are conventional green berets now all becoming like the DELTA force? Yes and we are loving it! There are some very secret things that had been around for years we are just learning about! Very exciting.

    SEAL’s have a job to do and so do we. The difference is we have to go thru extensive politicial training, extensive culturial, extensive,language training. We deal with the culture and people of wherever we are deployed. and who cares who is better we both have a job to do and that is to protect what you people have and that of which your children will have… so stop arguing about something that is not worth arguing about.

  37. Jungle Man

    You are all retarted. My brother in law is in training for the Special Forces. The training is a little under a year. And for the #!@* that said that the SEALs would “smash” the green berets in a dense jungle is without a doubt talking out of his ass with no knowledge on the subject. They go through a very intense training program where they have to navigate through all types of terrain for weeks at a time. The only food they are allowed to eat is what they can catch, no !@#$ joke. My brother lost 15 pounds during this period of training. I have the utmost respect for both branches, and both are very well trained and are either at, or have a very minute difference skill level.

  38. richard weed

    This forum seems to be filled with pimple face kids fantasizing about what they want to be when they grow up. I was privileged to be in the presence of Retired General Boykin (a name you will know if you are conversant in S.F. circles). General Boykin commanded and was responsible for helping found Delta force. After spending just a little time with him I can tell you that he would never engage in such a juvenile debate, why because he is the real deal. These days Special Operations Command often picks and chooses members from each branch of the services special ops operatives and teams them up for mission based on their skill set. It is not unusual to have an Air Force Combat Controller placed with an S.F. team or a Seal Team. Also MARSOC often sends its operatives to Ranger school. The fact of the matter is that any special ops operator will never down another unit because they never know when that unit might save their ass.
    All special operators are stealthy, all special operators are bad asses and all special operators will only engage in a little friendly inner service rivalry banter amongst themselves they usually don’t engage in it with non special ops personnel. Why? Because they are all a part of an elite fraternity and at the end of the day they have all pledged with blood and shit. As special operators they feel a closer kinship with each other than regular forces (no disrespect) and certainly they have more camaraderie amongst themselves than with us civilians who benefit from their thankless job. At the end of the day there are two types of men Special operators and those who play with toys and dream of being special operators. So if you are aspiring to be a special operator you should learn the first lesson of any Special Forces operator… shut the f@$k up and train.

  39. Retired SEAL

    After looking at some of the replies, it seems a lot of these comments are on the right track. I use to ask myself the same question. Special Forces (SF) are great for their mission requirements and foreign language fluently. A SEAL is more adapted to the maritime element ie. submerged attacks, Over-The-beach type operations. If you like being cold and wet,extremely cold and wet, SEAL’s is the job for you.

    A SEAL was considered a Jack of all Trades, master of none. While select SEAL’s now have foreign language fluency, 100% of SF have the edge. Direct action missions will most likely remain a staple for SEAL’s. By the way, SEAL’s made their name in the jungles of Vietnam. I have trained in the worst jungles of the world, so I think we’re even on that subject.

    I would say the best answer is both SEAL’s and SF have an advantage and disadvantage over each. Even though SEAL conduct FID missions, SF has more history of doing that. I called it a draw after spending years in the Teams and learning more about them. But, make no mistake, we both like to mix it up with the bad guy’s.

  40. A H

    u guys r pretty stupid its not like they r gonna fite each other theyr on the same side they both fite for the US their both elite in theyr own way they r about equal but it is a fact that the green berets are tougher but the seals are stealthier

  41. Ghost

    Bud/s is the most rigorous training in the world. And if you have read Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrel you would know that 4 Seals can take on 150 Taliban Insurgents. You would also know that Seal Snipers learn everything there is to know about stealth and precision. And funny how some of these nerds said Green Berets are tougher? well everyday of Seal training you are at risk of hypothermia. And throughout training people get injured and fracture bones which only weeds out the toughest men out there. I don’t know too much about Green Berets going a week w/o sleep then conducting water operations. Seals are experts in Recon and Direct Action and train extensively with explosives. You cannot be a better marksmen than a Navy Seal period. You cannot get tougher than a Seal. Most of these guys conduct missions that are classified. And who took out those Somali pirates? Who did Obama call? Mission success rates? I wouldn’t be bashing the Seals especially if I’m a civilian nerd.

    Enough of this Green Beret biased bullshit.

  42. richard weed

    After reading through some of the previous post I thought that I might shed some more light on the subject that might help settle this argument once and for all. This is a 100% true account of an incident that actually happened that only a few people know about and even fewer dare talk about.

    About 30 years ago on Christmas eve there was a meeting of 2 baby dictators baby Chavez, and baby Sadam. At this meeting there was a fierce argument over whether or not Santa Clause was real. At the end of the argument they agreed that Santa did not exist but in order to be sure the thought that they should conduct a little test. So each of the dictators went back to there home and secured them as best as they could. Chavez had a sea side chalet that he returned to and proceeded to set up traps and post guards around his home so that he could catch Santa in the act if he existed. Sadam returned to the dessert and set traps and posted guards around his castle and waited for the appearance of this “Santa Clause” whom everyone knows does not exist. Later that night both dictators slept.

    The next morning both men awoke and where excited to find that during the night they had been visited. Chavez was shocked to find that his butt hurt and there was a nicely wrapped package that was ticking with his name on it and by his bed side there was a cute little stuffed seal to play with. Sadam also arose to an aching butt and a neatly wrapped package that was ticking with his name on it and by his bedside the cutest little green beret for him to ware. Sadam got Chavez on the phone to tell him how his defenses were penetrated and the gifts that were left behind but neither had yet opened their neatly wrapped ticking package nor could either explain their aching asses. Excitedly both men decided to open their ticking packages together over the phone. Thirty seconds later they met in the after life and had come to the same two conclusions…. They both were visited by Santa and they both had been F…ked.

  43. Robby Smith

    Green Berets train for 3-5 years. So this is incorrect in that matter

  44. John D

    “In a fight between the two I see a draw, each advantage is countered with knowledge and experience.”
    -Jimmy Bananas

    This is right on in my book.

    Robots vs. Ninjas

  45. FGBAS

    well im a former beret and a former seal and i can say from experience that they are about the same just that the berets go on tougher missions

  46. Will Rouse

    This is all @#$!! Force Recon does it much better than both!!!

  47. Michael

    BUD/S is 7 months and when you finish BUD/S it does not mean you are a seal, you are then assigned to a seal team where you begin the round of training covering the many functions of the SEAL which will be 2 1/2 years of training. For the Green Berets you attend a selection school that lasts 21 days now, if you are fortunate enough to be selected you then have the RIGHT to train and qualify as a green beret. That training is a year and I assume you would continue from that course to evolve. Both are grueling and will wear you down and most special forces units will go to other schools for a certain level of certification. DELTA, SAS, SBS, SEALS, USASF, USAF PJ’s and Force Recon are all tough to get through. As a former seal I respect all in the special forces community and we all have different missions in hand.

  48. Jingo Jane

    My son is in training for the Green Berets. He spends hours daily learning Arabic and will soon be going to ‘field duty’. My father is retired ASA and that’s how I know that terminology. When he was on field duty, he had a very happy family.

    I’ve been so proud of my son but after studying a bit, I want to run across the country and beg him to stop.

  49. SamB

    I have to say, “former spec forces” left the best reply. they do different jobs. dont think of them as SEALS and Green Berets. that makes it too complicated. Think of them just as Army and Navy. This makes it easier. Do the Army and Navy do different jobs? Yes. It is not a question of who is tougher. Both SEALS and GBs were designed for specific reasons. All that matters is that they are both the best in their branches.

    As a side note, why the hell are we still arguing about this? It is not like we are comparing SEALS or GBs with national guard or coast guard. We are talking about two top of the line units. there is no way that everyone who left a comment on this page will suddenly just agree and come to a joint conclusion. everyone will just stay with their own opinion.

