Navy SEALs vs. Army Rangers

Posted July 28th, 2009 by Navy SEAL

Both Navy SEALs and Army Rangers are highly respected but distinctly separate wings of the United States armed services. Army Rangers and Special forces both roll up to the U.S. Army, while on the other hand Marines and Navy SEALs roll up to the U.S. Navy.

Army Rangers

With origins dating back to colonial times the Army Rangers are part of the US Operations Special Forces that became a more permanent part of the military around the 1970s.Army Rangers are front line special light infantry American troops and their primary focus is on infiltration by land, air or even sea they are specialised in the recovery of personnel and special equipment, conducting raids and direct action operations.


To be selected to be a Ranger a soldier has to prove his physical capability through various endurance tests designed to establish that he’s physically capable of entering the program. Once into Ranger School his training is categorized into three phases namely Crawl training, Walk training and Run training.

Crawl training: is to develop the foundations and trains the soldier in hand -to hand combat, immersion in water and the use of fists and sticks in combat.

Walk training: covers rappelling, ambush training, knots tying and intermediate level airborne operations.

Run training: is the advanced training covering such aspects as water bound infiltration, troop extraction in hostile situations, working with explosives, skills for sabotage, navigation and reconnaissance

Only on completion of the above does a Ranger officially graduate from Ranger School.


Navy SEALs

The Navy SEALs were established formally around the 1960s but have their roots dating back to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Navy SEALs specialize in sea, air and land specific missions and operations, Basic Underwater Demolitions (BUD), reconnaissance, information warfare, personnel recovery, unconventional warfare, counter terrorism, internal defense on foreign soil, and security assistance.


In order to make it as a Navy SEAL an individual has to undergo a seven month long Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training which is divided into phases:

Indoctrination: to prepare the new initiates physically and mentally for the gruelling training ahead and the ways of the Navy SEAL.
Basic Conditioning: eight weeks of subjecting the individual to test of endurance including the famous Hell Week.
SCUBA training: eight weeks of water based training, diving, water infiltration, sabotage, etc.Land-warfare training: Nine weeks of land warfare training, in hand-to-hand combat, weapons usage, etc.


Both Army Rangers and Navy SEALs undergo very Intense and gruelling training programs designed to weed out the ones who just dont cut it.

The U.S. Navy SEALs and the U.S. Army Rangers do not recruit women. Women do however work in several significant posts in support levels with the Navy SEALs, and serve at group levels in the U.S. Army Special Forces.

Both elite units exist for covert operations and while there are several differences in the way they operate there are definitely areas of overlap in terms of functions.


Rangers operate in platoon sized or larger units and are capable of handling direct action missions while Navy SEALs operate in smaller teams and handle specialised covert operations.Rangers primarily perform military support functions while Navy SEALs are primarily for selective roles and most often not directly get involved in front line combat.The Rangers are typically known to be ready for rapid deployment, has an airborne advanced infantry and generally tends to fight primarily using conventional warfare. Navy SEALs on the other hand are responsible for unconventional warfare, they are all trained paratroopers, they integrate with foreign forces, are generally independent and have high sustainability working within small groups with limited or no support; they specialise and execute underwater reconnaissance , infiltrations and demolitions.

While both Army Rangers and Navy SEALs are highly skilled specialized forces whose functions tend to overlap, the Army Rangers specialty is land warfare, while the Navy SEAL as the name suggests excels where water bodies are involved.

This Article is written by James Kara Murat.

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  1. skmil8

    This is a very accurate layout on how we do things. I am a former US Army Ranger; now a veteran of 4 combat deployments to two third world countries.

