All the Requirements for Becoming a US Navy SEAL

Posted July 28th, 2009 by Navy SEAL

To become a Navy SEAL requires a whole lot of hard-work. However, this is only if you meet a certain set of requirements that you must certainly come good on. It must be remembered that all the requirements put together are just the first few steps towards a career as a Navy SEAL.

The ASVB Requirements

As a part of the process of enlistment, candidates and Navy SEALs hopefuls have to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVB. The SEAL program needs you to attain some excellent grades in this exam. This takes into account the education requirement of the prospective Navy SEALs

If you are going through a recruiter, then its possible that your recruiter can arrange a mock-ASVB test. This would enable you to identify weaknesses if any, so you can work on fine tuning the education requirement parameters before giving the real test.

You can also take the help of several books that are available in the market, which would prepare you for the test. The ASVB is essentially a compilation of 10 mini tests that are designed by the Department of Defense. The subject areas include paragraph comprehension, word power, mechanical comprehension, coding speed, general science, mathematics, arithmetic, electronics, etc.

The Vision Requirements

You need a high vision aptitude to become a Navy SEAL. This is because they have to perform a variety of activities that require a high degree of precision. This is also an essential pre-requisite.

Navy SEALs candidates can qualify for vision corrective therapy through PRK Refractive Surgery.

The eye sight requirements for uncorrected vision cannot be worse that a 20/200 vision in the left eye as well as the right. This essentially means that both can be corrected to about 20/20.

There are also a few eyesight waivers that are given out to candidates but only in special circumstances.

The Age Requirements

If you want to be a Navy SEAL then your age should be commensurate with the age requirements. Only those who are 28 years or less should apply. However, if you are between the age of 29 and 30, then you can request an age waiver.

Age waivers are not given to everyone who puts in an application for the same, but are given on a case-by-case basis after due review.

The Citizenship Requirement

Only U.S citizens can apply for enlistment into any branch of the U.S Military. However, citizens of other countries, but who possess the Immigration and Naturalization Service Alien Registration Card or the Green Card, are also eligible to apply.

All applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 35 and must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently. Moreover, they must meet all the standards for enlistment at the moral, physical and mental levels. These are the core Citizenship requirements.

The Physical Screening Test for Physical Requirement

All candidates will be required to take a physical screening test. This test is specially designed to test the candidates endurance and strength and whether he has the physical requirements to undergo the rigorous training program of the Navy SEALs.

This is the complete list of initial requirements that you have to meet, before you are selected into the Navy SEALs program.

This Article is written by James Kara Murat

30 Responses to “All the Requirements for Becoming a US Navy SEAL”

  1. Jay-O

    What’s the 2 digit score on the real test to qualify for the seals? I hear around like the low 80s but I’m skeptical. It’s been my dream to become a Navy SEAL for over 3 1/2 yrs now and I’ve been doing some training for somtime now. Please email me back ASAP. thanks

  2. Jay-O

    What’s the 2 digit score on the real test to qualify for the SEAL? I hear around like the low 80s but I’m skeptical. It’s been my dream to become a Navy SEAL for over 3 1/2 yrs now and I’ve been doing some training for somtime now. Please email me back ASAP. thanks


    The afqt score (double digit) has nothing to do with the requirements of becoming a seal. Your line scores must equal a certain amount on your asvab test result sheet. If you need more clarification email me.

  4. downy dominado

    if my dad are retired US navy i wiLL becaome a us navy too.?? im from phil. olongapo city but im not a US citizen but i got a u.s i.d uniform …. then i was born in SUBIC BAY (SBMA) U.S NAVAL HOSPITAL in OLONGAPO.. the US teritory in 1980’s in PHil. wat i could be do i i want to join in US navy .. wath can i do sir ..??? T_T

  5. robert

    am amale aged 29 yaers i have been working with american capanies when i was in iraq my work was to protect american forces ( army isstalions) and am realy inreted to join naevy seal my nationality am ugandan can i join realy i need yr help

  6. Zach

    Hey whats up!
    I have been running, running, and running some more. i have been trying my hardest to be as fit as i can. i have been conditioning for a little over a year now, swimming, running, push ups, pull ups, flutter kicks. everything and more. but i am still a civilian, what kinda test scores would i need to test into the SEAL program. I,m more than determind, im focused ready, and i cant wait for the thrill ride of BUDs.

    so the question is, what kinda scores do i need on the ASVB?