  50. Jon

    I read a book called SOG from the vietnam days. They were the elite of the elite from the berets and the other groups. They were mostly the best berets that volunteered and were slected. They trained foreign tribes, mainly a group of 2 to 7 berets and a group of montagniards, jungle dwelling people who wanted to kill north vietnamese or vietcong. They armed them and trained them and often lost contact with a “headquarters” due to being deeply inbedded in jungle territory and areas most soldiers did not go. One story caught my attention which clears up the fact that green berets are the best. A green beret names Shriver was buried in a heavy arms firefight with a group of vietcong with his “group” of montangiards. He had escaped countless situations and they didnt know how he was still alove. He and his “team” were being hammered by vietcong in a trench by a heavy high caliber maachine gun. He called all “True Believers” to the line to charge the heavy artillery and the few that didnt head that way somehow made it back to base. They never heard from any of the “true believers” again, but the others lived to tell the story. He knew they were going to die if a few of them didnt do something. I hopw the few that lived to tell the story came to be “true believers” . This guy was top notch, Green Beret, He didnt want any of em that day going to hell. Hopefully the ones who escaped came to understand what he did and why. If this is the kind of soldiers that are “special forces” green berets, they are the best by far, and they keep the peace first off.

  51. Prospect

    hey guys. im agreeing with the guys who say that it dosent matter because each has theyre on specific job and thank god these men are on are side. theyre all classified as U.S Military so shut up.

    but i was wondering from the guys that are ex military and active duty which one of the military branches should i do. im a stealthy person, taking swimming classes for the navy but i like the army style to. so tell me which one i should do before i talk to a recruiter soon
    thanks, god bless

  52. longwalk46

    Two Seals boarded a quick shuttle flight out of Dallas, headed for Houston. One sat in the window seat, the other sat in the middle seat.

    Just before take-off, A Green Beret got on and took the aisle seat next to the two Seals. The Green Beret kicked off his boots, wiggled his toes and was settling in when the Seal in the window seat said,”I think I’ll get up and get a coke.”

    “No problem,” said the Green Beret, “I’ll get it for you.” While he was gone, the Seal picked up the Green Beret’s boot and spit in it.

    When the Green Beret returned with the coke, the other Seal said, “That looks good, I think I’ll have one too.”

    Again, the Green Beret obligingly went to fetch it and while he was gone, the Seal picked up the other boot and spit in it.

    The Green Beret returned and they all sat back and enjoyed the short flight to Houston.

    As the plane was landing, the Green Beret slipped his feet into his boots and knew immediately what had happened.

    “How long must this go on?” the Green Beret asked. “This fighting between our groups? This hatred? This animosity? This spitting in boots and pissing in cokes?”

  53. army sucks

    do berets have 5 days of nonstop training with no more than 4 hours of sleep the entire time what they dont yeah stfu

  54. Matt

    Some of yall are retarded. The navy seals are the best in the world at everything. In every envirnment. No doubt. Yall should really read Lone Survivor. Its a great book about 4 seals over in afghan. true story and just an awsome book.

  55. wonka

    my hopkido instructor trains green berets but says they are not as elite as the Navy SEALs.notice that i didnt capitalize green berets like i did the Navy SEALs to show i could care less about the”g.b”……but over all im going for the SEALs.

  56. wonka

    dude i read the book lone survivor and i nearly jizzed my pants………its a damn good book

  57. Chad

    I’m personally going for the Navy SEALs

  58. alex moulton

    U.S Navy Seals are better than the green berets, berets train only on land U.S navy seals train on sea,air,land and water, but mostly water, U.S navy seals dominate in any place in the world becuase the are the most elite force in the world,so any body want to say anthing else you green beret suck up’s.

  59. me

    well to the guy at the top green berets were in vietnam dumbass and isnt that jungle ???

  60. alex moulton

    the green berets are not as elite as the U.S navy seals,the only reason is that they only do land ,seals do land, sea ,air, and water,i know this because im am 14 and i know this because i know this f you

  61. wonka

    this for the guy who’s title name is me…………dude navy seals were in vietnam to”DUMB ASS” and the guy you were calling a dumb ass at the top that was my little brother…..ok first of as well if there’s a job that needs to be done they send the green berets or the marines if ther’s a job that needs to be done done they send in the bad ass navy seals who can definetly get the job done 110 times better than any special forces team in the suck on that cock……………HOOAH!!!

  62. jack mehoff

    this is to the guy whos name is alex……did you know that your english and literature skills blow to the fullest….ha ha ha you said i know this like three freaking times what are you in like……..7th grade….look ok look……im going to repeat exactly what you said……the green berets are not as elite as the navy seals,the only reason is that they only do land,seals do land,sea,air,”AND WATER”,i know this because im 14 and i know this because i know this f you………ha ha ha your supposed to capitalize the I when its by itself fag……..and you might want to go back to the first grade so you can learn how to use expressions correctly. get a life you probably sit down in a chair playing call of duty modern warfare 2 with a box of porn and a bag of cheetos wakking your meat off every day until when you jizz its color turns orange from all of the cheetos you ate……try learning from the people who will actually make to be a U.S NAVY SEAL…….

  63. cody

    green berets amre bedder trained there trained in every weapon system on the earth and there called the shadow warriors end are toght in culcher politicks and languages navy seals just suck there not more stealthy or anything

  64. cody

    ment to put are more bedder

  65. wonka

    dude!……….where do u get the idea that navy seals arent stealthy or arent trained in all weapons and languages………i think all special forces are taught in all these categories but ill tell you one thing Navy Seals are trained in more martial arts combat than the green berets……..Seals would own a Green Beret

  66. Joe

    Dear God, os of you are morons. Listen to me. I’m an ex-Seal and before that I was an airborne infantryman in the Army. I’ve had the honor to serve with Seals and Green Berets (and yes, you fools, we do go by either GB or SF). Seals are, in all truth, typically in better shape. Not that GBs aren’t in amazing shape, but Seals definitely have them on that. Then again, most Seals will never have a mission nearly as physically challenging as BUD/s, so in a way it doesn’t matter. I’d also say that Seals are probably better shooters ON AVERAGE. Still, the best handgun shooter I’ve ever seen in was a GB. Point being, most of you sound way to stupid to be allowed to live. Do any of you honestly believe that either the Army or the Navy would let their Specops be any less capable than the other? Now, obviously, some groups are just amazing (Delta and ST6, and yes, they still go by ST6, not DEVGRU like most of you pathetic fools believe). Still, there are tons of GBs and Seals that would make great operators in those units. The only difference is that in those super elite groups, everybody is that good. So, for goodness sake, please don’t say anything unless you actually have a clue, which most of you do not seem to have. Oh, and in case anyone cared, all Specops are smart, but in my experience, GBs are smarter and, more importantly, more creative (creativity is lethal) than Seals.

    To all of those who are saying something along the lines of “I don’t know which group I want to be in”, you’re making the rest of us laugh. That just isn’t something that would be said by someone who would actually ever be an operator. Still, good luck to anybody who is trying for one of these groups. God Bless.

  67. Devon

    The Green Beret training period is longer than thirty days. It depends on your MOS but just the initial selection phase lasts several weeks. Phase II of training usually lasts around 18 to 24 weeks itself, with Phase III training lasting around 13 weeks. If you pass these phases, then your MOS (specialized area of expertise) training begins. This training lasts for 16 weeks or 24 weeks or 48 weeks depending on your specialty (Weapons, Detachment Commander, Communications, Medical, Engineering Sergeant). Then all the additional qualifications such as HALO and HAHO jump training and combat diver training as well as sharpshooter and mountaineering expertise training can add up to months.

  68. Dave

    Both the SEALS and GREEN BERETS are amongst the most elite soldiers in the world. The GREEN BERETS training is not 30 days, the course that prepares you for what you are about to go through is 30 days. They specialize in different types of warfare so you really cant compare them. And just and FYI, you should look into how many times the GREEN BERETS were called in to rescue SEALS in Afghanistand and Iraq. Now, if the war were being faught in wetlands than SEALS would be rescuing the GREEN BERETS.

  69. wonka

    WOW!!! i just realized how many arguments there just on deciding which special elite force is better……….but someone please inform me on how in the hell are green berets better than navy seals……… just gonna say now that they are equally elite not besides the fact that there are way more comments on here implying that seals art better…….

  70. wonka

    i mean im only 16 so i know i dont know as much as the rst who say they’re former seals or green berets but in the outcome i guess no one will really know which special elite force is really better…..putting scores in a computer wont do shit all a computer will do is make someone elses mind up for them……… i take back everything i said about seals owning GB’s im gonna say they’re equal but when i turn 19 i am going too join the navy seals just because the fact thhat ive always wanted to be one since i was 10 so there you go.

