10 Ways to Spot a Fake US Navy SEAL

Posted July 28th, 2009 by Navy SEAL

Its a fact, that the very name Navy SEALs opens a whole lot of doors for an individual. Frauds are not averse to proclaiming themselves to be Navy SEALs to cheat people or to get a job they dont truly deserve.

Its very important that you check the antecedents of a person claiming to be a Navy SEAL. However, sometimes even the most rigorous cross-examination does not tell you whether the person is the real deal or not. Given below are 10 ways to spot a fake US Navy SEAL.

Camouflage Clothing Covered with Medals and Tridents

Smell a rat when the person is dressed up in camouflage clothing replete with numerous ribbons, tridents, and patches. No Navy SEAL is going to walk around in this type of clothing when not on duty. Moreover, a Navy SEAL will always shy away from an in your face display of his SEAL credentials.

Always remember the fact that a trident has to be earned and a Navy SEAL does not have n number of tridents to his credit. The same is the case with those patches and symbols. Moreover, an individual like a Navy SEAL would never advertise the awards or the commendations he has received for his bravery in battle.

Doesnt Know His Class Number

There is absolutely no way in the world that US Navy SEALs are going to forget their class number. Moreover, to cover up the person might tell you that he did not have to go through the BUD/S training routine.

All Navy SEALs have to go through this routine, whatever their level of experience.

Team 6

Just about everybody wants to be in Team 6, the elite team within the elite. A fake Navy SEAL will always tell you that he was in Team 6.

Doesnt remember the Details

When asked for pointed details about places, names, dates, etc, a fake Navy SEAL will always tell you that such information is top secret and cannot be given out. This is quite true but there is quite a bit a real Navy SEAL will be able to tell you about his tour of duty or some such details.

Emotional Glorification

Fake Navy SEALs can weave a good emotional story glorifying their valor. Very often they claim to have been taken prisoner and have supposedly faced tremendous hardships. Moreover, another likely story could be the wiping out of his entire platoon and his having escaped through sheer determination and courage.

Medal Talk

Keeps talking about his medals and a few also claim to have been awarded the Medal of Honor. Remember, that US Navy SEALs dont like talking about their accomplishments and the medals that they have earned.

Cannot Remember the Names of His Superiors

Forget about the names of his platoon officer or commanding officer, a fake Navy SEAL cannot even remember the name of his swim buddy. A sure giveaway!

Advertising Killings

Fake Navy SEALs think that this is one way they can appear to be brave. Yes, stay away from the people who claim to have killed scores of people on their mission. As can be imagined a real Navy SEAL will never take pride in having killed people.

No Female SEAL

You would be surprised at the amount of people taken in by a woman who claims to be or have been a US Navy SEAL. Bear in mind that there never have been any female Navy SEALs.

Know a Real SEAL to spot the Fake SEAL

Know a true blue Navy SEAL so that you can spot the fake without batting an eyelid.

This Article is written by James Kara Murat

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  1. Lorri Jones

    I have a family member involved with an individual in Ft. Myers, Fl. who claims to be a Seal. He is 66 and claims the reason no one can find him as a seal is because he is high security and that there are people out there that are still after them. He even came up with a document of his being a seal. The thing that bothers me is that he is almost stalking my cousin and theatens her. Alot of what I just read describes him. Is there anyway that we can find out for sure?

  2. steve crandall

    A fellow I know says he’s a former Seal. weares a cammi jacket sporting a Combat Action Ribbon with a star denoting two actions. The ribbon is in the wrong place. says he was in Columbia in secret stuff. He braggs what he did and used a M60 machine gun. seals I knew never used a M60. He can’t remember his swim buddy’s name and when I asked to see his DD 214 he said it is was in storage and couldn’t find it. Sounds funny to me!

    Steve crandall, real Navy brown Water Veteran…

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  4. gene

    Thanks for posting this. I have met so called Seals on a greyhound bus (a kid barely 19)

    At Walmart (had a trident pinned to a golf hat)

    And at Taco Bell. (funny, I never knew Seals weighed 300 lbs!!)

  5. Dennis

    There is more to this than just Navy Seals. I ve come across people claiming to be Special Forces, LRRPs etc. You ask them what unit they don’t remember, where did you serve in Vietnam can’t remember how convenient. I served in Vietnam with the US Army, I was stationed at Vinh Long Army Airfield, been to Soc Trang, Can Tho, Vung Tau etc…..I was with the 292nd Section under MACV gee I can remember all that the only thing I can’t remember is everybodys names never was good at that but my close friends I know their names Marty Jokerst, Calvin Perkins, Bruce and Gene etc…you can tell Vietnam fakes the same way you tell Navy Seal fakes, vague responses and everything was secret. Well the real vets know who we are………the fakes will never have the satisfaction of knowing what it was like to be in a real war.

  6. rwschultze

    Back in the Viet Nam era, some Navy Seals did carry the M-60 Machine Gun.

  7. ml72

    This poor guy at the supermarket where I used to work will swear up and down that his girlfriend was a Navy SEAL. Poor guy got suckered in, I think and refuses to believe otherwise.

  8. Carl

    An individual claims to be a Navy Seal and served in Vietnam. He stated that he was trained to fly a helicopter as an enlisted man. Each platoon had one member who could fly a helicopter. He also has carries a fake FAA pilots license and claims to fly corporate aircraft. He is not listed on the FAA database as a pilot. His FAA license looks real but the endorsements are wrong.

  9. steve crandall

    I started out in Vinh Long, we had a Seal Platoon and I only remember some Seals used a Stoner wepon. Very rapid firing wepnon about the size of a M-16 and had a 100 count drum of some sort. but carried a high maintenance to keep it in shape.

  10. Mark Salazar

    I arrested a slime ball for DWI and his slime ball lawyer said that his client was a SEAL during the trial.Many lies were said by this lawyer and his client about me which really upset me. The jury bought this load of lies. Is there a way I can go get either the low life lawyer or his scum bag client on any violations by this incident? Thank you.

  11. Dan

    You all need ot get that veriseal site back up. As an Army veteran of many years, and a paratrooper, I get fired up about people lying about what they were, or for wearing something they aren’t allowed. I just wish there was a national database that anyone could plug into to check people out….but…………..nothing happens to them anyways.

  12. chris

    months ago I was helping my mom watch the front desk of the motel she is employed with and security came by and wanted me to meet a guy who said he was a Marine. Now real quick, I am a Marine, I was with 1st LAR on Camp Pendleton 1st MARDIV. (Nothing to do with SEALs but just want to share). I met this guy who sells cleaning products. He told me he was an EOD Marine. When I asked him what unit he was with he told me he was with the 225th infantry company. I let him lead me on for a short time about hitting IEDs and how his issued M16 was in his trailer and how it was full auto and liked to jam, (I’m also an ameture gunsmith) and how he would look at the bolt and and watch it do odd stuff that I know it can’t do. Then I laid into him. He began to cry when I told him he was full of sh*t, issued weapons can’t be taken home and the Marine Corps has no 225th infantry. When asked where he served he said he just got orders to a base in texas (couldn’t give me the name), then had the audacity to challenge me on my service! The security guy nearly had to handcuff me to keep from pummeling this kid, needless to say he has been subsequently banned from the motel. Again, not SEALs related but I thought I would share it amongst vets and supporters.

  13. Not Impressed

    I was in the Navy, I did have a high clearence and did, on two occasions interact with the SEALS (comms stuff). The ones I met were thin, smaller than I expected, in great shape and very humble. I am now a Police Officer in a large suburb of Boston. One of my supiriors claims to be a SEAL. Every part of my gut tells me he is not a SEAL. He has used his claim as a SEAL to move to several positions, such as; fire arms instructor and SWAT Team Leader. On one hand, I want to expose him as a fraud. On the other I don’t want to humiliate him. I also dont want him to get one of my fellow Officer killed just to save him a spanking. I know that I could get ahold of his DD-214 and prove it that way. But I would have to break into the HR office to get it. Not cool. Please advise.