    I will give it to you, you know your shit; although we (US Army Rangers) also perform alot of unconventional warfare ourselves, as well as working in smaller groups for certain SOP’s per operation and/or mission.
    As Rangers, we conduct covert operations including reconnaissance and surveillance missions as well as front line raids, assaults, and the liking that are generally carried out for strategic purposes; such as recovering air-fields/air-bases, and other high priority targets that other troops (your typical US Army/US Marine grunts; and armored units) can not.
    As you said, we also conduct support operations for Special Forces groups (such as SEALs, and Green Beret Special Forces) in order for them to be able to perform their job effectively. Our capabilities as an all-around, flexible force allow us to be able to perform any type of mission or operation in the modern battlefield; from conventional to unconventional.
    Unlike the rest of the Army and the Marines; we Rangers can perform not only amphibious and basic land based attacks, but we can also perform airborne and air-assault missions at lightning speed where it would take any other type of grunt/infantryman to do this in a considerably less amount of time.
    Hence the word, “Range” that you can take out of, “Rangers” we are an extremely flexible force in a wide “Range” of attacks and defenses; unlike many other forces.

    Good work!!!

  2. josephmaro

    Remember bro….a kid could kill in one shot,so dont think you are all that.WAr is hell and nothing to brag about because you “earned” a tab… 4 thougt…………………thank u 4 your services

  3. josephmario

    Remember bro….a kid could kill in one shot,so dont think you are all that.WAR is hell and nothing to brag about because you “earned” a tab… 4 thougt…………………thank u 4 your services,maio

  4. josh lowman

    us navy seals all the way baby im 17 and ready to go im ready to serve the country that has given me freedom hoooyahhh

  5. Captain Crunch

    I am Bad. You are not. I can beat you all up at the same time! I was also a member of the Navy’s elite “tattle tale” team to rat on my brothers to their C/O’s…..The Navy Squeals!!!!

  6. html rulez

    Good post, id personally rather be a ranger. And @ josh, mushahah, defend the country that gave you its freedom…man ur warped and retarded bro.

  7. Justin

    first off josh lowman… its U.S Navy SEALS, not us navy seals. second off, u wouldnt make it into the Navy! U are a Pissant wanna be. Stick to paintball kid

  8. Ryan Govreau

    I an still deciding whether I should join the U.S. Army Rangers or if I should join the U.S. Navy SEAL’s. After reading the article above, I’m starting to lean toward SEAL’s. The only problem is that my goal is to get into 1st Special Forces operational Detachment – Delta (A.K.A. Delta Force), which is the Army. I’ve done a lot of research about Delta Force and they like to recruit from the Rangers. My question is: is there any program in which I can be in the Army and receive Navy SEAL training? For those of you who are probably going to ask, I am only sixteen. I am training hard and doing my best in school. I take this extremely seriously.

  9. Ryan Govreau

    The second word is supposed to be “am” not “an”. Sorry I missed that earlier.

  10. John

    Hey kid if u are in th seals there’s no since in going to the delta force

  11. Luke

    Look into the U.S Army Green Beret. They go through very similar training as the SEALS, and Delta recruits out of Berets as well. Keep in mind though, from what I have read, Delta only takes about 50 people a year out of the Rangers and the Green Beret combined.

  12. Kreiger Von Deutchland

    hey im in SEALS and I just transfered to Army Rangers. And now im getting a fat paycheck! do both if you can
    im 235lbs
    German-american moved to u.s in 86′ when i was 7
    let me tell u now. I did more crying and whining
    in ranger training than SEAL training but ill get thru it
    CHOOSE RANGER FIRST then seal and try Ranger again
    not what i did but thts what u should do

  13. Sam

    You guys are so full of shit it’s not even funny.

  14. 2/75 RANGER T

    Same team amigos. Great job paying homage and sparking the biggest pissing contest to ever come out of the spec-ops community. Both units are ELITE and are so because the caliber of soldiers that volunteer for them. Truth is not everybody can do what SPEC-OPS soldiers can, that is exactly why there is a selection process. Hey, it is what it is and we do what we do. I miss it every day. For those aspiring to do so, whether be a HOOAH or a HOOYAH, “where the mind wants to go, the body might follow (depending on how strong your mind is).” Don’t be dissuaded by trash talkin wanna be salty dogs. There are even dirt bags within elite units. They forget that they were once in your shoes and hopefully some day you will be in there’s, just not a prick. Good luck to you. Earn your stories. Great job with the entry by the way. RANGER T………out

  15. Bobo

    Getting tabbed makes you Ranger qualified.