  71. wonka

    so try making some insults now

  72. alex moulton

    this is to jack mehoff your a complete retard do you under stand that stand that you are say another fucken word and i will kick your hilly billy ass do you understande that retard cause if you dont i can put it into better terms fuck you.

  73. jack mehoff

    WOW!,that really hit the bottom of my gut……i think im gonna cry….ha ha what are you gonna do little guy…….give me a virtual ass beating and again your enlish and literature skills are blowing to the fullest……………..sooooooooooooooooo SUCK IT!!!

  74. former seal

    im a former seal and my twin brother was a beret we’re about equal in stregnth so i think that theyre practically the same

  75. SamB

    SEALS vs Green Berets

  76. SamB

    “Joe” you are actually the man. You have beyond any doubt left the best, honest, no bullshit response. You know exactly what you are talking about. Thank you for your service and god bless.

    Alex Moulton, I have left many comments shitting on you but for some reason they have not posted so this comment to you is not NEARLY as detailed as my others. Jack Mehoff: you said it best to alex moulton and I thank you for that. Moulton you are completely retarded and everyone could tell that you were 14 years old. Go play some more Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops and comeback in a couple years when you have served in the Military and have a fact based opinion. Who are you and your loser brother to make these opinions when neither of you two have served? You two need to respect the guys who have replied who have served. You two are military wanabees who played a little too much Call of Duty or Tom Clancy games.

  77. SamB

    This is such a juvenile argument. Like I said before we are comparing two of the most elite forces in the world. They same government trained them and they both have access to the same weapons.


    The link will help you in your future comments.

  78. Joe

    SamB – Appreciated

  79. 42 A ANG

    I’ll put put to you like this. Lets just say I’m part of an elite administrative group in THE National Guard. I kind of knew a guy who’s girlfriend said she used to date a guy that thought about joining the SEALs. Therefore I know a little more about this than most of you idiots. This guy ended up getting kicked out before going to BUD/S due to drug testing. However, he told me that if he had gone, it would have been the most intense training in the world. Therefore, Seals are better that green berets – hands down. Also I barely made it through basic training so the army can go F themselves!

    Semper Paratus

  80. Joe

    42 A ANG – “I barely made it through basic training”

    Lol, then you’re a bitch, ha ha! And you think you know something about SEALs just because some guy who was not a SEAL but wanted to be one told you some info that somehow led you? You’re a moron.

  81. SamB

    “A ANG” – “I kind of knew a guy who’s girlfriend said she used to date a guy that thought about joining the SEALs.” HAHAHAHA Enough said. That is the most pathetic connection I have ever heard. Fucking A I probably have a better connection to SEALs just by watching Navy SEALs: Untold Stories on the Military Channel than you do. “Joe”, and the others who have served in either SF or SEALs are the only ones in this blog whose opinions I can respect on this matter.

    To the guys who have posted comments and have also served in our Military: Thanks for your service and good luck.

  82. ag

    I read everyone posts. Again everyone on here says they a former SF or SEAL or most wantabee. I have worked with and trained SF teams in special weapons.

    ALL and I say ALL Special forces fall into one group. Special forces. ARMY – NAVY – AIR FORCE – and now Marines. Each group has they own mission.

    No one is better – everyone has one goal – to support USA goals in which is assigned by the USSOCOM (US Special operations command) JCS and the President.

    IN the global war on terror, US Army Rangers and Seal and British SBS, or SAS do draw the same type of missions. Rangers back up SF and SBS back up the SAS teams.

    Again all are special forces no one is better.

  83. John Ilasin

    From civilan point of view, the Green Berets appear to be the best of the best. Just with the following training alone, the Green Beret is the most intelligent weapon:

    •Language, cultures, customs.
    •Prisoner of War training, which includes resistance to torture.

    In addition, these soldiers have postgrad degress. Wow! The resistance to toture skill is fn amazing!

    Navy SEALS may have similar weapons and combat training, but the ultimate “smart” weapon is got to be the Green Beret. I guess that’s why the U.S. Army Green Berets are the only officially named “Special Forces.”

  84. Josh

    Who does the CIA Special Activities Division select from? SEALS and Special Forces. Its pretty safe to say each unit has there specialty. Bottom line both consist of amazing men that can get the job done.

  85. DavidAulet

    Yeah, On January 2nd “Seal” is a “Seal”? And he wold beat the crap out of green berets? hahahahahahaha. He doesnt know anything, about the SEALs. Its a fricking acronym!! God ya’ll dont know anything.

    SEAL =
    SEa-Air-Land = much better than the Green Berets. Navy SEALs and Air Force PARArescue are defenitly the most highly trained and devoted than the Rangers, the Green B’s, the Recon, the marines, anything.

  86. MarkSimpson

    Could anybody be both? Green Beret and Navy Seal, either one then the other or at the same time? Then become a fighter pilot? Somebody might be pulling my chain but that sounds like one impressive resume..

  87. andrewjb

    green berets train from a year and a half to two years. not including airborne and ranger school. the try outs can last up to 30 days but i do believe they have 2 week try outs. green berets are highly trained from all the previous schools they need to attend before even getting into special forces school. i would have to side with the green berets.

  88. Soldier

    The Unit Patch the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) wears= The arrowhead shape represents the craft and stealth of the Indians, America’s first warriors. An upturned dagger represents the unconventional warfare missions of Special Forces.
    Three lightning bolts represent blinding speed and strength, and the three methods of infiltration – LAND, SEA AND AIR. The gold represents constancy and inspiration, and the background of teal blue represents the Special Forces’ encompassing of all branch assignments

  89. Soldier

    The U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) trained the Navy SEALs, and other branches in the 1960’s. They were the primary force for the Studies and Observations Group (SOG) in which the Navy SEALs, Air Force personel and Marine Force Recon were also included.

  90. Soldier

    The famed Operational Detachment Delta or Delta Force consists primarily of the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and U.S. Army Rangers. These operatives have trained the Navy’s DEVGRU, which is the descendant of SEAL Team Six, and the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team.

  91. SEALteam

    Green Berets-Two week selection process, soon to be three weeks. If selected that does not garuntee that one will become a Green Beret, less than 25 percent of the selected ever become one.
    US Navy SEALs-7 month training program, includes two week indoc then three seperate phases. First phase includes the famous hell week that makes or breaks most trainees. During hell week trainees will have 5 hours max of sleep for six days while continually being pushed to their limits. If one gets through BUD/S that doesnt garuntee their trident, SEALs also have to go to army paratrooper school plus SEAL oriented training programs. Usually about two years till one recieves their trident. About 20 percent graduate from BUD/S.
    Both programs have the toughest training programs as statistics show.
    Just seems like some of you aren’t showing any love for SEAL teams. The guys who go through SEAL and Beret training are all realy good guys that are doing something special. They are out there protecting our freedoms and we should show both of them equal respect.
    Go USA and god bless our troops

  92. Dillon

    alright im 16 years old and im really looking forward to joing the navy seals and im doing some research on what training i need to get fit for BUD/S lately i have been doing a workout that ive created that mixes up alot of the seal workouts but this isnt the point….my real question is”and this question is for actual seal members so i know how much training i need”the question is …..will doing this workout for 3 to 5 years do me any good for whats coming to me at BUD/S…….because i really want this oppurtunity and i need to know so i know im not waisting my time.

  93. Logan

    Green Beret training goes under a course of 6-8 years depending on the indivisual, GBs have to learn a multitude of languages and undergo both mental and physical training to their mortal limit (So The Goverment Says). The GBs also must learn to survive in any possible enviroment such as the Artic,Jungle,Swamp,Desert Etc. That takes course over a few months per enviroment – They are also trained from the begining to be basically the modern day ninjas. They could spend months in a terrorist HQ and kill 34 maybe more insurgents and still be better yet unknown. I was given this information from my Father who trained these insane SF soldiers. I accept any argument I may obtain.

  94. lou

    oh sure man! i bet the army feeds them milk and cookies between training sessions……no wonder it takes so long…….oh and one more thing this has been stuck in my head for quite some time….why would have president kenneddy and the rest of the armed forces request that the navy create a certain specific special forces team”a.k.a the seals” if we knew the green berets were better man…..obviously there was a job that needed to be done and these green berets just couldnt do it…..and the green berets got 10 to 15 years on the seals so im pretty sure green berets had their shot in vietnam but oh no they got to overwhelemed……..thats all i got to say about that.