  14. holly swanson

    I lived with a FAKE NAVY SEAL for 5.5 years – utterly gross and despicable…

    It doesn’t feel good – trust me, please. I was born into an honest, patriotic family with sound morals and I have to tell you that – I can’t keep it in anymore – shame or no shame… people need to know and be aware that there are con-men out there who will masquerade as heroes to achieve personal gain on the backs (broken and/or dead – I am sorry for being blunt) – of others in order to receive special treatment – it’s ugly but it’s true.

    I lived with my former boyfriend for 5 ½ years. Throughout that time, he maintained that he’d been a Navy SEAL (Team 6 of course) from 1983 – 1991. Initially, I didn’t question it – he was a ‘family friend’ (my father and his mother worked together when we were kids) – and family friends don’t lie to others – in my family’s book. That’s the way I was raised and that’s the way I will live my life from here on in.

    In our 5.5 years together, his stories didn’t add up. At first – I didn’t know how to react or what to do – the whole situation was foreign and a complete enigma to me never having been really exposed to the military life. After a couple of years of strange behavior, I began to question things that didn’t add up and set out on a quest for ‘truth and knowledge’. None of which proved fruitful. Based on his behavior, I thought he suffered from PTSD during his service in the Navy. He drank severely, did drugs and woke up without any memory of his behavior the night before time after time after time – ‘scott free’…. What do you do with that?

    I did what I thought to do – reach out to other Navy/SEAL partners, military people with websites and got NOTHING, ZIP, NADA… one big fat black hole regarding what was happening in my household. As a computer-savvy business woman, this was bizarre in my experience – totally bizarre. No nothing… now what? I kept searching.

    I met up with a Navy Nam vet at the dog park one day who was very open to sharing his personal situation at my behest – maybe I’d glean something from his background that could/would explain my weirdo homelife in a manner that I could deal with… Not so.

    It led to my ex sucking the Nam vet into his SEAL fantasy and believing that my ex had been a SEAL too. The Nam vet was in ongoing PTSD counseling and had great intentions of offering assistance with the strange occurrences within our household based on his own experiences. Hard to do when you’re dealing with a fake.

    The fake had been hard at work suckering in any number of people with his story – I don’t even know how many folks he duped but the list is pretty large. He duped a 7 year old boy and his dad into his fantasy world. That is nothing short of shameful. He duped bar cronies into it as well – again shameful and gross – in my humble opinion. The whole thing is sick.

    Military personnel die each day – sad but true. My dad raised me to respect and pay tribute those nameless and faceless individuals and never forget the price they paid for the sake of my own personal freedom. It is a legacy that I cannot disregard or ignore – EVER. And, the fact that I did so based on blind trust and respect haunts me – it always will. I cry watching the news each night. I hurt seeing the families suffer. And, I know that genuine heroes must be protected from charlatans by the rest of us as we discover the truth – however it comes to pass.

    God bless America and our troops from harm’s way….

    Holly Swanson

  15. Nick Cerjanic

    We had a fellow employee who put down ‘Navy SEAL’ on his resume.

    I call this guy Dr. Fraud. Had a fake PhD he bought from a website, claimed to have run an oil pipeline across Louisiana, said he was the company President, but someone from his company told an investigator he was actually a clerk.

    There was another employee who posted this fraud’s name on the Wall of Shame for being a fake SEAL. This other guy investigated and found out the fake SEAL had defrauded the company with numerous lies and an extremely falsified resume.

    The fake SEAL even had Dr. in front of his name on his business card. His diploma came from a farmhouse in Pennsylvania where they charge $4,500 then you write three book reports and turn in a ‘dissertation.’ Someone showed me a copy of Dr. Fraud’s ‘dissertation’ it was 14 pages triple spaced!

    Although I’d like to tell the entire world on 60 Minutes, I won’t tell you his name. He was actually only in the reserves, and for a short time. I went to night school while I was working and raising a family to earn my degree, a real degree. (Part of which was paid for by the GI Bill, thank you Uncle!) Still I can’t seem to bring myself to injure anyone except in self defense and he is not an immediate threat.

    Just be careful. If you meet Dr. xxx xxx and he says he was a SEAL and he ran a pipeline across LA, and was VP of this company and President of that company you have probably met Dr. Fraud himself!

  16. John

    Nice info Nick. Thanks for sharing.

  17. T Church

    Yep, This is all about right.
    BTW – I was NSWG group 2 team 4 ’84-’86
    Coronado CA
    Class 265
    Sr. Chief LaCarr
    Chief Beckett
    swim buddy – A. Gibbs Butler, AL

    People that are fakes are a worthless.

  18. Ryan

    I need to know if any of you know where I can report a FAKE, WANNABE “Ex” SEAL. i remember seeing one somewhere but cannot seem to locate it now. I have known this “man” (and I use that term lightly) who I think is a FAKE. I would like to find someway to try and verify his story. I am a Navy vet, NOT a SEAL, and grudge any fakes.

  19. BFL

    seals do use the m60 still
    uncles the real deal

  20. Steve

    “T Church
    November 17th, 2009 – 7:00 pm
    Yep, This is all about right.
    BTW – I was NSWG group 2 team 4 ‘84-’86
    Coronado CA
    Class 265
    Sr. Chief LaCarr
    Chief Beckett
    swim buddy – A. Gibbs Butler, AL

    People that are fakes are a worthless.”

    you are a fake, class 265 graduated in 2006

  21. John B

    Great article. We have the same problem in Australia with “fake” SAS members. Bragging, talking about things they really would not be able to talk about if they had been involved, and other giveaways are easy to spot.
    Sometimes all these people should really be able to say is something like “I’m afraid security requirements mean I am not at liberty to discuss my operational deployment”, instead of sitting you down and discussing all sorts of what sounds like secret information.

  22. Mack

    ““T Church
    November 17th, 2009 – 7:00 pm
    Yep, This is all about right.
    BTW – I was NSWG group 2 team 4 ‘84-’86
    Coronado CA
    Class 265
    Sr. Chief LaCarr
    Chief Beckett
    swim buddy – A. Gibbs Butler, AL

    People that are fakes are a worthless.”

    you are a fake, class 265 graduated in 2006″

    And Team 4 is on the East Coast.

  23. Ben A.

    I know a frog who worked during the 70s and he was in DEVGRU (aka team 6)and did mainly oil rig crap and ive heard a lot from this guy real cool guy still has connections with friends still in special forces. Knowing this guy and the research ive poured into BUD/S and SEAL stories and training ( when im 18 im off to basic) it just utterly distgusts me that people fake bein a frogman.

  24. Steve P.

    I knew some Navy SEALS and some UDT guys during Desert Storm. I was stationed on a minesweeper over there. I have cammies and medals and a Combat Action Ribbon. I’ve fired an M60 and have been fired upon in anger.

    I can’t imagine trying to tell someone I was one of those guys. An honorable breed unto themselves…

  25. joseph

    i have a son thats a seal and after reading some of these letters about fakes it made me think that i should not wear the cap i bought at his graduation nov.20th. 2009 . i wear it only as a very proud father.not to make someone think i was a navy seal. i was a marine discharged sept.1st 1972.my son is a very humble,laid back,&honest.he thinks of only about being the best he can be & making sure his team brothers are secure ,&takin care of by puting them first,even in front of himself. he started on one class and got rolled on his first week of third phase during buds.i never felt so sad the night he called me to tell me he had been rolled.worried only that he had let his class mates down.Thats what youll see from the real NAVY SEALS!!

  26. Edith Gholson

    Here’s an idea: let’s gather all the FAKE SEALS and ship them out to the front lines. Their “store bought bravery” will no doubt serve them well.
    I was married nearly 25 years and learned only during the painful divorce process that my children’s father had “reinvented himself” as a SEAL as a means to pickup women. He also used his fake miltary record to gain employment and according to some, still passes himself off as such. He even claimed to have done search and rescue diving after Hurricane Katrina and made up a sickening lie about a fictitous child using our daughter’s name; that story appeared in several newspapers and was again created as a means for him to attract attention, specifically that of young women.
    If 60 Minutes were to do a story, this one would be a doozie!

  27. Chris

    Wow, some of these stories of how people act as in regarding to telling stories of “fake military career’s” really embarrasses me. I am sad to see how “men” operate to get women and attention. Embarrasses me just to be in the male gene-pool. <~~REAL USMC Vet.)

