How to Become a Navy SEAL

Posted July 28th, 2009 by Navy SEAL

You cant just become a SEAL; you have to earn your Trident. Its a long and difficult process that requires intelligence, endurance, and loads of guts. The process is not complicated, but its quite difficult.

The Age Requirement

Applications are only accepted from those who are 28 years and above. Some Navy SEALs aspirants are given an age waiver, but only for those between 29-30 years of age and not above.

The Gender Requirement

In a nutshell, the Navy SEALs program does not accept woman applicants. This is because, according to a policy set by the Congress, women are excluded from active combat duty.

The Citizenship Requirement

You need to be a citizen of the United States of America to become a Navy SEAL.

If you are a citizen of a country other than America, then enlistment in the U.S Navy or any other branch of the U.S military is only open for legal residents of the United States, who also posses, what is called, the Immigration and Naturalization Service Alien Registrations Card, commonly called, the Green Card.


The Entrance Test

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is something that you have to battle, first up. This test is a pre-requisite if you want to get selected into the Navy SEAL program and includes the following topics:

  • Mathematics
  • Word Power
  • Paragraph Comprehension
  • Arithmetic
  • General Science

Upon the completion of these tests you are given a composite score, as well as, individual scores for each section. You must work hard to get enough qualifying scores to get into the SEAL program.

The Vision Requirement

Navy SEALs require superior vision as they are required to perform a variety of tasks that require precision. SEAL candidates might often have to correct their vision if they are to have a chance of qualifying for the difficult program.

The Enlisted Physical Screening Test or PST

All aspirants who want to become Navy SEALs have to go through this and come out perspiring but shining.

This physical screening test is designed in a way such that, it enables experts to gauge the physical ability of an applicant, in order to see whether they have the ability to tackle the strenuous Navy SEALs training.

Here are a few components of the PST:

  • Swimming 500 yards wherein the time limit is 12 minutes and 30 seconds
  • 2 minutes given to perform a minimum of 42 push-ups
  • 6 pull ups; there is no time limit here
  • 50 sit-ups; the time limit is 2 minutes
  • Last but the not the least a one and a half mile run that should take no more than 11 minutes and 30 seconds.

There are periods of rest between each exercise, but this test is an inkling of things to come, if and when you enter the Navy SEALs program.

It must be said here, that these are just the preliminary tests before you embark on the challenging journey of becoming a Navy SEAL. These are the first steps in a long and difficult process of becoming one of the most impressive of all soldiering men in the U.S armed forces.

This Article is written by James Kara Murat

33 Responses to “How to Become a Navy SEAL”

  1. wendy hanson

    original comment continued

    At the beginning of the article under Age Requirement it says that accepted candidates are 28 yr & above – that is not correct-that is the upper age limit

  2. Mauro s

    What is the lower age limit?

  3. Matt

    Lower age limit is the same as enlistment requirement.

  4. Julian

    Yeah I agree, the age requirement is 18-28 years old. And just for the record, this website should provide the actual requirements. The eyesight area is incomplete. The good eye no worse than 20/70, worse eye no more than 20/100. Correctable to 20/20…

  5. andrew

    Hi im from Australia I’ve been reading up about the Navy SEALs and US Marines lately and very interested. I really want to join do you know if its possible and like what are my chances. I’m 19 turning 20 in a couple of days and a pretty fit bloke very sporty and athletic however I don’t exactly know what to do career wise soo i wanna give this a shot I want a challenge and want to push myself to the limit and at the same time have a different expeirence and meet new people.

  6. mox3

    do you need hight school diploma or GED to join ?

  7. krazyswimmer

    What about color vision?

  8. brad bullman

    After my “eas” in Sept 21, 2013, I will be 29 years old. Do i eas from marines and reenlist into the navy. how does the whole deployement thing work. Are seal teams used all at once or is it just 1 team 1 mission. Are they just used as needed and left on base, or is it like know hey ur going to afghanistan in 3 months for a certian amount of time get. how is lifestyle once your in.

  9. ryan Parker

    The saels opperate in teams form 2 -18 men per mission the team of two will consist of a spoter and a sniper and you can not be color blind as fa as GEn or HS deploma goes if u can enlist u can try out for the seal team, but u do need to be smart and nt just knowing how to shoot will get u in. u will train for around 2.5 years before u are completly doen but seal train regularly.

  10. james tima

    I will be 32 when I get out of the marines can I still try out for the navy seals

  11. Ashley

    This is not fair! I want to be in the Navy, but no girls allowed!!!!! why im just hoping in the future it will change.:DD

  12. Chase

    Ashley it’s just the navy SEALs, it’s cause women are inferior to men physically and these are supposed to be the best of the best. pretty much all other jobs are woman friendly as far as i know

  13. Kirian

    i dont think its fair how women are excluded from becoming a navy SEAL

  14. adam

    I am 13 years old and I`ve wanted to be in the military my whole life.I want to be one of the best of the best.Ethier a USMC sniper or a navy SEAL.Any people that are or were in the military please tell me something I should do.I can run 1 mile in 6 minutes but Im only 13.I can do 51 sit-ups in 2 minutes.Can do 12-13 pullups.Am kinda good at swimming but ill train to get better ALOT.I can do 50 pushups in 2 minutes.As for the mental part;i read on a college level.I am taking honors classes next year in high school.Again any info will help.

  15. Tanner

    You have a long ways to go Adam. Being a SEAL was no walk in the park. The “requirements” given above is just the beginning. Keep up your determination and in 5 years… go for it.

  16. brandon giallonardo

    hello I am 17 years old i have a plan to be a seal as far as adam is concerne man you got some potential just got started with the training portion of the seals and man i got to say i have worked out my whole lif but man this is freaking hard well im out..