  95. Steve

    …oh, and by the way, if you were imprisoned in a foreign land and were rescued by one of our brave servicemen, I doubt you would ask from which branch of the service he came…

  96. Steve

    My son is at Camp MacKall going through SERE and SUT training currently (total training to be a Green Beret almost 2 years). His good friend is in the SEAL training program in Michigan as we blog. We have a family friend whose son is flying search and rescue helicoptor flights in Afghanistan after graduation from the Air Force Academy and another family friend’s son who is flying combat missions there as well. All of these fine Americans have gone through hell to defend our right to opine on the above article. All are well trained and would give their lives to defend you and me “so that others may live” to quote the Pararescue Jumpers motto for the Airforce. It appears rather infantile to suggest one branch of our fine military has the harder program than the other. Rather, for those who are so inclined, pray for these wonderful individuals and all who are away fighting and dying in foreign lands who desire something better for us, their families and this country.

  97. Future Recruit

    Ok, guys, ive read all your answers, and i have to say, its as simple as this, theyre all on our side so to compare them is counterproductive, they were made to defend our country by the different branches of military just like the branches themselves. The SEALs wouldent be here without the navy and the berets without the army,so accept the fact that their all on our side and deal with it

  98. Future Recruit

    Also, the branch does not determine the soldier, just his specialty, there can be different levels within the branch.

  99. tim

    so a seal can be better than a green beret as well as a green beret can be better than a seal it just depends on what skill level they’re at? there is a ton of logic in that man. i can see where your coming from on that.

  100. wolfie

    SEALS training is harder. In the training the instructors put the SEALS underwater until they black out. They have to do this three times to accomplish training. They also swim like 5 miles then run like 20. Seals are whole different breed of people basically. If you think you could become a SEAL you are wrong. They are always out numbered. My dad knows this guy who was a Seal sniper for 12 years. He said that they would go in and take out 100 guys with 10 Seals. They used completely silenced snipers. Each seal is like a rambo. Specail Forces on the other hand is a more technology based system. They rely more on technology than the seals. SF traing is still tough and only a few people make it. If you are either of these you are a godsend.

  101. SnyperWxlf

    They all excute their missions with their max effort, and get the job DONE! Some of them are more than likely shaking their heads in shame of the blatant disrespect you toss their way… but I bet the kid who puts down a SEAL won’t complain if one came and pulled his ass out of danger!

    These are all elite warriors, who should be thanked in addition to the entire military for the thankless job you spit upon or don’t have the guts to do yourself.

    To the people who can’t decide, stop asking others for guidance. get ya ass up and prep your body for that path to glory…you will decide when you are truly ready.

    Tired of you punks that play videogames and watch youtube vids…even worse, you fools who know a “friend of a friend”. The U.S Military is not the NFL, the hell are you picking teams for?! Support the people who die for your right to be the idiots you apparently are! My eyes Tear up thinking about people who died to protect the things most of you don’t hold dear…

    To the guys like “Joe”, “Retired Seal”, and others who claim these titles: I salute you as a thankful American. I too, hope to one day join your ranks as a Sheepdog who protects the sheep from the wolves of the world.

  102. Infantry618

    It simply amazes me how uneducated people are in regards to who is “better” or more “elite”. I can tell by some of these posts that almost everyone either has not even served a day in the conventional military or has played the telephone game with their information.
    I have had to privilege to work a long side both. Both work in small teams, so those of you that say “green berets” aren’t “stealthy” or operates in large numbers is completely incorrect. Army Special Forces operate in 5 man teams, no more no less. Every single Special Forces soldier is above and beyond proficient in stealth operations.
    There is absolutely nothing Navy Seals can do that Army Special Forces cannot. That being said, the are ODAs that specialize in water and go to the same scuba schools as Navy Seals. That being said, Navy Seals are the best at what they do. But what Navy Seals do is only a small cog in the wheel of Army SF.
    This article is incorrect in regards to training and the length of time it takes to don your green beret. The training pipeline includes Airborne school, SFAS, various leadership schools up to ANCOC, SFQC, Robin Sage, language training, and sere school. It is only after you complete all of that, you are considered an Army Special Forces soldier. After that you report to Ranger School for another 3 months of Jungle, Mountain, and Amphibious small unit tactics. The training to become one typically takes between 2 years and up to 3 years depending on your MOS within the ODA.
    There is not a school in the Military that Army SF doesn’t attend at some point in their career. Navy Seals attend the schools taught by the Army. I cannot speak for Navy Seals but, I know Army SF typically attends foreign schools as well, SAS Commando schools for example as well as many others.
    That all for my rant, I left out a multitude of information because frankly I don’t feel the need to spell out the information that is out there for you to seek.

  103. cody

    ight joe has a good point they are both capable of doing extrodinary missions

  104. cody

    lous a retard thats all i got to say

  105. Jon Walkuw

    There are special requirements to enter the Green Beret Training and that is unwavering regardless of the three year wait period being exhausted. The Green Berets use a scoring system prior to enabling anyone to enter this group of elite’s training program. In order to be considered to enter the training of the green berets, individuals should be able to do 100 sit-ups and 100 pushups in less than two minutes each. The two-mile run should be completed in less than 13 minutes to be considered. If individuals can show that they are able to do the above, then their score will enable them to be considered for among this highly elite group of soldiers. Very much like the British SAS.

    The process of becoming a Green Beret is, unsurprisingly, a long and arduous one. It begins with a month long preparation course, to help already-trained soldiers become better prepared for the markedly more difficult physical and mental duress they’ll undergo. Following preparation is the selection process, a 24-daylong affair that aims to root out the less-qualified soldiers from those who have a chance to complete the Special Forces training program. After the selection course the candidate goes on to the “Q-Course” which can be as long as two years, including the language phase. Seals are more at home in the water environments & SF is much more comfortable on solid ground. Either way both are Master of Their Own Domain! All the rest are just “ Simulated Bad Asses” with the exception of Navy EOD, who does it all.
    Long Live America, Home of the Brave & Land of the Free!
    Hoo Ya

  106. MIKE


    SSGT USMC 0311

  107. Buck Sgt B

    First of all most of you aren’t militant and just watch a lot of movies read a lot of books and play a lot of video games. I’m an E5 in the army and I’ve asked questions like these plenty of times and the answer you will get most is that they all have different missions. I didn’t want to settle for that answer but eventually I realized it was true. Ones is not better than the other or anything and they all have there strong and week points compared to each other side by side hence “their own mission”. I just like the SF’s mission for myself personally because there are casualties in war and I feel like that’s the type of mission I would prefer knowing that fact. SF training is about a 1 1/2 years from what I hear a lot minus recycle time. Also for all of you guys saying green berets, SF soldiers really don’t care for that name because they are Special Forces “Soldiers” no GREEN HEAD GEAR.

  108. bladedog

    i was in the 7th special forces in the 70’s and 80’s and very damn proud of it. the training was mind bending and long, but it was just a thing, it didnt last forever, i would always say, If you dont mind it dosent matter. our missions were at best parallel with the navy seals in all aspects. i really do not see one being better than the other. its just preference. my brother was in vietnam for several tours. no special forces, just a grunt seargent, he was stitched by a vc machine gun and survived. talk about a tough son of a bitch. he stayed 27 years then retired. I dare say that my training with the special forces was nothing what he had to go through. I only wish i had the toughness that he had. if you compare richard “dickie” marcinco who was the uber navy seal, to anybody who was sf, then i would say he alone would beat out anybody.

  109. _UNKnown_

    I personally love the Navy SEALs for their stealth but i gotta say you can’t compare the two. They have their own specialities, and just like what those dudes said, just be glad both are American.
    I need some help. Should i join SEALs? or Berets?
    Im a loyal person with an unlimited mindset.
    And i believe that you can do anything.
    So SEALs? or Berets?