  28. Jordin

    The SEALS actually do carry a heavy machine gun called the mk48 mod 0. It’s basically an m60 though

  29. Andrew

    Joseph,Your son is a very lucky man! I could only dream about being a SEAL! I had a few operation when i was a kid and my eye sight is not the best.That’s a very big honor to even make it through BUDs,let alone become a SEAL.Is your son still an active duty SEAL? My dream is to work out and go on a long distance swim with one… Take care -Andrew

  30. T. Bishop

    I served as an Army Ranger in the 82nd for 21 years before retiring as an E9. It surprises me of the number of pusguts who claim to have served in the units. I even had one nugget try to convince me he had served in a particular platoon during an op. I had been there as a platoon seargent. Obviously, I just couldn’t recall seeing him…It doesn’t surprise me of the number of morons who try to glory-grab. Especially at the expense of the Teams. I trained with some SEAL’s and have nothing but respect for those operators.

  31. Trevor

    As a Navy vet 72-75 Datc/Fmag San Diego, I hear a lot of people claiming they were Seals when they were not. I am 54 years old and I believe I was at the youngest age to have been able to go to Vietnam but I never did. I know a guy who says he was a navy seal in Vietnam. Trouble is, he is 3 years younger than I am. And unless we had 14 year old’s as trained navy seals, then his story doesn’t meet the math test. And that is one way to tell. Just do the math.

  32. Dan Sullivan

    I was an aircrew survival Equiptmentman petty officer 3rd class 88-92. I claimed to be one. I also claimed to have medals I did not earn, claimed I was over seas… I visit from the FBI changed that. I feel guilty and totally ashamed. I have apoligized to my boss… my wife. I never claimed any of this stuff to get ahead.. I am ashamed… and am trying to make a mends, I have have to tell my sons that i lied to them and my friends and have still more apoligies to make.. I know know what idid was wrong and i feel… that if anybody does this they are causing damage to everybody around them…

    Signed ashamed for ever

  33. Nick noodle

    Support your son. Wear the hat. Those that idolize may call you something else. Those that were probably recognize a proud relative.

    Aside from lying on resumes who cares? Let the “badasses” rule their local walmart. Besides. With military bene being as shitty as they are…. Maybe they’re legit (lol)

  34. Jay D

    Well I wasnt a SEAL, but I was a SWCC, SBT12 Coronado 1997-2000. My CO was a SEAL, 90% of our missions involved SEAL insertion and recovery so I spent the jajority of my time around SEALs. Some do carry a smaller light weight version of the M60 but most now lean towards the M249. I can tell you that SEALs dont go bragging about what they are or if they have killed anyone. They are some of the most laid back calculating people you will ever meet. 3 very very good firends of mine that I made while serving as a SWCC were and still are SEALs. When we get together usually once a year and go out for drinks and talking about the old days, they look like preppies in polo shirts and jeans, no SEAL tridents or team insignias, but you wouldnt want to pick a fight with them LOL

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  36. bwin.fr

    thank you admin for the info.

  37. CIB&CMB@OEF04/05

    I am currently in a Hampton VA Chapter 31 program with a guy that has been first claiming Seal Team 6 Membership, which I let go on for a week or two to gather his “facts” in my mind and let him get comfortable. When I called him on it with witnesses present at dinner; asking him the entrance procedures at the compound (which he called a “building”), Where it was located (he couldn’t even tell me this annex existed!!), told me the incorrect issue sidearm, and did not know the name of the person I knew (which the last name i gave was fake since i knew by now he was lying, but i figuired the first name and physical description would not hurt). So, I laughed in his face and excused my self from the table. So, now when I am around, he only “works with seals” and i still call him out saying ” I thought you were Seal Team Six? You SAID your name tag was issued from that team!” But he continues to tell All other residents that he is a CURRENT operator in SOCOM, Team 18 (He means JSOC, it’s not a fuckin video game!) in the reserves!!
    SO, anyways, who do i report this to? He is not wearing badges or insignia in my presence, so is he still breaking the law by verbally declaring this? I have asked him to provide a DD 214 and he has not. I was U.S. Army so my knowledge is very limited to what details I can trick him on, other than the one friend I had 3 years back, a couple trips to Wardak in the rockpile but we didn’t do too much talking, and your website, but this has to stop. He is about 24 years old and lies about everything, especially this.

    Let me know.

  38. James

    To all of the actual Seals, as well as all the other service men and women, Thank you for your service. I truly wish more people in this country lived lives that were deserving of being lived in a country protected by those of you that are actual combat veterans. Just wrote to let you all know that there are still those of us who truly appreciate everything youve done for your country. God Bless

  39. John

    Terry Napolitan form Westcliffe, CO makes calims all the time of his supposed SEAL qualification. Say he was in the USMC and a SEAL at the same time….Vietnam …… of course. Is this possible to be a recon Marine and a Navy SEAL at the same time? In a heavy pro-veteran community he seems to generate alot of business because of this. But when asked he has no specifics including, unit, class, year, superiors or team mates…….. matter of fact nothing, except the hat he wears and the claims that he was into black ops so deep, his records have all been Seal’d up……….. no pun intended.

  40. Conor Church


    No, it’s not possible to be active duty Marine Corps and Navy SEAL simultaneously. Navy SEALS are, as you might guess, active duty enlisted men and officers in the United States Navy, and one cannot be active duty in both the Navy and Marine Corps at the same time. It is entirely possible to serve a term of enlistment with the Marines and, after separation, enlist in the Navy and apply for BUD/S (or the other way around), but not at the same time.

  41. Fred

    God Bless the Navy Seals, and damn those who would seek to leech from their honorable reputation for personal gain.

    I’m 17, and planning on enlisting in the Marine Corps. Who knows, maybe I’ll see if I have what it takes to be a SEAL. I’m not exactly Schwarzenegger ’86, but I have enough determination that I guess I might as well have the courage to fail, rather than the fear to succeed. God Bless the USA!

  42. John

    Thank you for taking time to investigate this for me. It is exactly what i was predicting. My problem is that he claims this not only to steal others earned glory in the military but uses this for personal gain for his business. As a competitor in a tight market it makes it very difficult to compete with someone who would use false information to waiver potential clients. Thank you for any assistance that you may give. As a former veteran (not a SEAL), it is dis-heartening to see someone use something so important to our way of life and use it for such a shameful purpose.


  43. women's leather jacket

    Can I just say what a relief to discover somebody who actually knows what theyre talking about over a internet. You really know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more individuals must read this and understand this side in the story. I cant feel youre not more well-known mainly because you genuinely have the gift.

  44. terry

    I served for 12 years in the United States Navy, and have had the pleasure of knowing several NAVY SEALS. But I am ashamed of myself for telling family and friends that I was a Navy Seal myself, and I hate myself for it. IT is a blatent disrespect to all the brave men that endured buds training and the countless missions that they have carried out, for me to lie and say that i was a part of a team that I did not do one single day of training, or even earn the trident that every true Navy Seal deserves to wear with honor. Please forgive me for dishonoring myself and this great elete fighting unit.