  7. Walter Huang

    I went to take the asbv test today at the navy recruiting center and they told me to come back in 3 weeks after I study.i’m thinking all this testing is all fake. I saw a bunch of black nigger up in there. they dont even look like they know anything.

  8. matt

    No one is answering the question. What ASVB score do you need to be in the SEALS. and Walter Huang, that is very offensive. Real mature..

  9. (W)in (T)he (F)ight

    Hey, Wlter!

    I just scored an 80 on the test that you, so miserably failed! And I’m African American! Whoops!! Didn’t mean for it to come out that way. But I guess, you didn’t really mean what you said, either……DID YOU?!

  10. (W)in (T)he (F)ight


    the test is to determine if you qualify to potentially protect this country. not to see who knows more. you failed not only because of your lack of knowledge, but also your lack of understanding.

    @ Matt: It’s based on scores in the individual subjects. If the sum of your General Science, Mechanical Comprehension and Electronics Information equal 165 OR your Verbal Expression, Mechanical Knowelege, Mechanical Comprehension and Coding Speed equal 220.

  11. Trey Roob

    Wait so you are saying that the vision can be 20/200 in both eyes, I read somewhere else that it could only be 20/40 in best eye and 20/70 in the worst, please explain


    I’ve been waiting forever to be a SEAL. Do you have to regualer push ups or your definetion.

  13. Gedeon

    Walter, you must first fight those inner demons kid, as a Sailor how can I trust you when we fight hate and you throw it around at someone who might end up saving your life.

  14. anomynous

    I JUst graduated from a charter school. I can meet the seal pst requirements with optimum scores. However the recruiter says i must recieve 15 credits of college before they let me in the seal program. Im askin if theres a way around the college credits?

  15. mike

    are tattoos an issue when attempting to join the seals???

  16. Matthew

    what weight would i have to be if i was 6`9

  17. trevor

    do i need to take any language classes in highschool to meet any requirements to be a navy seal?

  18. Saular Raffi


    Im curretly in high school, age 15 and i have a great pasion to be a U.S Navy SEAL. Im pretty good in school, getting good grades and doing well in sports. Im a U.S citizen, put i speak Persian. I have a bit better than 20/20 vision, something like 20/15. Im perfectly healthy; no illnesses, alergies, physical restrictions, etc. I was planning to attend the University of Michigan and afterward get my degree to be a doctor, and by then i will be 26, and thats when im planning to try to becom a SEAL. Assuming that i do well on the ASVB and that i pass the physycal tests, are there any other requirements or anything standing in the way of my goal to become a SEAL, or do i stand a pretty good chance?


  19. Anomynous

    To Saular Raffi,

    Im not a Navy Seal yet. As do I plan to become one. You have a very good chance of being a Seal, However ASVAB tests and Physical tests should be your goals for when time comes. You can pick up the ASVAB book at your local library, Its FREE, so take advantage.

    Physical traing is also FREE. Just train hard. The internet and local pamphlets tell you the PST goes like this:
    Swim-500 meters-under 12:00 mins
    Push ups-45-under 2:00
    Sit ups-45-under 2:00
    Pull ups-6-no time limit
    Run-1.5 miles-under 12:00 Rest inbetween exercises.

    Well Saular, things have changed this is the new PST requirements:
    Swim-500 meters-under 10:00 mins
    Push ups-90/120(great)-under 2:00 mins
    Sit ups-90-under 2:00 mins
    Pull ups-20+-no time limit
    Run-1.5 miles-under 10:00 mins
    NO REST Inbetween!!

    Train for the worst Saular, & expect the Best!