  110. Cj

    First of all thank you for your service to all those who are currently serving or have served in our military. Second the argument about which is ‘better’ or ‘tougher’ is absolutly pointless and retarded each branch has there own specialties. They are on our side and are all Heros and are equaly great. Just be glad and proud that we have people who are willing to do anything for the U.S.A. I’m only 16 and I know and appreciate that. And those stupid people who get there argument off a freaking game you’ve gotta get a life and understand that there’s more to life than call of duty on x box or wii. Or whatever it is you play games on. Get a life. Once again thank you to Americas armed forces

  111. SWCC atw

    Here’s my 2 cents, and I’ll try not to be biased. My goal is to become a SWCC. Green B’s and Seals are really both amazing warriors of their trade. Hard to compare because they are similar but actually have 2 different purposes.

    Training with physical and mental break down, and yes I have to include drop out rate, I believe Seals come out on top. BUD/s is known for its horror and hell and most people would agree it’s one of the toughest, if not the hardest, program in the world.

    On available arsenal, Green B’s take it. They have more at their disposal; more artillery and air strike abilities. Seals have to rely on the abilities of the team during the operation. Black Hawks and Spectra are really the biggest support Seals get on missions besides SWCC’s and the craft they use for the infiltration and exfiltration if the Seals aren’t dropped from air.

    Green B’s leave more destruction, which that isn’t the point of a Seal team. Green B’s aren’t used for the “silent” scale Seals are used for. Seals are made for doing things which “never happened” in places where they “never were”.

    SO, my opinion:
    For the individual/team fighter I think Seals win.
    For the compabilities available at disposal I believe Green B’s.

    Both however are the smallest percent of their branch and will be proud to say they’d rather keep it small and be held at highest regard. Best of luck to those which are active now and those who are in training to become a member of the Special Operations Community

  112. SFODA

    Ok here we go since no one else will post this

    SF training: Basic and AIT 13 weeks, Airborne training 3 weeks, prep course 30 days, SFAS 24 days, Q course indiv skills 13 weeks, MOS 15 weeks, language 14 weeks, collective training 4 weeks, SERE course, and live environment training roughly a yr and a half 2 2 yrs and that’s the basics that doesn’t include halo and haho training or dive training so all the advanced training your looking at probably close 2 3 yrs.

    Navy SEAL training:Prep course 8 weeks, BUD/S orientation 3 weeks, BUD/S phase 1 7 weeks, BUD/S phase 2 7 weeks, BUD/S phase 3 7 weeks, jump school 3 weeks, SQT 26 weeks, Indiv training 6 months, Unit training 6 months, task group training 6 months total 2 1/2 2 3 yrs.

    JUST LIKE SF either way it’s a long haul and you have to be mentally as well as physically tough to get through it that’s why they are both the best and they both answer to the USSOCOMM that’s the US special operations command for you challenged people out there.

    So in case you didn’t get that they are both special operations units and they are both for the US so drop the debate the both defend this country and our freedoms just like the air force just like the marines just like the guard so STFU already and be glad you still have your freedoms

  113. IS3

    Ok. Not a SEAL, not a Green Beret ((GB)). USN Sailor. I suggest you all read a book called “Shadow Warriors” by Tom Clancy. It gives you (in my opinion – never been through the training) a very good description of the GBs. Not so much as to the SEALs, but an even better idea as to HOW SPECWAR got started and where they’ve gone from the roots. That being said, let’s see IF it’ feasable to compare SEALs to GBs. Let’s assume SEALs are apples… and you know the rest. Ok, let’s try something different. What do you think of when you think SEAL, or better yet, their root (UDT)? Underwater Demolition, right? SEALs OWN the water. Now, take the GBs, or better yet, their root (Jedburg Teams). They helped the French Resistance fighters during (correct me if I’m wrong) WWII, i.e. providing training, supplies, intelligence, and a way to communicate with the Allies. They supported insurgencies. UDTs blew shit up so our ships and Marines would be able to land and get to pounding the enemy into a pulp. Now evolve them a little bit. Let’s bring them into the 21st century. Guess what? GBs support insurgencies. SEALs blow shit up. GBs blow shit up. SEALs support insurgencies. One has more experiance than the other. One has more specialized training than the other. You wouldn’t send an A-Detatchment to take-down a ship when you have SEALs available. Likewise, you wouldn’t send in a SEAL Team to start a revolution when you have GBs available.

  114. Tom

    I made it to March 4th 2010 before I had to stop reading. Richard has it dead on. There are many legitimate vets on here who have steered kids right; In my opinion, Seals are the best in maritime ops, SF is unparalleled in UW, there are great teams and decent teams in both arenas, but all serve the USA. I went the SF route, friends and family went SEAL’s. Kids: read, research, train. Serve your country in whatever manner you can, like the heroes whom you would emulate.

  115. Trolly McTrollerson

    I don’t know why people are sill trying to compare the SF and Seals. Apparently, they did not read the first sentence. Or perhaps hey aren’t smart enough to understand what “differ in functions” means. They are trained similarly, but their overall objectives are NOT THE SAME.

    If you like blowing shit up and swimming, try out for the SEALS. If you like to blow shit up and you’re a people person, try Special Forces.

  116. Alex

    You guys are all fucking insane!!! Yeah, the SEALs literally force you to black out under water…what a dumb comment. The purpose of such specialized training is to push a human to his utmost limits, while maintaining a relatively safe environment for those in attendance. The Navy SEAL instructors are very careful with their candidates and push them to their limits through physical and mental exertion…not physical violence. At most, they will grab at your gear or toss you around while doing swimming/diving drills. The training is tough and accidents can happen, but the instructors are not going to force a candidate to black out causing a potential brain injury. The training for either group is going to be intense; whether it be the Navy SEALs, Force Recon, Green Berets or the Rangers. Either training is going to be long, intense, uncomfortable and strenous…as combat can be long, intense, uncomfortable and strenous. The point of the training is to establish a select group of specialized, motivated individuals who are going to succeed in a combat environment. The idea that one training program is tougher than the other is absurd…as it completely varies depending on the individual. If you are not 100% comfortable in the water…then BUD/s is going to be immensely difficult to negotiate. if you lack maturity, perform poorly under stress and lack intellect…then the Special Forces training is going to be difficult to negotiate. Its as simple as that.

  117. US Paratrooper

    I must say I have read the comments and I am in agreement that spec ops is spec ops it just a matter of branch and mission differences. I am a 2 time combat vet with 2 combat Air Assaults and a combat Jump and have worked with all of them Delta, SF, SEAL,and RECON they all have one thing that most of you don’t. They are inherently professional. They work together very well and they do it often and they share a mutual respect for each other. It’s not about who is better they are all elite and most of you are not and never will be, for those of you who want to be good luck and GOD bless. Those of you that have been thank you for your service.

  118. jones

    you know i have to go with both are good at what they do, but seals are better at getting hostages and green berets are better at killing both are equal in my book both are bad ass……. oh and whoever said green berets arent silent umm… i think the army gave them the nickname (the quiet professionals) for a reason duh

  119. john

    After reading most of all these statements, for the exception of a small few, most of you people have no idea what your talking about reguarding these 2 units. An from reading most comments from (ex sf/ SEALs) clearly ur bullshitters.

    Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs both have a 2-4 yr training period where they become offical members of there Spec Ops community.

    As for some of you claiming to be EX SF/ SEALs stateing you’ve pondered the same thoughts to as who is better.

    ur clearly lairs and fakes. First off these operators work together and cross train and act as liaison with eachother, so they can brainstorm and share field experience to better prepare themselves for real world conflict. They also do this with Allied SOF. So to make that statement above is just a retard thing to say and shouldnt be taken seriously.

    The main differences boil down to

    1. SEALs are marinetime SF, Green Berets are Land SF

    2. Although They both do DA,SR,FID,CT, and UW. SEALs are famous for primaraily being a Direct Action force. On both Land and Sea. Thats y there in Afghanistan. DA, and SR.

    3. The Green Berets can do everything the SEALs can except some of there water ops dealing with Subs and shit, thats out of the SF’s area of expertise. But Green Berets, can train local forces, know local cultures and languages, and can deal with politics.

    In conclusion thing of the SEALs as a global SWAT TEAM. There assassins. The Green Berets can be humanitarians and assassins.However, no is not better then the other. It just boils down to weather u want to be apart of a Team dedicated to Direct Action or not. If you want Direct Action all the way, look for the SEALs. If u want to be a diplomat first and assassin second look for Army SF.