  45. cory mooney

    you can always tell a fake SEAL simply because they dont capitalize the word, i asked several to write what team they were on for me and none capitalized the most important word, i served with many true SEALs and most times its just obvious by looking at them if they are real or not

  46. Ruben

    This bugs me soooooooo much.
    I am in NJROTC and my Naval Science instructor PO1 Primer was a Navy SEAL, he wouldn’t tell anyone he was a SEAL unless they asked…He is awesome……He retired 14 years ago but he is still in great shape……Hes always pushing us to do our best.
    Im gonna go to the United States Naval Academy and
    Someday i hope to become a Navy SEAL Officer…

  47. McAlister

    Where do I begin my nightmare. I met a man a man I thought was a 20 year retired navy seal team 6 black opps who served his country with honor. It wasn’t long and I fell deeply in love with who I thought he was.
    Our first date, he pinned his trident on my top. He has the gift of gab and would sit back for hours talking of him being a seal and all the medals he possessed of which I never saw. He was so vague with me when I would question what he had been through and how well he came out without any problems.
    That is until I googled him and found out he didn’t have a highly decorated father, a mother that put in 30 years in the air force, a sister in homocide in DC and a brother who was a big shot lawyer. Two months ago he went to visit his parents…
    I found his parents are dead, he has two children after saying he had none and he basically lives off women he meets that take care of him because he is so honorable. It sickens me that I was so gullable.
    He threatened my life and I just returned from getting a protective order against him all because I found him out to be a liar and his free ticket with me expired. He is stalking me and texting me that he could have taken me out at 10:10 p.m. when I went out of my apt as I walked to meet my daughter. Chills ran through my body. So I have a crazy sociopath on my hands…
    These men that tell these tall navy seal stories have a screw loose and egos that need feeding. Be very careful especially if you are like me,,,approachable and caring. That just seems so sad to me that my life will never be the same.
    Sad in Vegas

  48. Jeff Mahner

    Its true b*&%$# when others try to steal the true glory of the NAVY SEALS. My father (HM1 L Mahner..DOC} was KIA in 69 with SEAL TEAM ONE, not only is it a disgrace but idotic. I proudly claim the rite as a navy seal son to say all you posers need a lesson in respect and honor. Im former navy and only wish i was giving the chance to try out. GOD BLESS ALL WHO SERVED THE TEAMS AND JUST SERVED

  49. WAR

    no…i am not was not have never been a SEAL…but i do know a former SEAL. He’s neither shell shocked nor is he mentally disturbed, possible PTSD…but who knows what those guys see “over there”? I am however an ex 0000-8404, and i think people that lie about service are pretty ridiculous. As for some information, this certain individual does remember all of the verifiable info. this site has given for testing of officiality. In the same…if you ask him…he will Not tell you. i only found out because he has his Certificates etc. in a really cool journal like thingy thing with the emblem of his Division etc. Fact is, all he ever really did tell me was that he was also a 0000-8404 “Push Button” and he would kinda laugh about it. When he went “over seas” he just told everyone he was going on vacation…
    As for the M60…he says he never has really seen one…but has used a SAW…but never in combat ops. he was “playing” with one at Lejuene…
    Those who served realize, it is a job…and you are trained to do a job, that job is your livelihood…and it is the BEST DAMNED JOB the United States can provide.
    i was discharged in a screwed up way…but idk…i am currently seeking a degree in the field of Nursing…but i don’t think there is any other place i would like to practice…even in the Reserves…please help…thank you.

  50. WAR

    in addition…HOOO FRIKIN RAAAAAH!…to those serving…those who have served and those who have lost loved ones…i can assure you that true to life SEALS are usually very quiet…clean and in most cases NON AGGRESSIVE…their career is their career…it is what they do and they love what they do…those who have their Triton are GOOD at what they do. i support/honor/and respect those who serve esp. those who serve under SOCOM…great men…period…and amazing women (there are reasons there are not many female SF personnel)…but what the women who serve do…they do WELL…anyone who does NOT serve well…should take their heads out of their butts!!!!!! i mean really!? it is a privelage to serve our country…so please take care…please serve well…please live every day well…stay in shape and CARRY THE FRIK ON!


  51. Aussie

    Being an Aussie I’ve never met someone claiming to be a SEAL but I’ve met plenty of people who claim to be SASR like John B. It’s bloody disgusting, people claiming to be something they aren’t. My family’s served in the military right back to World War One, I’ve got ancestors who landed at Gallipoli, and my grandfather did a tour in Vietnam. Even my father served in the army before he went off and got a degree and I intend to follow the family tradition as soon as I’m old enough.

    Recently my grandfather came to my parent-teacher night when my parents couldn’t make it and one of my teacher’s claimed to have served in Vietnam in the same unit, at the same time. My grandfather thought that was great, thought that he was meeting someone who he just couldn’t remember from the old days until the prick couldn’t even tell him where the unit had served. It made me so angry that I ended suspended for three days because of what I said to the teacher.

    I’m proud of my family’s military history and fully intend on continuing it. It makes me sick that people would pretend to be military and draw recognition away from those who actually are.

  52. John Harris

    I served on Seal Team 1 in 1963. I did my time. I’m proud of my service to my country. I don’t wear a chest full of medals around to show them off. I do on occasion wear my Navy Seal Trident ball cap that I picked up at the behest of my wife on a visit to the VA.

    Over the years that I’ve had the cap I’ve had 3 or 4 individuals accost me in public, wanting me to prove I was a Navy Seal. They ask all the questions that they’ve read on this site and others.

    The first time, I answered all the questions, and I guess I passed the test to the guy’s satisfaction.

    After that I wondered why do I have to prove to every jerk that asks that I am what I am.

    I’m now 65 years old and there’s a lot of distance between now and back in 1963. I have raised four kids, and have 5 grandkids. Hell, I barely remember their names.

    I’ve forgotten alot and there’s a lot that I don’t want to remember. I can’t remember my CO’s name, or most the guys from the Team anymore. We don’t keep in touch.

    So if you see an old dude wearin a SEAL ball cap, with white hair stickin out, and rush to make him prove that he really was–I’m probably gonna just smirk at you, shake my head and walk away— because I don’t really care what you think. It’s a little like having Americans spit on my uniform when I came home back in my day, when I was young.

  53. Salaam

    Everyone in my family served in every branch of the military, mom, dad, grandparents, great grandparents traced we even had a few family members that were “BFS’s”. Anyways my grandfather was a NAVY SEAL but talked about it in detail just talked about some of the training especially SERE training. I never really asked him about his expericences in vietnam but i always wondered how he got all the bullet and knife scars on his chest back and stomach. I have a cousin an older cousin that was SF in veitnam and my uncle was a RANGER, SAPPER,PATHFINDER, AIRBORNE etc. and he never really talked about his experiences either he always told me that i would see lol use to piss me off sometimes cause had i known the things i was getting myself into i would have never went lol. In fact my uncle was my my SAPPER instructor whom failed me my first time through lol which was good cause i didnt want his help nor did he want to help me because we come from a family of honor and we believe in never giving up which i didnt and went a second time to SAPPER school and graduated. The starvation, sleep depervation, carrying 100+ lb ruck’s and the 9 soldiers in my class whom got lime disease and me almost drowning in water ops or almost being torn in two during mountain ops lol it was the best time in my life and it let me know what i was made of although the simple minded cpt that gave me a bad henderson vest and took my good one so that he didnt have to freeze in the lake of OZARK other than that it was the best time ever. To all the fakes out there get a life and if you want to be one of the elite then gather up the mental strength and intestinal fortitude and make it happen that way you dont have to lie about your expeirences it will make you feel so much better.

  54. jason dunbar

    It’s not only seals ok but all kind of other vets also that these losers claim to be, I work as a DOD contractor and I’m a former 11 bravo. It really makes me sick to hear some of the stories, I just shake my head in disgust. To bad the stolen valor act got turned down by some dumb ass liberal judge.

  55. Mel

    I think my bf is lying that he’s a seal.
    he’s ‘deployed’ right now and calles from random numbers
    i hardley know anything, he made a passing comment that a girl in his team was amazing and whooped on him and some fellow guy members
    but ive been doing a lot of research and i found out that there is not one female navy seal.
    ive been waiting for him for 6 months.. and im feeling that its all a big lie.
    i dont know what to do. =/ i feel like an idiot.

  56. Daren

    Fakes are simply disgusting pigs. They lie, cheat, steal. There used to be a law…the Stolen Valor Act. But some idiot judge struck it down. 210/93

  57. Rick

    A friend forwared this link to me. Very interesting to read the posts and see the perspectives from the public-not Team guys. BTW I am a former SEAL. I unlike those fakes I see and hear about all the time, do know off the top of my head most of the guys who graduated with in Class 110 in Dec of 1980. Hell, I even recall some of the guys who “rang out”.

    I was glad to see someone call out the emphatic T Church who so readily provided his resume that made me laugh. As pointed out his class number was wrong for the period he stated he was in SEAL Team 4, which in 1983 was actually still UDT-21, and was and is on the East Coast. Jackoff.

    Holly and anyone else with a similar situation, trust your gut. And for God sakes why did it take you 5.5 years to leave him if you knew he was/is a jerk?