  20. terrell

    i want to be a navyseal i live in the bahamas and messed up on plenty of thing in my life and now i want a change and i would like to get 1 more chance to make it rite and navy is just somthing i like from a child so if you may please don”t forget about me

  21. Justin Stephens

    HEY i got a 93 on the AFQT section of the asvab with line scores of Language 91, Math 98, and Science and mechanical knowledge 97. with these scores i auto qualified for navy nuclear. my question is, my dad was in the seal program and would have succeeded except he got cancer and got a medical discharge etc. etc. i hav wanted to be a sniper my entire life and i realize that it is the more difficult infantry position to acheive but I can and would push myself to get that until my objective target had been achieved. My question is this, should i take the easy, well paying road, or do what i’ve always wanted to do and possibly die? i’d like some input because i need a plan. after all Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

  22. Justin Stephens

    to Walter AKA racist b*%#&rd. . . . . .

    the idea of organizations like the seals, rangers, green beret MARSOC and what ever the hell the airforce is doing is this, teamwork. if you cant work with people who are black, brown, yellow, red, or white f*ck, even purple, then (had you even done well on the ASVAB) you would not be qualified in anyway to participate in the SEAL program.

  23. julio

    do you need to go to coillege to be in the navy seals

  24. olatunji

    I am from Nigeria I will like to become America Navy Seal if they give me the opportunity. Regards.

  25. anuj shrivastava

    im from india new delhi.i want to be navy seal as per your doing bsc from university of delhi in physical at 22 years…. is there any problem related to my nationality.?

  26. Jr

    I’ve always wanted to be a Navy Seal, but being Filipino, I know it’s a long shot. I just wanted to serve in the same organization that saved my grand-parents during WWII.

  27. Jimmy Toner


    I’m 13 years old and I’m from Falmouth, MA. I know, I’m too young to join the SEALs. I get straight A’s and B’s in school and im on a star baseball and football team. People always tell me what I can and cannot do all my life. I’m in pretty good shape, but still could use some abdominal work. Being a SEAL is all I ever want to be. Noting else. Nobody thinks I can do it because I’m that “looser” kid in school. But forget about that. All I want to know is the best way to make my chances of becoming a SEAL greater. If anyone was willing to help me out by telling me what I should do to have a greater chance of becoming a SEAL all the way through BUD/S to Hell Week (yes, I’ve done research all my life on this) you would probably be the best thing that ever happened to me my whole life. If you have the heart, my email is or you could just reply to this. Please. I just need ONE person to tell me how I could change the only life I get.

    Thank you

  28. Mason

    Im 31, can I still try and be a seal?

  29. law enforcer

    I’m 19 years old, currently working on my 2 year degree in criminal justice, I’m in very good physical shape 6’3, 180 pounds and 7.3 percent body fat. I am not only strong and in good shape but have insane self motivation and mental strength. I have perfect vision, no illness or allergies, and a great medical record. Played competitive paintball for many years and have just felt like me and my weapon are “one” if you could say. I just feel that deep down inside I would be a very good and professional killer and am Willing to risk my life for others freedom. I have been thinking hard lately about becoming a seal. My only downfall is I got A’s, B’s and also C’s in highschool. If I sharpened my mind and passed the exams would my only average highschool grades hold me back from being a sworn navy seal??? I also work well with others, and understand that working as a team will save your life, trying to be a hero will cost you your life or somebody elses. Please get back to me, thank you for your time. God bless.

  30. Luis Enrique Acevedo

    Hey my name is luis I am a 16 year old boy I’m from mexico I’m illigal id been in the USA for 8 years going to 9 id started working since I was 12 years old so my parents wouldn’t have to worry about trying to buy me my personal stuff I work and attend high school id will be graduating nxt year my grades have not beign the best due to my absences in school but still manage to bring my self back up and get my work done I missed school because I had to work sometimes I know I probably wont qualify because I’m an immigrant but id always beign tought trying is what counts id always beign motivated by the great work navy seals do also the reason I would join is because we came to this world with a purpose and I want to be useful to this world and safe innocent lifes my first plan for life is to become a navy seal if I can’t apply do to my immigrant status my only choice left is work like the rest of my people this countrie brings many opportunities I don’t knw much about my country I just knw that where I come from people is very poor thanks for taking the time to read this.

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