  120. mntnman444

    US Army Special Forces are the Green Berets…but only civilians call them that.SF soldiers are trained in seaborne operations.I am a veteran of SF,I was trained in woodland,jungle,coastal,mountain,desert,arctic and urban environments.
    SF are most definitely trained in assassination and kidnapping.Both SEALS and SF are the elite.
    John your assessment is pretty accurate but SF are not exactly diplomats,they are used to organize,train and assist indigenous resistance movements in unconventional warfare.
    mntnman…7th SFGA

  121. CJ

    I recently finished SQT, so I’m probably biased, but I’ll give my two cents. I wanted to point out some errors that keep getting repeated also.

    BUD/S is 5 months long (not 6), and SQT is 4 months long (not 6). A couple weeks at jump school before SQT. After completing BUDS candidates earn the SO rating (special operator) in the Navy and are classed as SEALs as far as the Navy is concerned. We have the rating, get the special pay, etc. After SQT we get our tridents. So start to finish you can be a fully qualed SEAL in 9-10 months time.

    Yes, we continue to train and go to more schools after SQT, but this varies for each person and is something that never stops. And this isn’t special to the SEAL teams. Not to play it down but all sailors and soliers continue to get sent to various schools, train with their respective units, etc. So what? After you get your trident you’re a SEAL, period, end of story. Some may go to language school, some may go to sniper, etc. Some may go straight to team and start workup. Right now all of us are required to do foreign language after SQT, but it’s not to the same extent as the Army SF. We do not get qualed like they do, we do a short course. Right now I everybody is doing Farsi, since we’ll all be going to Afghanistan.

    BUDS is hard but only before and during Hell Week. Phases 2/3 are easy, much more chill. First phase is a beat down, but it’s only 5 days a week and the weekends are off. We would generally start the day at 0600 or 0700 and be done after dinner. Sometimes the days were longer, like if we got in trouble and needed a classroom beatdown or if we had night evolutions. This varies class to class.

    Hell Week is hard but it’s really not that big of a deal. In BUDS we have this motivational speaker that does classes with us, he’s a master chief, I won’t give his name. But he tries to sike us up, give us things we can do to combat stress mentally, like breathing patterns, etc. Anyway, he was always giving us stats. I think he said it was 90% who makes it until 9 am Tuesday morning will make it through all of hell week. If you make it until Wednesday and get hurt you don’t even get rolled. They pull you out of hell week and you pass, you move on to 2nd phase. Hell Week starts late Sunday evening and goes until Friday. Its 5 days total in theory, but it’s really only hard for the first 36 hours. Make it through the first 36 and statistically you will make it through the whole 100-120. After the first 36 people are dead, you go into auto-pilot and evolutions become longer and slower to keep us from getting hurt. The first night is awful, base tour with boats, docks, etc. It’s freezing and relentless, but just don’t quit. Just keep moving and you’ll pass. You can get performance dropped, but you have to be a real turd for that to happen. Like this was before my time, but there was an officer that fell out during base tour and was running alongside his boat crew. The instructors were like WTF, and his answer was that he would do a better job of “leading” and “commanding” the boat by not having to be underneath it, haha. Needless to say, he got “performance” dropped from Hell Week.

    Anyway, becoming a SEAL is really just about finishing Hell Week, which is really just about the first 36 hours. 87% of those who complete Hell Week graduate BUDS. Those that don’t either fail pool comp or get dropped for other reasons (like alcohol, red bull, etc.). Some guys get dropped because it turns out in 3rd phase that they simply cant be taught to shoot, but this is rare, but it happens. Tons of guys are taking growth hormone and roids and such, or creatine and protein, etc., but the key is just to keep it at home… never have it in your car or in your room on base.

    Anyway, bottom line, just don’t quit in that 36 hrs during hell week and you’ll make it and be a SEAL. Really in this respect I think SFAS is much harder. As I understand it candidates in SFAS are “selected.” They don’t know if they’re passing or failing until the very end. BUDS is not like this at all. If you are still there, you are passing. There are very few evolutions you can be failed on. As long as you make the minimum run, swim, and O-course times, you are good. Boats and logs you just have to endure and be there, evolution generally won’t last more than 2 hrs, just deal with it.

    As far as which group is tougher or better trained, I would say they are equal really, with a different purpose. I think SEALs are better at the bronze though whereas Army SF is better at the brains. If getting a real language qual was a requirement SQT graduation would go from 99% to 60%, haha. Not to knock my own people, but we’ve got some really young immature folks that make it through. At the beginning of BUDS one of the instructors told me that in all of the SEAL teams there were only two guys that could speak Arabic. And who knows what level of proficiency those guys are actually at. The Navy has a very different mindset than Army SF. There are entire rates that practically speaking do nothing but support the SEALs. SWCC guys help move them around in marine environments. EOD works with them. Navy intel and linguist guys help them figure out where to go, who to kill, and translate for them when necessary. They help them with coms as well. Seabees will even help them setup camp when the Army isn’t already there. There is a huge machine that supports SEAL teams deployed in theatre. As I understand it though Army SF does all this themselves. They are truly meant as an indiginous force, whereas SEALs go blow up the hornets nest and then get out.

    For someone interested in special warfare though, it really depends on what you want. If you just want the rush of jumping out of planes and shooting at stuff, go with the SEALs. And anybody that says that’s not what its about is full of crap, they haven’t been to BUDS. There are some patriots no doubt, but most are just in it for the game. If you are interested in culture and language and want to be concerned with the politics, go with the Army SF. You will get just as much “rush” time as the SEALs, but with a lot more book work added to it.

    For any prospective candidate, if you want a SURE thing, go with the SEALs. In SFAS you won’t even know if you made it or not until the end. Personally, that would drive me nuts. And if I didn’t get selected, do I even find out why? Maybe it was because some instructor didn’t like me, to hell with that. In BUDS just don’t quit and you WILL make it, period. Yes, BUDS has a high attrition rate, but it has come down by a lot with the prep school and alterations to BUDS. Right now I think 60-70% make it. And keep in mind that those 30-40% that don’t, a large quantity of those get rolled into another class and make it later. You are given many opportunities to pass timed evolutions like runs and swims, if you simply can’t make the times you will get rolled almost certainly, they will not drop you. If you can’t pass the mins after all that then you suck and really just need to do something else. A lot of the stats are misleading tho, don’t let them scare you. Hype is the name of the game, from day one it’s all about intimidating you. Just remember, it’s a game, don’t quit, and you’ll make it. After hell week the instructors are cool as hell and you’ll have a ton of fun. There will still be long days, but they aren’t trying to make you quit anymore, just train you… you are preparing for war after all.

    One thing I think most of you guys fail to understand is that the SEALS, Army SF, etc., are all part of the government military bureaucracy. Kids have these fanciful notions of what these units are like and put them up on a pedastal. I’ve seen trainees get seriously injured because some instructor was being a jackass and fooling around. In the teams there are fat guys, skinny guys, power lifters, marathon runners, jesus freaks, closet homos, republicans, democrats, some of the humblest guys you’ve ever met, and some of the most cocky and arrogant ones you’ve ever met too. It’s all over the board. SEALs can not kick anybody’s ass. When I was at the prep school in great lakes one of the instructors there, an SO1, I won’t give his name, got his freaking ass kicked in Chicago one weekend and got put in the hospital. He got beat up by some high-school aged kids on the street, broke his nose and put him in the hospital. This guy rode around in a little rice burner “save the whales” type car. It was a total chick mobile, people were always making fun of his car. On the other hand one of the other instructors drove a jeep and had a bumper sticker on the back that read, “Yes, WAR is the answer you dirty hippe. – Brought to you by the men of SEAL Team 4″ There are guys in the teams you will love, and others you will love to hate.

  122. J. Ryan

    Some of you people need to go educate yourself.. Some really do know what you’re talking about, my father is a retired US Navy Seal and like he said this is the most worthless conversation he has ever seen. Like some of you said they are ALL elite members of the US military and fight for the same reason and country and have the actual bravery to do what half you wannabes wish you could. He has been on operations working side by side with Green Berets to Air Force air combat controllers they work together in all types of situations using they specialties to assist each other very often, and have a great deal of respect for any branch of the military SOF units. only some kids who have no idea what the fuck they are talking about would ever think one is better than the other or there is any type of compitition between any of SOF units of our US military. If you want to know who the baddest motherfuckers out there are in all the SOF units of the US Military (and you can take this to the bank with you) it’s the ones with the most experience in the actual field who have seen the shit hit the fan on more than one occasion I don’t care if its SEALS, Berets, Marine Recon, Pararescue. Put a 40 year old experienced SEAL or any SOF soldier against some young buck who hasn’t seen shit yet and watch that 40 year old put him on his ass every time.