    War, I guarantee you your guy is not and has never been a SEAL. We have no “divisions”, and a SAW is not a specific weapon, but a type of weapon and a position/role within a platoon. If your “seal” never saw an M60 he’s never been in a SEAL Team. The M60 was and I’m sure still is a vital tool in our arsenal-don’t leave home without a it. And why would he have to go to Lejeune to “play” with a weapon. I will agree that Team guys are pretty stable and not likely to be PTSD-or whatever.

    John Harris, respectfully, it was you old school guys who rammed it down our throats not to let anyone wear the gear or expouse being a UDT/SEAL without prove. A challenge goes both ways and usually leads to a common bond unless someone is lying, which is far and away the case. But no worries.

    My friends have heard me challenge wannabes so often over the years they can do it themselves-which saves me the hassle of asking people to remove articles of clothing voluntarily.

    Jeff Mahner-tough to lose a father I hope you are proud of his ultimate sacrifice, and yours too. Thankfully my three did not have that to deal with. Although sometimes they act like I was gone. My oldest was born in Coronado hospital in ’87 when I was a BUD/S Instructor. I am an East Coast guy 2 and 6(before it was DEVGRU, and after).

    To that point my DD-214’s have all my duty stations-ie,Teams and SpecWar assignments listed. This is public record and all employers or those unsure of friends/lover should take the time to check. Even though I was in ST-6 my record is not under some special government seal. My missions and deployments are not open to the public however.

    Mel-Your boyfriend is LYING. You are correct-no female SEALs. They can be admin, or support personel, but he’s still full of it. I had girls I dated and an ex-wife come to the quaterdeck, and or call when I did want them there-I hope I don’t have to do lol everytime I make a joke. Beside what Team is he in? Should be in NAB Coronado,CA or NAB Little Creek, VA.

    That was too much rambling. I have never posted on a site like this before so a little new to me.

    To those who have served-aways show honor and thanks.

    To current and former Teammates-continued success in life.

  58. Rick

    BTW-hard to edit my sentences without re-writing the whole section-so left the mess ups and hope most of you got the jest.

  59. Jimmy

    In Navy bootcamp, I qualified to go to UDT school straight out of San Diego. Not sure if I could have completed the class, never tried. That was in 1972 and I have wondered many times if I would have been able to endure and graduated as a Navy Seal.

    Probably not, I hate cold water…….. hahahaha. Tip of my hat to those guys that did and a boot in the azz to anyone I ever meet faking it.

  60. Brandon Thompson

    I’m a female and I admit it would be so cool if they let women be SEALs but why lie about it cuz sonner or later you’re gonnna get get caught up. EVERYBODY IN THE MILITARY KNOOOOOOOOOOWS that women can’t be special ops. so you’re stupid for even trying to tell a lie that big. G.I. Jane is nothing but a movie

  61. Deborah Duke

    Looking for anyone who knows former Seal Robert McSparen or MacSparen. I am a very close friend of someone he is friends with. I have serious doubts about this man. I feel he is am imposter and is a danger to my friend. Please refer to the email received from Lori Jones dated August 2009. I believe we are speaking about the same people.

    Looking forward to your timely response.


  62. Rob Berry

    I’m not a SEAL nor do I claim to be one but I worked with a few of them when I was under contract with NAVFAC Mid-Lant for a couple of years. The best way to spot a fake SEAL is if they were bragging about being a SEAL. Everyone of the SEALs that I worked with were sailors first and foremost, if you asked them what they did they would usually only give you the MOS or rating they had joined under before becoming a SEAL (ie. Radioman, Boatswain’s Mate, etc.) if you asked them directly or it was relevant to the converstation they might tell you but usually they only whay you knew is if the happened to be in uniform and were wearing the trident.

  63. sealdaughter

    my father was a navy seal in vietnam, he was not team 6….he was team 2, he has a purple heart but WILL NOT advertise it, nor will he get purple heart tags on his truck to avoid paying for new tags each year….all of his medals are in a locked box in the back of his closet and NOT ONCE has he ever mentioned anything about vietnam except for the locals called them “devils with green faces”. He did buds in san diego, his trainers name was GOD…because that’s all they knew him as in training because of the giant gold embroidered letters on the back of his jacket. if they didn’t run fast enough and lagged behind, they got shot in the ass with a bb gun….I’ve seen documentaries of seals in the 70’s, little screen shots of my dad going by in some sort of training. I know who my father is, was, and what he did….the fact that someone would claim a lifestyle as hard as that is disgusting to me. Growing up I barely saw my father, why would someone want to glorify that?!?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely proud of my father, my grandfather and yes even my mother who served in the navy, as well as my active duty army husband….please people…don’t pretend to be something you’re not, you’re only embarrassing yourself

  64. Vynn Rohm

    There are phonies everywhere, and it’s not just SEALs, Rangers, SF who they pretend to be. I was a civilian (DoD)logistics advisor (LAR) stationed in the Anbar Province of Iraq with the 1st Aromored Div, US Army. I was wounded in a mortar attack on 25 Nov 2003, for which I received the SecDef Medal for the Defense of Freedom (go ahead, google the last name and the name of the medal, you find me), the civilian purple heart. Anyway, there was this guy who worked in my wife’s office who claimed to have been wounded in Iraq and got the SDMFDF (at the time I was the first and only recipient of that medal from and on that base). In otherwords, he was claiming to be ME! Boy, did she let him have it. It doesn’t matter what kind of “hero” you are. Those who don’t have the balls to do what you do want people to think they do. Pathetic.

  65. Skeptical Daughter

    My mother is dating a guy – 6’5″ (or so) and close to 280 lbs and has a bum knee – who claims he is a SEAL, we’ll call him Papi (her nickname for him). More importantly, he claims he was the commander of Team 6 when Bin Laden was taken out this past week. He met my mother on MYSPACE of all places. My mom used to be a very sensible woman, but things that have happened over the past 5 or 6 years have really changed her and (as harsh as this sounds) she’s pretty much lost her damn mind. I love my mom more than anything. It has been me and her ever since I was born; we’ve been a team. Through divorces, my papaw (her father) dying, moving around… we’ve always had each other. But since my papaw died, she’s changed. I feel like the woman who raised me died with him.

    With that said, I’ll tell you more about her “SEAL.” He is overweight, has a bad knee, and tells her EVERYTHING about the “missions” he gets sent away for. He tells her everything BEFORE he even leaves to go on said missions…. Now let me ask a question: If he is really a SEAL would he 1-know all the details of an upcoming mission weeks beforehand? and 2- would he divulge said info with ANYONE?

    The things he says he does sounds like he got it from a Tom Clancy novel or the Call of Duty video games. And he’s telling her all of this “top secret” stuff. He even has others in on it, and calling her, and talking to her. Some SEAL mate of his calls her and gives her intel on where they are and if he’s safe. Once he called her and said that Papi was in a German military hospital being put into a coma so that they could erase his memory because he knew too much…… and that Papi wanted to fly her out there to be with him…. He actually put Papi on the phone and she said that he sounded drugged up and almost drunk… That’s just one of many things he’s told her. He’s called her “during missions” from a satellite phone and let her hear his adversaries speaking in the room above him… REALLY?!?!

    He lived with her for 7 months, and never got a dime. He claims the CIA is after him and is re-routing his checks to Germany at his old base. He can’t go to major airports for fear of being “taken out” and yet he “works” for a govt agency that could find him anywhere…. Is this confusing anyone else? He was recently doing desk work in WA, according to him of course, and finally getting paid. My mom would ask him for financial help here and there and he would wire her money. When I asked why it was so few and far between, she responded with “Well there are still people looking for him that are after him. Just going to a ::insert money gram place here:: takes him having to go out with a team and sneaking around. He can’t even send them under his name!” …. Jesus.

    Can anyone tell me if my spidey senses about this guy are right, and what I can do to uncover this faker? I want my mom to be happy, but I don’t want it to come at the cost of being used. I’m not even sure if the name he claims to have is his real name, I’ve never seen a uniform, an id ANYTHING. Please Help!

