If you ask a kid, what he wants to be when he grows up, more often than not, the answer would be a Navy SEAL. The Navy SEALs have a strangle hold on the popular consciousness of adults and youngsters alike and this popularity is akin to a cult following. However, not everybody can be a Navy SEAL and most people have to make do with wearing US Navy SEALs gear that is available in most apparel stores.

Is The Apparel You Buy The Real Deal?

So, how do you know that, the clothing that you buy is really something that Navy SEALs wear on their missions? The problem lies in the fact that each and every aspect of a Navy SEALs life while on duty is classified. What you see in movies or on T.V might not necessarily be the truth.

Yes, you can definitely buy those Navy SEALs army fatigues, but dont think that is the only clothing that form a part of the SEALs mission gear.

US Navy SEALs Gear

Navy SEALs use an array of specialized tools on their mission. This also lies true for their clothing which is an intrinsic part of the customized SEALs mission gear. Navy SEALs have an impressive line-up of clothing that fits the various missions that they embark upon.

It is no secret that right from their weaponry to their clothing, and from the vehicle they use to the diving SEALs mission gears, the Navy SEALs are one of the best outfitted bands of soldiers in the world. All the operations undertaken by the Navy SEALs are demanding and challenging, be it on land, air, or water. The customized and specific US Navy SEALs gear enables them to acclimatize and adapt to all kinds of surroundings, which in turn help in the successful conclusion of their missions.

The Navy SEALs Mission-Wear

As mentioned earlier, Navy SEALs dont have a single gear for all missions. All that they wear or use is dictated by the demands of the mission. Their clothing is dependant on the weather, the terrain, the need for camouflage and any other associated conditions.

Most US Navy SEALs missions are clandestine operations and require silence during movement, be it any terrain. Moreover, in most cases it is of paramount importance that they are not seen until they strike. This gives them an element of surprise. They commonly use different SEALs mission gear for different climates and terrains.

For e.g. if Navy SEALs want to swim through water to reach a particular position then the clothing must be such that it can not only tackle cold temperatures but also be able to adjust to the shift in temperature when the SEALs reach land. Moreover, in cold weather the SEALs clothing is such that it makes for prevention of heat loss.

Clothing to Blend In

More often than not Navy SEALs need to blend in with the units they are supporting. Herein, the US Navy SEALs gear is the specific service centric Battle Dress Uniform, which is modified for their use. In the Vietnam War many Navy SEALs units wore camouflage clothing with tiger stripes. Very often, they also wore civilian blue jeans and rubber-soled high-top canvas sneakers for their patrolling missions.

In effect its pretty simple. They will wear desert camouflage clothing if they are fighting in the deserts of the Middle East or wear woodland camouflage clothing if they are conducting their operations in a forest.

This Article is written by James Kara Murat

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