  123. robercr

    Not that I should be doing this by any means, but like everyone says (usually the ones who are right) educate yourselves… If you truly want to know and understand in depth what it takes to become a Green Beret or a Navy SEAL read the books I have listed below and for the sake of God and everyone who has even the slightest clue go to a recruiting page!!!!

    The Warrior Elite: The Forging of SEAL Class 228
    The Finishing School (SQT)
    Chosen Soldier: The Making of A Special Forces Warrior

    And one last point I’d love to make just because its driving me up the wall… Rangers are NOT the “Elite Green Berets”, some Rangers become GB and some GB go to Ranger School. THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!!!!

    Active duty Navy and Army Special Forces Candidate

  124. SilencerSS

    Thankyou robercr,the duty in each force over time has changed,the seals tend to stay within there paticular realm,where as not all men that become green beret well see or particpate in special operations,they can be stuck on base,even a paper pusher,this is not to belittle or put down anyone,as a young man,inrolling in any military is not to be over looked,but each force does breed a diferent type of man when all is said and done.When men are sent into hostle inviroments they are a team,in all forces,I think we should all pray that we have special forces of all types,and pray that they all do well in there time and come home,please read between the lines.May sound genral,but who knows who will be reading this.God Bless All. SSS

  125. jjjj

    the green berets q course can last from 55 weeks to 90 some (q stands for qualification)

  126. John

    This thread has beat to death the training rigors of SF vs SEALS. So, as a former GB I will say until you have done any elite forces training program you cannot imagine how tough you have to be. And, I don’t just mean physically. The biggest misconception is that all SF and SEALS are John Wayne or Rambo types. Not true, intelligence, mental and psychological strength, creativity, resiliency, street smarts aand endurance mean more than a one-on-one fight with someone. I saw a lot of big tough macho guys drop out and guys that may look like physics geeks excel.

    All elite units have their own special skills, and they have the ability to overlap when needed. All go through the same jump training and I also remember doing some commo training with SEALS. Don’t forget elite forces of the AF, Marines and USCG as well. You want to talk about training and toughness, who wants to drop from a helicopter into 40ft. seas to rescue a downed chopper crew or ship crew. USCG Rescue Swimmers do stuff I as an SF guy sure wouldn’t want to do.

    It takes all, and all are well-trained and the very best at their job. Congrats to all who accomplish their goal of achieving elite forces status.

  127. Sgt Doug

    I would like to say after reading all this I wonder why all REAL SF guys and REAL Seal guys would not be laughing right now? If there is one thing people having this argument should come away with is this. Real SF group members are called the “Quiet Proffesionals” for a reason. Its those who speak out and trash talk that are not real. A real “Green Beret” will let you fight it out and say nothing so he goes unnoticed. As far as Seal guys that have worked beside SF. Each know and respect the other. Both are the best trained and equipt force in their respected branch. Often working side beside to complete a mission. All Joe public needs to know is you are protected by the best in the world and youre welcome. Until you face actual combat and do what both Seals , and SF do please dont judge or compare. These men sacrifice their lives to defend this country to go and succeed in missions where others will fail and to live to fight again. Real SF guys and Im sure Seals too are laughing at this right now just for a second then its back to work.

  128. Eddy

    I know I guy in BUDs right now and they’re pretty much kickin his ass tryin to prep him for hell week. Gotta say though seals can kick anyones and everyones ass.

  129. Rick T

    Wow a lot of people on this site are very misinformed. I’m a Green Beret. Training from start to end was 2 years. SF medic train for 3 years. I’ve trained and worked with some SEALs. Some were very professional and great at their jobs and others weren’t. It all depends on the person.

    It’s annoying to read comments about uneducated misinformed people. “SEALs would crush Green Berets”… B#%l s@$t. We are both very elite units. Ive met SEAL’s that I would fucking trash and couldn’t hold a candle to my tactical ability. But I’ve also met SEALs (usually older more experienced ones) that have shown me a thing or two.

    Also in more recent news because of the Osama Bin Laden Raid. People have lumped normal Navy SEALs in with DEVGRU. DEVGRU is a tier one unit modeled after Army Delta Force. DEVGRU is awesome , which is not hard to see after the success of their last mission. They are known more popularly as SEAL Team 6. They are not the every day run of the mill Navy SEAL. It’s like calling a Green Beret a Delta Operator. It isn’t the same thing. Just thought I’d clear that up , the news has the tendency of not explaining that.

    In closing, coming from a “Green Beret” Navy SEALs are awesome. I think they are well trained and elite. I have a few buddies that are SEALs and I enjoy working with them.

  130. lea1960

    Both are wonderful.A Big God Bless you to all of you.

  131. jason

    seals do not have more training.and whoever says army sf is better at “large forces against large forces” or something your wrong.they go out in 10-12man units out in the middle of enemy territory alone for long periods of time.both equally are good but army sf definantly has the stealth aspect..not as much as seals maybe but still

  132. Aee Jaa

    Well well well…Now that we are in the 2000’s we need to upgrade our training. Yep, I said it. What is needed is a fifth branch of pure 100% terrorist hunters. Men that are numbered 5000 men and only 5000. The job would entail only to hunt terrorist. They should be a separate branch with the FULL backing of the secret. Each man or woman should be able to fly a newer style Harrior jet light weight go thru the training of a SEAL,then a Green Beret, spend one year with SWAT. The rank should be “only” Captain thru Col.. !000 for east 1000 for west 1000 for north 1000 for south. To join age must be 17-20. To go on a mission 22-26. This would be the new brand of military.

  133. Dyllon

    Funny thing is, I hear a SEAL killed Osama, but the CIA and the SF did all the work finding him. And who gets credit? Obama. Its b#$%#t.

  134. Don

    I’m a retired Special Forces trooper- 18C. Training can go over a year long which includes SERE and Language training. You don’t have to be an Army ranger to join. When I went through the “Q” course, we trained for Viet Nam-jungle training included.
    Often the SEALs and SF go through some of the same training. I’ve worked with some SEALs in training and they were great guys.

  135. sam

    you dumb tarts special forces (green beret) training is a lot longer than 30 days. 30 days is only for selection. and why all the fuzz if they both special ops and they are part off the same armed forces.

  136. Blade

    As a Vietnam Era Special Forces Trooper (1965-1966) (18B)(Mobile Strike Force), I totally agree with Don. I would add that the training and education requirements for both have drastically changed in 48 years. Army Special Forces or Navy Seals………….both quality and elite programs that continue to get better.

  137. mike Guzman

    Well lol I have a great freind who is a seal work out with. Him seven days. A weeeek and without second guess the seals are the best you never know Where. Thay been lol

  138. Derek

    Comparing these two is like comparing the FBI with the CIA. Neither can do the other’s job that’s why we have both. Personally I think a ninja would take ‘em all!

  139. alex

    green berets after selection go trough 1 more year of training

  140. SamB


  141. SamB

    Hey guys. So I am not writing this post to add to this debate. Personally, I think its is extremely juvenile and pointless. I am posting because this is the only place where I can get access to former or current SEALs. My name is Sam and I want to be a Navy SEAL. I am 16 now, and I am planning on joining the Navy when I am 18. I have talked to a recruiter many times but he could not get me in touch with any former SEALs. I understand how tough it is to even get into BUD/S so I am wondering what workout plan I should follow to increase my chances of success on the PST, and hopefully BUD/S as well. I have been doing a running, swimming, and body weight workout plan that I have found of a non-official SEAL website. I am wondering if anyone has something better. This post is directed at former SEALs. I would just like some help with preparing for the PST and BUD/S.

    Thank you in advance.

    – Sam

  142. joe

    for one navy seal training is actualy 2 yrs, another thing is green berrets specialty is training foreing military units under the genva convention, and i spent four yrs in the marines, 5th marines, and there isnt much difference in jungle warefare and “woodland” terrain, u have jsoc in which the commands fall under delta force then navy seals then airforce combat controller not green berrets, and delta was formed from s.a.s, and seal team 6 was formed from delta force hense they all work together

  143. SamB

    There are so many posts that some people have wrote that I would like to correct but I refuse to join in on this debate. Can’t any of you do the research like I did? Once again, any former or current SEALs out there please help me out with my above post. It is right above “joe” post.