  66. Skeptical Daughter

    And I looked it up, the commander of that team was Bill McRaven. Maybe I have it wrong and he was the commander of something OVER Team 6, but still…. it’s so fishy I can’t stand it. Any help pointing me in the direction of how to uncover him is GREATLY appreciated!

  67. Paul Cox

    Wow, I didn’t know there were so many fakers, wannabes, weaksuckpukes, and otherwise losers thinking they could impress people with such rediculous crap.
    To you women or daughters who care about Mom being conned, don’t be afraid to tell her she is being conned by an idiot.
    First, she wouldn’t know he was a SEAL if he was.
    Second, she wouldn’t tell you he was a SEAL if he was.
    Thirdly, you would not be hearing these stories if he was a SEAL.
    Fourthly, if he told her he was a SEAL, he would be married to her. Boyfriends don’t talk if they are SEALs.
    And finally, don’t try to find out by checking out names, units, or operations, half those are classified anyway, or you are told to call it or him something else.
    Just give him some information you heard about, like when Clinton authorized Team 5 to get rid of Saddam Hussein. When he acts like he knows about it you can bust him.
    Of course Clinton signed into law an act that prevents us from ridding the world of any Head of State, so unless your friend is stupid, he would know you were testing him. Come up with something better than that. Good fortune.
    I was not a SEAL, merely a military linguist, no combat nor black ops.

  68. Angry Citizen

    I’m in Oklahoma City and there’s a guy out here named Tom White that is in every way full of it. He said he was in Vietnam and was a SEAL. If I recall correctly, team 2.
    Haven’t seen him for a while, but I was hoping there’s a way to find out.

  69. Don Smith

    I served in Vietnam with the Army in 69-70. Some vets turned me on to a book called “Stolen Valor” about the same thing, fakers who said they were in Vietnam and wasn’t or even bragged about combat. LRRP duty, medals. It’s a great book. I’ve heard people mention Vietnam at parties, but when they hear I was a veteran all of a sudden they shut up. This is the same thing. I worked with a guy who said he was a Seal, probably in the 70s, but I sure would like to check on his name. I would not be surprised if he lied although he was always extremely fit.

  70. Frank

    31. Trevor
    March 10th, 2010 – 12:35 am As a Navy vet 72-75 Datc/Fmag San Diego, I hear a lot of people claiming they were Seals when they were not. I am 54 years old and I believe I was at the youngest age to have been able to go to Vietnam but I never did. I know a guy who says he was a navy seal in Vietnam. Trouble is, he is 3 years younger than I am. And unless we had 14 year old’s as trained navy seals, then his story doesn’t meet the math test. And that is one way to tell. Just do the math.


    I too was in the service (Army) from 10 Aug. 1972 to 9 Aug. 1975.
    I know dam good and well that very few people from our era were sent to Vietnam. After Basic and AIT I was stationed at Fort Hood Texas in the First Cav Div . It makes me sick when I read about all the fake Rangers and Seals. I am a Navy Brat and My Stepdad was a Navy Chief. He told me when I was a teenager about frogmen and that they were the very Best of the Best. He never lied to me about anything so when he said very few men can cut it I knew it was the truth. He retired after servering 28 years as a E9 MMC. I can remember at least 4 different west pac(accross the pond) tours he made in the 60’s and early 70’s. We not only have 1000’s of fake Rangers and Seals but millions of fake Vietnam Vets. It dishonors those men who were and are really the best of the best as well as those who servered in Vietnam. Another quick fact I went thru basic with some of the last people who were drafted. They ended the lottery 1 Jan. 1973. I don’t know how many online fakes say they were drafted in 1975 or 1976. As you say do the math.

  71. Timothy Smith

    Martin William Dulaney. From Florida, moved to Alaska. No your not a SEAL as you tell everyone. I, however, am a proud former Marine who as worked with many SEALS in my 10 year carreer in the Marines. I was stationed in Damn Neck VA for a short time and I can tell you this… I can give you names, dates and deployment dates without hesitation. For all out there who reads this… Martin Dulaney of Alaska is a poser windbag piece of crap who scams on the ladies. STAY AWAY FROM HIM.

  72. Eric Larson

    It’s a terribly sad occasion when someone affiliated with such a community can easily spot the fakes. As the story keeps rambling on, all one can do is nod their head and keep saying “sure, yeah, okay”… but silently grin at their stupidity. Many men have given their lives to secure the freedoms of these morons, so they can keep running their mouths about their extraordinary exploits.

  73. Darrin

    To Skeptical Daughter dated May 4th 2011.

    Your mom is being lied to by this guy. He is NOT a Navy Seal. No member of the Seals would let her listen in on true missions/operations using a satellite phone to let her hear what’s going on. You say he is 6’5, well that is how full of crap he is. Your mom needs to avoid him like he was a disease.

    Also to Dan Sullivan.
    If you read this, where did you take your schooling for aircrew survival equipmentman better known as PR (parachute Rigger)? What squadron were you attached to?

  74. Bill

    I was a civilian helicopter mechanic at Camp Eagle with B company 5th Transportation Battalion 101sth Airborne in 1970 and 1971. But that does not make me a vet.

  75. Bill

    I was in Viet Nam and I was in the Combat Zone and most importantly I was a civilian. I do not know if that made me a veteran of the Viet Nam war, but never did I try to make claim that I was a mustered out veteran of the armed forces. I was wounded but did not receive the Purple Heart. So my co-workers made a “gray heart” out of aircraft aluminum skin.

    Camp Eagle
    Phu Bai

    Red Beach

    I was there and I saw a lot and experienced a lot, but that does nothing to make me a real vet in any way. It gripes me to hear people lie about war and service. Even vets that never went to combat that tried to lie to me about Viet Nam.

  76. Patricia Williams

    Please help. I just recently found out that a man I’ve knoew for over 20 years is trying to fake being a Navy SEAL on his Facebook page. My father retired from the Marine Corps a Full Bird Col. after 38 years broken time. When I explained to Jeff that it was very disrepectful that he would put that on his Facebook page he got really abusive with me calling me names. He tried to justify it by saying that he had lots of friends that were Navy SEALs and that he trains people for the online game SOCOM. This person is not a Navy SEAL! He is not even in the military! What can I do to stop this. Please help.

  77. Dave R

    I work for a contractor in Afghan. I was prior Navy (1996-2004). A fellow co-worker from offsite flew here to Bagram the other day and is running around telling people he was a SEAL. I’ve met SEALS numerous times and the closest this guy ever came was on PS3. He’s apparently even included the “Budweiser” on his signature e-mail block. Does anyone know how I can verify this guy is an outright clown?

  78. Donnie M

    I have a friend that is dating a “SEAL” … Team 3 (or so he says). Problem is he says he enlisted into the Marines when he was 17 (forged his fathers signature) and then after a couple of years he was “recruited” into the SEALs. No tats, doesn’t wear Camo but, after a few drinks he gets pretty talkative about all the super secret missions he did all over the world and about the many times he was the only survivor. But, when questioned about details he says he can’t talk about it. He also says no one will ever find his records because they were sealed by the Pentagon for ‘reasons of national security’. And if you ask any of his family members they won’t be able to say anything because the Gov’t did a memory wipe on all of them and he is in a super secret protection program to keep him and his family safe. Does any of this sound right and is there any way to find out if this guy’s a phoney or not?

  79. R C Williams

    I live in Rancho Sahuarita (Sahuarita, AZ) outside of Tucson, Az. I have a neighbor who drives a bright yellow hummer with a couple of Navy Seal bumperstickers in his rear window and he is always writting political messages next to them. We were at the clubhouse pool the other day and he was wearing a Navy Seal hat. About a year ago I asked him was he a former Seal and he smiled/smirked and said naw I just bought the bumper sticker. This guy is acting like he was a Seal. I wish one of you real Seals would confront this fake-ass imposter. His name is Jamie Villasenor 5’5″, 150lbs if he was soaking wet. He is a Mexican immigrant (born in mexico), thats always talking shit about America. I am Retired AZ Army National Guard and can not stand little shitheads like him.