    Getting Ranger tabbed and being a Ranger in the 75th are two different things. Ranger school is just that, a school. You graduate that and most of the time you go back to your unit with advance knowledge in infantry tactics. Active duty infantry officers have to go to Ranger School before they can lead. So do officers in LRSD units.

    If you wear the scroll, your in the Regiment, and a Special Operations warrior. You have to go preranger, Ranger Assessment/Selection Program (four week physical mental workover followed by four weeks advanced weapons/tactics training) and then if you make it those 8 weeks plus preranger without dropping out/getting sick/injured your in the Regiment. (selection is shorter if your prior service and an nco since they assume you know your shit).

    Ranger School only comes into play in the Regiment if you want to be an NCO or an Officer. You can’t hold leadership Rank in the regiment without passing Ranger School, even though it is possible you could serve in the Regiment WITHOUT ever having been to Ranger School (option 40 starts you out this way).

    You’ll also have to be MOS qualified to land there. Mostly in infantry (plus airborne training). A few other support positions as well.

    If your looking for Delta in the Navy side of things its Devgru. They are the other tier 1 unit in the us military.

    I believe the FBI’s HRT is the only other faction considered Tier 1 in the US. But you’ll only get there outside of the military.

  16. Buck Sgt B

    Fist of all you can’t just waltz in saying Im going ranger or SF. You have to be selected, i know android like E-7 and 8s that run 12 min. two miles and where even faster and stronger in there younger years that said that they quit after the first couple of days. You don’t get to eat much at all, you get tortured and drowned depending what route you take. I’ve been through basic training and had a ranger drill and he had grown men crying “for real”. If people have a hard time with basic and regular army stuff I doubt most of you guys can make it. If you really want to do it and you like to push yourself by all means try it out, if you don’t make it at least you’ll learn some stuff. Also the guy who went Navy SEAL then Ranger is a fake. First of all if you take his advice that means you would enlist/ fulfill your contract and then do that process two more times. Oh and good luck to you guys who really do it.

  17. Eli

    @ Ryan Govreau. I know man ,people at my school don’t understand why I want to be in the military and i’m kinda like u I like the Navy Seals but u like them the most. What i plan to do when i graduate from high school is join the army get past BMT (Basic military training) and become the necessary rank to join the U.S. Army rangers and if i get through their training i will train the hardest and try to be top of my class so the Delta Force will look at my profile and select me as their next recruits and try my hardest to become a Delta Operator. Because u can’t just join Delta they select you and if the government ( and that already says who is the more well trained force) would reveal Delta Force’s training and missions i promise you that the delta would be recognized as the most elite in the country because just look at it man the government won’t tell you that they exist and even though we have cold hard facts they still deny their exist. I take it very seriously like you and it is my dream to become a 1st SFOD- Delta operator. May the lord strengthen me to become a Soldier. And may my friend Kaiti be right by my side when i graduate from anything the military throws at me. I know the challenges that lie ahead and i am training very hard like you and doing my best in school. I drink and eat healthy and that will help me in the long run. I am 14 and take this very seriously. Good luck man this is our dream

  18. Reaper

    Stop fighting.
    If you think you can step into the shoes of a warrior go ahead and try.
    Bet you won’t make it.
    Advice. Don’t write about what you want to be. Especially on the Internet… Reason why. Every American is born with a security clearance… Everything you post, hurts your chances of havig that clearance.
    If you want to serve your country in the Elite forces… Think about it long and hard… Make a decision. Make goals and work your ass off…
    What I cannot stand is when dips#$ts post “I can beat all your asses… Navy Squels.” First of all… I doubt you can prick. And second of all, insulting a highly trained force such as you did is immature.
    Dont underestimate what people can do… Some of us are not fat little whiney sh%#$#ds like you.
    Guy who made first comment(Ranger). Yes Rangers are very flexible. I highly respect them. Family friend is a 21 year vet of SF but previous to SF, he was a Ranger.
    Thanks for your service
    – Reaper. TFR