    – Sam

  144. acha

    Sam, I read your post, well, look, I am not a SEALs, but I want to be one also like you, I am 14, and I am already trainning a lot to be one of them. I am in ROTC, and I am doing the exercise that my instructor is telling me to do( He was in the navy, but he is really good in physical trainning) but I was looking in google, and I found a website where you can start trainning like one of them(well, to train for BUDs, google Navy SEALs trainning, and you’ll find a website where it tells you everything, and it’s really good, so good luck buddy.

  145. mitch

    green berets bye a long shot

  146. Dave

    No specialized military force on the planet is more capable than Delta Force and every DF operative is recruited directly from the Army SF (Green Berets). That alone should clear up any debate.

    IMO though, the Seals and the GB’s are equally impressive…they just go about their duties in different ways.

  147. Tim

    Both units are extremely lethal and elite at what they do. This whole argument on who is better is retarded. Anyone who has the thought that one is better than the other needs to look in the mirror and un #$%^ themsleves. If anyone on this forum has said that seals are better then special forces and vice versa, obviously hasn’t served in a special forces community. If you want to know, grow some balls and sign your name on the dotted line and find out for yourself. Until then, go @#$%^& you will undoubtedly be #%*^ on in the near future. Out.

    – 2/75 ranger reg. 01-06
    – 10th SFG 08-present.

  148. mike

    Wow, so much crap being spewed here. How can someone in there right senses say that SEALS would excell in jungle warfare better than Green Berets? Green Berets are dropped in any kind of terrain, left to their own vices, for months….from vietnam up to Afghanistan, Green Berets have proven to be the most independent and versatile force in the US military.
    – only similarity between these two groups is in direct action. They are both great at it. But Green Berets have so many other responsibilities and capabilities that SEALs do not have. Look it up.
    – SEALs should be better in underwater operations, even though Green Berets train in this too. They are certainly not better on land or in the air.
    – Green Berets training (avg of 2years) is longer than SEAL training. If u want to factor in the training SEALs get after BUDs when they are assigned to their Teams, then duly note that Green Berets keep training when they get to their Groups too.

  149. Ugh

    If your say beret is better then you have not seen the seals training.. Go watch the first 6 months of the seal traning and see how hard it is

  150. Ugh

    Mike The seal were at vietnam they were call the ” Devils with Red Face” i think it was because they were so good at their job so basicly in my oppion the Seals Training is Harder, And the Seals are stronger and better

  151. Big Bear

    Seals,Green Beret who better who isn’t , why ? Everyone was in vietnam . Who is better depends on the mission why you are there. Anyone who steps up to lead is better . READY TO LEAD , READY TO FOLLOW , NEVER QUIT . Hold your shit together whe your out numbered three to one , you will know who is better .

  152. jastroyer

    rustman is right we are all the same team and both the seals and the green berets help cover each other’s weaknesses so that we don’t have to completely overwhelm someone with training thus preventing having a military filled with jacks of all trades (master of none)

  153. Paradice 11

    both are elite in there branches an go in pussys and come out dicks, they both have different objectives but they both are cross trained to do anything that needs to be done, rather its jungle, water, or whatever there told to do they find away to complete it because they were all taught how to win not lose. bottom line is who ever fucks with us better kiss there ass goodbye because fuckin with both is suicide put them together im sure they can take a country without no help. thank you for all you do

  154. boom

    well just think that the government will only let us know a little of what both forces do i think that each force is the best and that they are probably equal when it comes right down to it they just have diferent jubs to do

  155. dan

    Like it so eloquently relates above the training of the Seals and the Special Forces are similar.Forever Brothers in Arms.There are NO combat Sailors or Soldiers who were ever pussy’s, they were just UNDER UTILIZING time until we were AWARDED the honor, to serve our Country. My family, COMBAT US ARMY since before the civil war. Except my Father who was Combat US Navy.

  156. SO1

    Took me 2 yrs to get my bird.

  157. ER

    US Navy SEALS make movies, US Army Special Forces fight and win wars.

  158. dustin

    K, both are great, but i think the SEALS are better. athough the green beret the special forces and are meant for special missions, so are the SEALS, but the SEALS are going to do it with you not even knowing their there. In all DELTA is the best.

  159. Rob

    Wow, this was a fun discussion. First, thanks to all of you who serve. I always wished I had become a SEAL as I am a fish in water. However, being cold and wet, or really cold and really wet doesn’t seem all that exciting ;-)

    Actually reading about what GB’s do gets my blood pumping. If I come back again I want to be a GB. Being a highly educated and influential badass that is out there shaping the world sounds like a dream.

  160. Derek

    Seals and Barets are two different units for a reason. They have different purposes. They are both the best at what they do. Its like comparing a piter to a 1st basemen. Whos better? You cant decide because they are completely different.

  161. Jaylan

    I think that the author of this article is backing the Berets here, there isnt much of a competition showing that the SEALs have the hardest training in all the world, next would be the SAS, then the Israeli Commandos.. But, it doesnt even matter because the Berets and SEALs would never fight and are brothers in arms… Just be happy that they have your back.

  162. nick

    Wow!!! Ok first of all, all you kids who think your going to be james bond, 99% will wash out of training or wont even join. But to get the record straight, I served in the Navy and Im going to be going into the Army soon. Navy Seals are highly skilled in DA and SR missions. They are a maritime specops unit. Every seal is a combat diver. No one is better in the water. Thats just a fact. Army special forces’ (green berets for all you uneducated people) primary mission is Unconventional Warfare/Foreign Internal Defense. They train, advise, and lead guerilla and allied military groups in combat. Both are trained in da and sr. Both jump out of planes. some sf units are combat diver qualed. Both have worked together in the past before. SF has done snatch and grab missions before and seals have trained foreign troops as well. They both have their differences and their similarities. One more thing. Delta is the 1st special forces operation detachment delta. They are not another sf group. they recruit from the sf groups, ranger battalions and sometimes infantry units. Everyone in the military raised their right hand to serve the United States of America and they all should be respected and honored.

  163. HansGruber

    First, whether Special Forces or SEALS just means hard indocrination in military training. It does not mean that one is a better man or Superman. It does mean that as a soldier one is willing to die, at the word of someone- President or General who problably has not undergone any Special Forces training, just for the love of country and ideals. “Hell week” and “The Sifting” are there to determine who is willing to DIE when order TO..that is the big thing that makes the difference between regular military and Special forces. The Jungle skills, shooting, and other training knowlege is something that anyone can do.. the difference is … can you be competent and know that is a one way mission??

  164. raj

    I think the main difference is the last generation holds the Berets in higher esteem and the younger gen, the Seals. Why? Hollywood pure and simple. When i was growing up 70/80s all the daring stuff was accomplished by the Green Berets with john wayne the most famous in the role. They were THE special forces team to reckon with and the coolest cats around. Steven seagal changed that with his Seal roles in the undersiege saga and since then its the navy seals that have usurped the position as the most cool and dangerous. Before both these groups in the 50s hollywood cool team were the british Commandos. And thats what this argument is REALLY about, past vs present, old vs new…

  165. SamB

    I want to thank everyone on this forum. When I wrote my first post years ago I was young and immature and I thought I knew a lot about the military. I was saying things like, “I am not sure which unit I want to join”. As I look at all these posts years later I realize that the vast majority of you are uninformed, with another group of you who are disrespectful. Looking at some of these pathetic posts shows me that I am pursuing my goal of becoming a SEAL for the right reasons. For that I thank you all. I dropped the Xbox controller years ago and picked up a wetsuit and some running shoes. I have followed a high rep PT routine that has put me in the best shape of my life. (Wrestling also helped haha). After several tries and a lot of hard work I have finally attained PST scores well above the minimum. I look forward to continuing my preparation in college and pursuing my SEAL goal when I graduate. I didn’t mean to show off, but I just wanted to show some of you aspiring SEALs out there that playing video games and bashing Army SF will land you in your parents basement after you basic training, and not in BUD/S where you think you belong.

  166. A.p

    I think the navy seals are the best of the best of the best one day at age eighteen or nineteen i would like to be one myself and live the experience and save people and kill terriorist

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