  80. Jose Amram

    I lived in Central Florida some time ago and worked with Carl Michaud, an xray tech who claimed from the moment we met that he was a SEAL; some of the stories were amazing, including 20 “hand to hand” kills in combat. He also claimed to be the 1st “Navy doc” to have gone through BUDS, and was also awarded the Navy Cross. For years he used this story to gain admiration and notoriety. I got suspicious and contacted several people, one of whom called him. Michaud responded that he does not claim to be one, that all of this was a product of his alcohol abuse and that I turned him in because I was angry that he would not lend me money when I became unemployed (the opposite is true, he offered me a loan and I turned him down). In closing, Carl Michaud of Kissimmee was never a Navy SEAL, and he was not even a combat veteran or a “doc” corpsman, he as an EEG technician with 4 years of service. Another fake wannabee scumbag to avoid, an insult to honorable men who perform in extremes, and sometimes are required to pay the ultimate price!

  81. sarah

    I am the proud wife of a Navy vet. My husband served 6 years in the Navy and still doesn’t talk about his time deployed. He doesn’t claim to be a SEAL but made it clear at the beginning of are relationship that certain topics were off limits. I grew up with a step dad who served in Vietnam who never talked about his service either. The point is, if your in the service you don’t tell people where your going on a mission and you don’t have the need to brag about it afterwards. I trained a.guy at work who claimed to be a ex SEAL. He told us stories all night about missions he’d been on amd claimed he had been unfairly discharged. I knew he was lying from the beginning but I wanted to see how far he would go. When his shift was over I pulled him aside and pointed out all his lies. I asked him to just stop with the stories, that they were lies and disrespectfull to real heroes like my husband. I must of scared him because he never came back.
    Thank you and god bless and protect those who protect us.

  82. Gunner

    As a former USAF enlisted guy (12 years, then on disability) I really detest hearing about people that claim to have been assigned to various missions/branches and such other qualifications. There is a guy here in my town that is dating my wifes best friend. He is claiming to have been a Navy Seal, and he is claiming that he is aware of several of the operators that were involved with the Bin Laden mission.
    Not knowing alot about the Navy Seals myself, I don’t feel I’m qualified to ask this guy questions about something I know little about. He just does not seem to be capable of having been a Seal. He drinks all the time, and smokes like a smoke stack! He is overweight (somewhat) and just plain creepy! He claims also that he knows of the SPECIFIC Seal that shot Bin Laden, and he is claiming that the mission itself took place several months ago, instead of the two months since this posting. I really don’t see him enough to get involved with much conversation and all. If I did, I would probably be able to learn more about him, and listen for information that might lead to uncovering his lies. Worst case scenario: get into a fight with him! If I won, we would KNOW that he is not a Seal. (Like, an AF guy beating up a Seal…..lol…..)

    But seriously…I would not want people “challenging” my credentials from my AF service. If they did, I would be able to “fill in the blanks” with no problems though!!!

  83. Scott


    I need some help [advice] in a big way. I was in the Navy 85-93 , Honorable discharge. When in, I volunteered for SSDF. We were told that we might be trained by SEALS or possibly Marine Recon people. This took place at Norfolk Amphib… We were issued camo uniforms, etc and looked the part. While I was in Gulf, my ship worked in support of SEAL Teams, Army ‘Little Birds’, everyone. Since being out I have told people about my experiences with SEALS, etc. I used to say that I received SEAL Training [because of SSDF]. I found out this is not the case and immediately began to clarify this WAS NOT THE CASE. I give lectures, in which I often mention working with the SEALS, etc in GULF. I have NEVER falsified any of my records, used fraud info to obtain fu nds, advance employment, etc. I have NEVER bought, worn, or displayed materials I was unauthorized to wear. Since then, I have been approached by a number of people asking me what it was like to be a SEAL. My usual answer was….I was never a SEAL. Depending on who asked me my answer might of been GREAT…now get back before I kill you with my little finger. This is not funny. A complaint was made against me, and though I offered up all of my records, etc. things could get heated.

    I even called NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE COMMAND in San Diego. I explained my entire situation, and fairly dismissed. I even fealt as if this was of little or no concern to them! They looked up records and said even if we wanted to prosecute ‘you’, which was almost insulting…there is no evidence that we could use. They told me they tend to go after Stolen Valor cases, fraud cases that bilk the govt out of money, or some claim to receive gain [money, advancment of some kind]. I was more than a little upset by this. If you can’t get a rise out of NSWC, what do you do. I am scared to death that I am going to get IT because of this. I am even getting paranoid thinking…”did I really mislead someone by my comments, or how many people think I am what I am not?

    I am willing to reveal all of my military records to anyone who asks. If there is ANYONE who I have have mislead, or questions my service, I am more than willing to address the situation[confirm one way or the other, apologize, or what ever. It is getting to the point I don’t even want to talk about my military service.


    What can I do?

  84. Iamthelorax

    IF ANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A WAY TO DEFINITIVELY VERIFY IF SOMEONE IS/WAS REALLY A US NAVY SEAL, HERE IS HOW: I hate phonies just as much as all of you, it makes my blood boil! A while back I read in an ABC news article about a priest who was telling people he was a former SEAL, and a real former SEAL heard about him, smelled BS, and called him out. The real guy’s name is Don Shipley. He is one of two former SEALs (the other is Steve Robinson), who has access to the records of ALL personnel to ever be awarded the title by the United States Navy. Both men are on the board of directors at POWNetwork.org, and are very well respected within their community. If you ever have a doubt about someone’s claims as a SEAL, look these guys up on Facebook and they will be HAPPY to verify it for you. If you wish to have the verification in a more official and written capacity, write to the Naval Special Warfare Command in Coronado, CA, and request a confirmation of the individual’s graduation from BUD/S under the Freedom of Information Act. They will actually write you back with the results and I have seen such letters myself. Also, if someone says they are currently on SEAL Team 6 and they are telling you about present operations, they are full of BS, that information is going to be classified for some time. Also to the person who thought they read that William/Bill McRaven was the leader of the team that got Bin Laden: Adm. Mcraven was at the time commander of the Joint Special Operations Command, which oversees at least 1,000 Tier 1 Special Operations personnel, which included SEAL Team 6. The identity of whoever lead the team in the field on the Neptune Spear op will not be revealed until they retire from the Navy.

  85. Julianna

    I would like to hear back from this T Church. He just got served right.

  86. jeanette

    MY question is this ..Years ago in yahoo was a gentle man that claimed to have been a seal once .he said all kinds of things,which I know seals are not even aloud to say .This same guy is on facebook .How can I find out if he truely was a Seal? Thanks You …

  87. Thomas

    To anyone trying to get info on a FAKE NAVY SEAL named Jeff Nauditt just wanted you to know he is full of SHIT!! He is in violation of the Valor Act and that is a felony. So there ass hat you have been busted…you are a fake, worthless sack of shit and you are going to be hunted and hounded wherever you go. Karma is a bitch..

  88. Andrew Lindeen

    I have a similar situation like just about everyone else in here. I have a friend I went to school with says he was in Vietnam upper delta made UDT while he was over there I have question him and that is where it happened he did not go to BUD/S Training in San Diego California I would watch them at 05:30 heading to the beach from Corranado Naval Station with a big telephone pole. I was station in country at COMNAVFORV SAIGON for a year. I need some help please his name is Larry Lester from Lewistown, Illinoin 61542 Thanks alot BMC(SW)Andrew R. Lindeen USN RETIRED

  89. Chris

    i have a friend of mine i went to highschool with .. her husband is the town police officer. in pleasanton kansas .. he says he was a seal . i have had my doubts … had don shipley check it out he cam eback told me he was not in the seal data base … the fact that she belives he was . and he has all thse acolades really gripes me .. apparently the chief of police has bought this and supposedly verifed he was .. sorry but i dont believe it .. i wish someone would confront him …

  90. Dan

    The government can and will disolve records if they feel it is nessesary. Mr. Shipley and Mr. Robinson are doing a great job but if a record is tagged they will deny it. Just doing what has to be done.

  91. Marty

    You’re wrong. Shipley and Robinson are using a database that lists all personnel who have successfully completed Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training. If someone is claiming to be a SEAL he will be in that database. The Government will not dissolve that database nor has any reason to.