  19. MA2(EXW)

    For those of you wanting to become an ELITE WARRIOR there are a few things to consider. If you want to become a SEAL you can talk to a Navy recruiter and join with a SEAL contract, but if you do not make selection you will have to pick a different Rate. The US Navy does not have an infantry unit and the only jobs that could possibly come close is BM (Boatswain Mate) and MA (Master at Arms). MA’s are the US Navy Military Police. The Army however if you want to become a member of the 75th Ranger or 18x (Green Berett) you have to apply and go through their selection process. The good thing about the Army is that if you do not pass you can still be an infanty man. An infantry man whether in the US Army or the Marine’s are still iron clad warriors. One of the reasons attrition for SEALS is so high is because most that attend selection or BUD/s do not come from jobs (Rates) that harness that warrior ethos. BM’s and MA’s do have job assignments that harness warrior ethos but it is normally for one tour of duty and then back to the fleet to do different duties like check ID cards at a base (MA’s),or paint the side of a ship (BM’s).

  20. Jay Boogie

    Here’s the thing. Yes the rangers and the seals are badasses. However, as a pilot, I can tell you all, that one pilot with an f-22 raptor can take out all the best trained seals and rangers you through at it. They wouldnt see it coming and wouldnt know they had been beat until it was too late. Air Force all the way baby.

  21. Luv2run92

    There is no need to get in a big controversy over stupid things. Just ignore the people that bug you and let them learn the hard way…It could do them some good. Bottom Line: SEALS and Rangers are incredibly amazing and amirable men serving our country with all their hearts…That is what truly matters

  22. Wyman

    Whoever wrote this passage is one hundred percent wrong. There is a huge misconception that Ranger School makes a participant a Army Ranger. This is false. Actual Rangers serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment (1st,2nd,3rd Battalions), and attend Ranger School after completing RIP/RASP, as merely one of the requirements in order to be in their Ranger Battalion.
    Upon graduating Ranger School a soldier/sailor/marine receives a “Ranger Tab” and his “Victor Qualification” (a MOS identifier), and returns back to his unit. Real Rangers serve in the 75th Ranger regiment and fall under USASOC command.
    Remember that next time you have some poser approach you at a bar claiming he’s a Ranger.

  23. thunderlove

    luv2run92, if i were you iwouldnt brag about hiding out in my hi-tech vehicle protecting me from all harm that in my book just means your nothing without your precious air craft, speeking of which how many planes exploding in mid air from a land to air missles does it take to kill said pilot…. one, just one

  24. bularon

    ive got a extensive plan in mind and requires me to pull of alot and seals and rangers are in there but i was wondering if anyone can give me a layout in which i should work out instead of just running sit ups push ups and pull ups i mean theres more to them than that and i need to be able to be able to make it through the work and ive already sworn to join now i need to get ready so if any just reply to this please i need all the help

  25. Nick miller

    I don’t think many people know how hard it is to get in either of these programs, but if I had to choose I would like to be a U.S. army ranger. War isn’t the type of place I would like to be in but war rages everywhere…. so if it is what I have to do to keep this contry and its people free, then that’s what i’d do! Rangers lead the way-hoorahh!

  26. Ranger0275

    @Bularon, Go for the Ranger Regiment. They are both pretty damn hard to get into but Regiment is better in the long run. I beleive you have the right mentality ( Or you know what mentality you need to have). Regiment isn’t about the physical side of everything. It’s Mental. Men can be trained and get into shape, but its mental strength that will make you a good Ranger. Try to get an Option 40 contract, but go to Ranger school ASAP. Nobody likes an Un tabbed Ranger. Without a tab, You are still a Wannabe. If you can’t secure an Option 40, Just get the 11b and try to get to Airborne school. When you graduate Airborne school, they ask you if you want to go to Regiment and yu get sent to RIP ( It’s RASP now) and after you pass that, you are in regiment and all you need is a tab and you basicaly jin the Spec 4 Mafia. Good luck if you do decide to join.

