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gi-jane-1997The United States Navy SEALs or the special operations force of the US Navy was featured in several movies. The Abyss, directed by James Cameron was released in 1989. Navy SEALs, directed by Lewis Teague was released in 1990. The Rock, in 1996, was directed by Michael Bay. In all these three films, actor Michael Biehn was the leader of the SEAL teams. In the 2003 film, Tears of the Sun, actor Bruce Willis led the SEAL team and the director was Antoine Fuqua.

Steven Seagal was the hero in Under Siege and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, stopping a gang of terrorists who sieze control of a United States Navy battleship and a train, respectively. In the 2005 film, xXx: State of the Union, actors Ice Cube and Scott Speedman played the role of former Navy SEALs. The 1997 film, G.I. Jane, by Ridley Scott, presented the first woman Navy SEAL and the role was played by actress Demi Moore, as Lieutenant Jordan O’Neill.

The Abyss was released on August 9, 1989. Michael Biehn was the leader of the Navy SEAL team, while Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio played major roles in this film. The first two hours of the movie were compelling, with a thrilling, harrowing journey through high tension and inky waters. This underwater blockbuster had about 2 great action pieces. However, the ending was a dud and disappointing, after all that careful build-up. Still, the camera work was superb and the film won the Oscar award for Best Visual Effects in 1990.

The 1990 movie, Navy SEALs, again had Michael Biehn as the leader of the special operations team and was directed by Lewis Teague. This film is also an action movie on the high seas, with the SEAL team starting their journey on board an aircraft carrier and they have to overcome the activities of a terrorist Shaheed and his terror outfit, the Al Shudadah. The team is deployed from a submarine to board a ship carrying Muslim pilgrims and missiles that could be used in a deadly manner. However, the ship does not have any missiles on board. Finally, after hot pursuits, Shaheed and the other terrorists are killed in a sea encounter. This action-packed film was well-received by the audience all over the world.

The Rock, the third film of Michael Biehn as a Navy SEAL commander, was released in 1996. The action is mainly in the San Francisco Bay area and on the Alcatraz Island. The movie was a big success, grossing the fourth highest worldwide turnstile collection in that year. The main characters, Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage, were admired for the commendable portrayal of their characters, while the role of the disenchanted Brigadier General is played by Ed Harris. However, the violence in the film could be considered as too much.

Under Siege, released in 1992, has Steven Seagal as a former Navy SEAL, who stops a group of menacing mercenaries. Tommy Lee Jones leads the mercenaries and the action is on a US navy battleship. The film uses a special IntroVision process, for creating three-dimensional effect in front projection technique. The mercenaries take control of the battleship and launch two Tomahawk missiles with nuclear tips towards Honolulu. One missile is destroyed by a fighter jet, while Steven Seagal kills Tommy Lee Jones and uses the launch codes of the missile to destroy it.

The sequel, Under Siege: Dark Territory, was released in 1995. The action in this film is on board a train, with Steven Seagal again being the ex-Navy SEAL. The journey of the train from Denver to Los Angeles becomes a nightmare, when a mad computer genius and a mercenary leader take control of the train with the intention of destroying a Pentagon nuclear reactor in the Eastern seaboard. Eric Bogosian and Nick Mancuso play these characters respectively. The action scenes are quite powerful in this movie, but the overall presentation of this sequel does not match the effect the original 1992 movie was able to create. Compared to the first movie, this sequel is somewhat disappointing.

The only movie with a woman Navy SEAL in action, G.I. Jane, was released in 1997. Demi Moore played the role of Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil, the first woman selected to undergo the SEAL training. She faces sexist reactions and resentment when other men understand that she is able to handle the rigors of the tough training regimen. Finally, she is forced to take part in a rescue mission, which she does successfully to earn a Navy Cross. This film has enough action and intrigue to create adequate enthusiasm.

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    In my opinion the best SEAL movie made IS “TEARS OF THE SUN”.

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    I agree, “Tears of the Sun” is a great SEAL movie.

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