  17. travis

    i am also 13 years old and i have wanted to become a seal or sniper like adam.i wanted to know how to get my eyesite better to qualify for the seals and how to do it safely.

  18. Mikef

    I graduated college last year and want more adventure and activity than corporate America can provide. Ultimately, I want a NSW contract. My grades Weren’t gaudy enough to secure a contract, as an officer or enlisted.

    Being 26 years of age, I am looking at enlisted careers that would be desirable to NSW, in an effort to work my way in from the inside.

    I have been looking at CTI pipeline, but would value additional input. Can anyone offer any ‘prerequisite’ positions to increase my value to NSW

  19. Michael

    I’m 14, Im not one of those kids that heard about SEAL team 6 and wanted to be one. I’ve wanted to be a Marine since I was nine. I wanted to be in the Marine Force/Bittalion recon for a while so I did my research and learned that the SEALs do missions and surveylance for every branch and the Marine Recon does their job just for the Marines. I’m about 6’1 185, I hope I grow another inch because I don’t want to be too tall. I’ve grown up with guns and out shoot my dad in skeet shooting. I went to a Marine camp this past summer in Harlingen Tx. And graduated with an award pointing me out that I went beyond every one and never quit. I’m not interested in the benefits and I’m not doing this to prove any body or to impress people. I just want the self pride, I want to know I’m doing something that matters. No matter what, I CAN’T make my self give up. When I lift weights it’s hard to stop because I want to see how far I can go. Can I have some guidance please?

  20. allen

    hey, im only 10 and i wanted to become a navy seal since i could remember, im in gifted classes and im pretty fit. i need to know if this training is really as hard as it looks! help!

  21. Ethan

    Im 13 and i have been wanting to be a navy seal since i was 6.And i think there the best and i have been trying to work out and i can run a mile in 7 mintues.And i think i have a lot of work before i can do it.I want to be a sniper on seal team 6

  22. Donovan Nell

    As a south african citizen can I enlist in the Navy Seals? Will my citizenship be approved while I’m in the Navy?

  23. JarenM

    Lol, this turned in to a junior high thread

  24. Goddog

    None of you can become a SEAL because you are all weak and weak minded. Only the strongest and smartest will become a SEAL. If you can slit a man’s neck without thinking twice than give it a shot.

  25. vesst

    I am citizen of another country but i want to become a navy seal…How can i join them?I mean what is that green card that is refered and how can i get it?All comments are welcome

  26. vesst

    Something more that i want to say is that i service my coyntry’s special forces and i am studying ilectronik engineer so i have no prob with maths or science at all.I have also imo the health skills that are required and my mental condition imo is strong.I want to give a chance to my-self to complete my dream

  27. pavlos

    Hey guys.Happy new year.I want to make a questiong.I am not U.S citizen and i want to join navy seals next year’s(2013)summer,after i finish the military project that i am now.How can i join them?I mean what shall i do to get the green card?And i need only the green card to join them(except the mental and physical demandings)?

  28. mario

    I am thirteen years old and have really been looking forward to serving my country. I can run a mile in 8:13, im also 5 ft-11in
    I am not in peak physical condition yet, but like to push my self as far as i can go… I really feel comfortable in water, taking in concideration that navy seal is a maritime job. I know that right of the batt its going to be the most mentaly challenging thing that anyone could possibly go through. Im willing to give my life fighting for my country. I want this badly.

  29. Dalton

    I could slit a mans throat without thinking twice if it was for my country. But I am around 5 foot 8 i am training as hard as i can and am hoping to be a SEAL after high school. I can do 83 pushups in one minute run a mile i 5 and a half minutes. I can do 90 sit ups in one minute and can do around 20 pullups. The only part im concerned or worried about is swimming. Im an average swimmer i justdont know if 500 yards is hard or not under 11 and a half minutes. if someone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated.

  30. michael

    you have to think very strongly about this.
    ask yourself and be honest
    1.if they held me underwater ,would i panic ?
    2.can i be a leader and take charge ?
    3. if i feel like my body is going to collapse will i give up ? my attitude straightened up?
    5.have you gotten in trouble alot ?
    6.caan i kill a man for my country with no regrets
    7.will i dedicate my life to being a seal ?

    ask these questions to yourself,chances are if ones off then you wont make it , also you dont have to be a genius ,but hve the proper math,science,and reading skills neccesary ..higher grades helps

  31. Wyatt

    well for ashley and asking about the Seals, i dont see why the military wont let them intpo active duty fighting, as long as they know the possabilities of what could happen. Seals are some of the best of the best, and if a female can do as good as a male in the seals i say what the hell, let them try out

  32. leo

    guys im 15 i am not in perfect condition but im working on it im not going to name all the things i can do bla bla bla. i have a first class pft thats all. what i want to know is i am a brasilian citizen and i lived in the us very long and didnt get citizenship then came back to brasil and kept going back to america so i didnt lose green card. i am going back now to us and it will take me 5 years to get my citizenship atleast. i dont want seals i actually want recon marine so badly i will never give up, ill kill people for my country thats what where sighning up for and i want to make a diffrence. could i still join? like do i need citizenship and if i did could i get it before trying out recon but getting it after im in the marines? its same as navy i think same rules. please reply i would give up my brasilian citizenship for american if i had too. thankss in advance

  33. Nolan

    Being a navy seal isn’t just about being physical fit. It is a major part though. The main part is your mental toughness. You have to being will to train for hours on end, and sometimes for days without sleep. You Have to keep going where others would stop. Things to think about in becoming a seal is if you are wounded would keep fighting and would you lay down your life so that your others could live.

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