  27. hank

    I serve in Mexico’s 5th Aireborne Special Forces Battalion. I trained with both the Green Berets and Rangers. Because of their great training and instruction we area well qualified Combat Unit stationed in central Mexico.
    We also wear the Green Beret of Mexico’s Special Forces and we have seen combat, death and descruction of the drug cartels.

    Thank You America!

  28. Derek

    I am currently in Special Operations and I can honestly say that the only one of you to make in headway whatsoever was the first one of you to post. I’m presently working my training up so that when I attempt the CAG Assessment Test, I pass. Glad to see that the youth out there are all trying to make it in the military. If any of you do make it into Special Operations, realize what you are getting youself into. There are some extreme situations out there and doing what we do invites you to a world of covert operations and nonstop training. -Derek (U.S. Special Forces)

  29. Tyler

    Seals are the navys delta there the same you just hear about delta im only 14 but my life goal is to fight for our country as a seal and not trying to hate on rangers but they got a lead finger thats how pat tillman had his life ended. Seals are all around warriors Sea Air Land they are the best. And you dont just say im going to eaither seAls or rangers that you have to work for train and endure physical and mental pain that is what makes thoughs groups the best.

  30. ranger 137

    it dosnt matter who u pick your going to be doing the same thing which is fighting and killing peopLe that are threatinig the United States.but u have to remember if your going to get ready to kill for your country u have to be ready to die for it to.

  31. rick

    ranger school aint no picnic. i was a ranger, trained with seals and spec. forces alike. to tell you the truth, ranger life is the hardest life and unlike this article we do operate in small teams of 6 and 7 people

  32. Dave

    I am a Special Operator who has worked with former Rangers and SEAL’s.

    You decide which is ‘harder’ based upon a comment from a former Operator who completed both schools.

    He said ‘both were extremely physical, but if he had to pick, he’d probably have to say that Ranger school is more difficult’.

    It’s just like Rick said in post # 31.

    God bless.

  33. mo

    Does anybody know if I am allowed to go through the seals or ranger training but at the end not actually become a ranger or seal. I just want to do the training but dont want to go to war or anything.

  34. JOE S

    I think the one thing that is being over looked is, we all play for the same team. I`m a former Army Ranger out of the 75th. After 11 years of servis and retiring with a E7 rank sgt 1st class. WAR is hell..there is no respawn or do overs dead is dead. Just remeber we are all americans fighting for freedom.

  35. snake

    I think the Navy Seals are better than the U.S Army Rangers

    1 Because the Rangers only come frome air as the navy seals come frome water air and land

    2 SEAL means sea air and land rangers don’t mean anything

    3 Did the U.S Army rangers kill Osama bin ladin no the Navy Seals did plus alot of other very bad people and what I dont hear any thing about the Rangers even though they have been around longer

  36. Alex

    first of all, i agree with the guy who said. all of you fuckheads who are talking shit about the US Army or Us Navy. your fucking retarded, if it wasnt for our military wed be a third world country, we are the strongest in the world. im currently going to do my ASVAB for the US Army, and im going to be a RANGER. hence what i just said I set my mind to it and im not stopping until i reach my goal, and complete my own personal mission. both SEALS and RANGERS are highly elite and dangerous, and the AIRFORCE guy, yeah you can take us out with one f22 raptor, but you wouldnt even have a branch if it wasnt for Marines Army and Navy. so stfu you sit in a seat and fly. the others are on the ground actually fighting. even though i would love to fly a fighter jet. Massive Respect for ANY SF soldier, HOOAH RANGERS and SEAls And BERETs, and DELTAFORCE and ALL SPECIAL FORCES>

  37. SUA SPONTE -retired

    Basic information…. “If” you get through BUDS, and eventually make it to a SEAL team, you are just a regular SEAL, not DEVGRU, aka Charlie Sheen. BIG DIFFERENCE! Do some homework on that, you need to put in some time to get there. Yes SEAL training is intense, and so is Ranger Training. Being a TRUE Ranger(in Batt.), is no picnic. You sacrafice alot of sweat, blood, pain, time, alot of deployments, it takes its toll. If you are not mentally tough you won’t last and will get released from the unit. SEALS are just deditcated to professionalism… for the most part.(Diva’s)j/k. Anyway, if this helps anyone take this into consideration… If you want to get into Spec. Ops and just get to work, go Rangers. Put some time in… just like SEALS and then try for Delta. SEALS are not to different. BUD’s sucks, it’s intense, get to a team… Put in some time. then go the rest of the way. If it wasn’t for these two groups, Afghan. and Iraq would be alot different. As for my “leg” brothers in arms. I got love for ya.. One year deployments…. ouch! much respect! But stay away from the overseas Fast Food.
    Have a good one!

    P.S. The guy that mentioned taking out SEALS and Raners with a jet. You’re a f*(&^ng sicko! That’s crazy talk.

  38. matt48

    You can’t compare a ranger to a seal. Delta and SEAL team 6 are the best with the SEALS winning. That’s why the government sent them into kill binladin

  39. servewithpride

    Here it is! Younsters who are still, “wanting to join” all combat arms forces are “bad ass”. They fight and sacrifice a lot for us. Now, looking at different military units: SEALS, RANGERS, DELTA, ARMY, NAVY, MARINES. They all have different cultures, and THEY HAVE DIFFERENT MISSIONS so use different tools and methods.. ALL are the best at what they do. SO, if you want to join, DO REAL REASEARH, talk to those that are serving, and who have served. You have to join the service that fits your lifestyle and your interests..ITS NOT JUST WHO IS A BIGGER BAD ASS.. AND, if you think serving in any of the, SPEC OPS SF, RECON, type uits is available to anybody who wants in, YOU FAIL NOW! They are made up of intelligent above average, strong, fit, dedicated beyond belief, “A” TYPE MEN, that can survive the worst life can dish out.. AND if you think you ever want to serve, and possibly have what it takes.. START WITH THE FIRST STEP, AT THE BOTTOM.. CRAWL < WALK< THEN RUN.. Take pride in every step of the process: personal pride, keeping your squad bay clean, respecting otheres and your self, and build yourself up one step at a time. MANY WANT, FEW TRY, FEWER CAN, AND EVEN FEWER WILL! Be honest with who you are, work on personal weknesses, dedicate yourself, and you will succeed at life goals, and you will be proud and successful, at what ever you do.. SEREVE WITH PRIDE. ALL THE JOBS IN THE MILITARY HAVE A PURPOSE. RANGERS OR SEALS cant go anyplace with out pilots, flight crews, truck drivers, boat operators, armorers, or mechanics.. AND, god bless the corsman and medics! So, get smart and get strong, be humble, and DO THE RIGHT THING!

  40. nscf co1

    i am army ranger and a bad dude i was also a marine and a navy seal i also served in the air force and flew f 16s i would say that the nscf co1 are the baddest our lert team has some bad dudes nscf all the way we could have got bin laden in 2001

  41. 4TheUS

    i’m 15, and i have more common sence than some of you. navy seals, army rangers, green berets, you know what i see behind all of it? US! we’re on the same team here, go with it.

  42. Justabrowser

    I myself was wanting to be a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, Special forces(green beret), Airforce CCT/ Pararescue men, and Marine force recon and what i have cam to learn while searching the internet for answers is that 98% of everybody on the internet has no fucking clue of what there talking an also what i have seen and learned is that they all have common training like Combat Diving, HALO/HAHO(High Altitude Low Opening, High Altitude High Opening), S.E.R.E, and a long list but yes other units do focus on different mission more than others but they are all elite and all protect our country and face danger so the civilians can lay down at peace at night so again my advise is if you REALLY want to know which one you should join go talk to a Army Navy Marine or even Arforce Recruiters and get real answers…. P.s. I have chosen to GO ARMY and go and give my all at RASP (Ranger assessment and selection program) HOOAH!

  43. USA!!!!!!!

    U can’t just join the rangers you how to pass the standard army bootcamp?

  44. SEALs 5211

    Look, this is extremely diverse topic and you really could talk about it for days and days. The SEALs and Rangers are very different and therefore very difficult to compare. They are both special forces i guess they have that in common. But here’s what I know; the SEALs are the best in the world, there is no two ways about it. But it’s also not for everyone. The Rangers are great as well, defiantly a close second to the SEALs. Their missions are different and you should chose what’s is right for you. But always remember this, no one works harder than our military, and when they say Rangers lead the way. Or the only easy day was yesterday, they mean it!

  45. James

    This is just “MY” perspective of things. SEALs= Operations/Missions. Ranger=Warfare/raids. (Like I said my primary knowledge,which may or may not be correct.)

  46. Cycelie

    OK first off i don’t think less of the rangers or the seals they both do very good things. but THE SEALS CANT B ON T.V they r more secret then the rangers they are the ones that kill osama and today they saved two hostages from ik special forces had something to do with the killing of osama. but really…. who is the one that pulled the trigger i don’t care what u rangers have to say i don’t care what that guy from seal to ranger and he likes the rangers better. maybe he likes them better cus its more publicity. maybe cus he is a conformist and likes what other ppl like, but … i tell u this . ur a seal ur the best of the best. and always will b. dated back from 60’s rangers are about a couple decades behind. they pull the trigger they know the real deal they know things rangers don’t. quit smacking on the seals and quit being a conformist. if there was a dictator taking over our country its not the rangers that would b getting our nation back it’d b the seals.

  47. Jnut

    ummmm at dude who said he was born in germany and came to the U.S. and did both SEAL and Rangers… bro you aren’t a naturally born citizen… YOU CANNOT ENTER INTO ANYTHING SPEC OPS.. holy crap if you’re gonna lie make it a good one and make sure you know what you’re talking about..

  48. nscf co1

    I am a Navy SEAL and I am looking to prove who the baddest dude is. I am willing to fight an Army Ranger to prove who is the best…. I will not fight anyone unless it is a fight to the death….Hand to Hand combat with knives…Any pussy Rangers out there who think they are Badasses contact me…this fight can be done in Iraq or Afghanistan….Please respond as fast as you can…its been days since I last killed and I am thirsty for blood…Thank you for your time and good luck….I also accept a challenge from the pussy ass marine corps who take all of the credit when the going gets tough they get the fuck out. I will fight 2 marines to make it fair and you can have small arms.

  49. AWCM Jewell

    First of all you don’t have to BM or MA in the Navy to be physically prepared. There is aircrewman and EOD’s SWCC and other rates that can prepare sailors for the rate, SO. Also, SEAL teams consist of almost every branch being involved in a mission. That means Army Navy Marines blah blah. Also I think it is funny how EVERYONE kid I hear say they have this whole intricate plan of how they are going to be the most elite armed forces elisted personell. Illusions of grandjur or however the fuck it is spelled. Just join and give back to what has been given to you. If you make Special forces more to ya. “One Team One Fight”

  50. bob

    For the guy who said he is a SEAL why would you want to fight a ranger to the death if you are a SEAL i would think you would have some respect for the other branches of the military you sound so fake

  51. SO

    Is this even a real comparison. The Rangers are the SOCOMs Mexican laborers. They are there for the dirty work regular infantry are incompetent to handle. Rangers also act as SF’s backup support in case shit hit the fan and you have a small SF’s team up against large enemy groups. Rangers move in by the bus load and take the front lines. The military would rather replace a ranger easily then lose valuable assets such as any SF’s. The two are uncomparable in training, standards, skill and job. Better to line up Berets vs SEALS.

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