  92. James

    A real, bonafide SEAL will never tell you he is/was one just for conversational purposes. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many former and operational SEAL and other SpecOps Operators over the years. Most, while being very aggressive in their job performance, are not boastful at all about what they can do/have done. The guys I’ve worked with have been master professionals at their job, and some of the best friends I’ve ever made.

  93. scared

    Hi, I need help and hope I csn get it..I met a man who is very intelligent, kind, etc who claims to have been in Seal Team 1. He just about always wears black with gold letters on shirt and jacket Special Operations.He said was in Seals 1957-68. He does not boast about what he did then, however he is 71 yrs old and in excellent shape. He says he gets up at 5am and worksout everyday something that is a holdover from his Navy Seal days.
    He was in the Navy and later joined the Seals..The only thing he has mentioned was the fact he was in Cambodia for approx. 2 yrs and managed to walk out at 102 lbs and was in hospital for 2-3 months getting back to health. States only in Seal 8 1/2 yrs.
    I am somewhat leery about him, can I get this checked out?

  94. allen


  95. Andy Reid

    I had a “friend” name Nathan Mason that claimed to be a SEAL. I met Nathan in Independence KS, when I was in high school. I played guitar with him, and he seemed like an OK guy. He did like to talk a LOT, and most of his stories were really out there. Nathan claimed that he went through the training, did six months with a team and got his trident. He claimed that he had a fall, broke his back, and was discharged from the Navy.
    I was very much wanting to go through the training when I joined the Navy in 03. Although I later decided that I wasn’t ready to go through the training, Nathan tried to push me on, saying he had contacts in Coronado.
    I asked one of my dive motivator instructors, OSC(SEAL) Destefano, if he had ever heard of Nathan, and he stated he had not. I later got out of the motivator program and went into the fleet. Nathan was playing with a band called Tusk, which toured quite a bit in Branson MO.
    When I came back on leave one year, Tusk invited me to come up to Branson. I saw Nathan talking with some people after the show, and thought I heard him talking about the SEALs training and BUD/S. I really started to wonder about his claims.
    As it turned out, Nathan was a sham. I found out that some real SEALs had caught wind of the story and confronted him about it. As said, he could not tell about his BUD/S class or any other details. He was finally found as a fraud. He was disbanded as the guitarist of Tusk, and I think he went into ministry.
    Although I would have loved to have the title and the job, I could never knowingly claim this without immense guilt and shame. I don’t see why these selfish fakes can sour the reputation these SO guys have. I never did go back to try my hand at BUD/s, but I have a few friends that made it and enjoy the title. As was said in one of these posts, the real SEALs are usually small framed and very humble. It’s those guys I have the respect for. These fakes need some wall to wall counseling.

  96. icbinb

    I am not a SEAL. I have worked with NSWG-1 and went out with ST-7 and ST-3. And most of you are right, they are humble on the outside when they are around civilians. I like being around them more than the rest of the Navy. With them you don’t have to worry about being politically correct or the way you act around them. I was a tech and didn’t get to travel out in the field with them. Just got shot at on the base and they would break tear them up on the other side of the river. They are a great bunch of guys. Could I spot a fake seal, maybe. You’ve got fat ones, skinny ones, short, tall, muscle heads and all sorts. The one thing that pretty much remained the same was the character: ego jocks on the inside of the compound and humble on the outside of the wire.

    Oh by the way if I had to sign a non-disclosure letter that doesn’t expire until after I die for everything I did and seen, I am sure they did too.

  97. USA!!!!!!!

    Who cares if there a seal or not just let the seals be and do what they do in secret personally I think we know to much about them and what the do not to bad mouth our military Im grateful for what u guys do all of you merry chirstmas

  98. USA!!!!!!!

    And at daughter he is lying they know just as much as we do before the mission the are kept in isolation for days even weeks before there told any thing

  99. Steve

    My wife says she dated two different SEALs before we were married, and I suspect these individuals were fakes. She said they “proved it” by showing her their “SEAL rings” they wore. Does such a thing exist? I can’t find any information about SEALs or former SEALs wearing special rings. Thanks.

  100. Shaun

    I’ll tell you about a fake. I work for a police department in Indiana and was on the SWAT team for 13 years. While instructing for new recruits we as instructors were judged pretty heavily by one recruit who was “Force Recon Marine” He had good stories and several of us bought into them. He even became a SWAT member a few years later. During our training it showed he wasn’t much of a Recon Marine let alone a good Marine. A few of us had doubts and have a good friend who is a retired Lt. Col from the Marines. He did some checking with some old friends in DC and with in a few days, come to find out our “Force Recon Marine” had been in the reserves and was AWOL and had not been showing up for duty. A few days later he was exposed!!!Our department allowed him to quit.

  101. Fred Lehman

    I was tattooing this fellow a few years back who asked me what I did in the US Navy. I told him that I was a Seaman on a Destroyer in the ‘Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club’ in 1967-68; and he replied that he himself had been a Navy SEAL. I had my doubts, so I asked him what his rate was and his answer was this; “I didn’t make it very far, I was only a 2nd Class”. To which I responded with, “Second Class what? What was your rate- or job specialty?” His answer was; “FRED! I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT~!”
    It took me about 30 seconds to discover that he was a liar- as he had no clue that a 2nd Class P.O. was pretty high up- E5 of course. He had no clue. Anyway, his wife was there with him and I saw no point in exposing him as a fraud in front of her, so I completed the tattoo and never spoke to him again.
    A year later I ran into the guy in a tavern in Schenectady New York, and he was wearing a red USMC T-shirt along with a leather vest with a pin on it that said, “Been There-Done That”. This time, I confronted him and told him that I did not like liars and bogus heroes, and I did not like him personally. A crowd gathered and that was all it took to get my point across. The bar we were at was a pretty rough place- lots of tougher than usual patrons, Bikers, Truckers, Lumberjacks and Merchant Seamen frequented the place. Now, every one of them knows the truth about this guy- He’s just a lying asshole who will never gain respect from his peers again- not in that neighborhood anyway!

  102. Spectre

    I have a lot of respect and love for those who have come before me and those who will come after me. I have enlisted in the navy and one day soon i will be a seal. whoever gets this please expose these phony fucks for our sake.

  103. kip

    There is a guy in Eugene Oregon who builds cars and says he is a Seal
    Name…. Chuck Foster. I think he is a phony…how do I find out?

  104. Gene

    All you have to do is call the base in Coronado CA and they will know for sure. Ask them how they got through hell week and if they say that mind over matter crap there fakes because after the first day you just zone out and go from meal to meal. Also if you really want to fuck with a faker tell them you are a SEAL and see how there faces go white, and a NAVY SEAL would never put he was a SEAL on a resume a real one knows better than that. If the faker dosent fit this description he is a fake,
    Aveage height and weight not a big buff guy
    Stands tall and proud looks tough but not menacing
    usualy has a firm hand shake and will look you dead in the eye with a look thats peacfull
    will not say he is a SEAL ever.
    The way training is set up the only men who survive it are humble good of heart and are willing to die and kill for their country with out a single form of thanks.
    I guess if you doubt someone argue it a SEAL would not even bother proving it. Ask him about buds and the guys in his class. Just plainly call Coranado and ask.

  105. Gene

    Ever since the Frogs in TEAM 6 took out bin laden every one and there dog is a dam NAVY SEAL. Fakers dnt realize how badly they hurt people around them. Liars can compromise any type of relationship forever. lol A SEAL will never ever tell you about their time as a SEAL. Its just like a super secret every SEAL enjoys keeping. Probably the only lie a SEAL would tell is that they were not a SEAL and that lie would never be told anyways because you would never have to ask it.

  106. Gene

    I am not a SEAL

  107. Armando

    For one, people only have to do a little research on the web and can learn enough to trick the lament person into believing their bs story. I get so upset at people who
    Claim they were a SEAL, or in combat with another branch of service, I.e. army, Marines, etc. as a veteran myself (US Navy 1999-2007) I only talk about my military experience with other veterans. And to all that claim they were with SEAL Team 6, they would no that it’s not longer refered by that, unless it’s very informal. It’s called
    DEVGRU, or DEVelopment GroUp. DEVGRU is highly classified. They work very closely with the CIA’s SAD/SOG. Furthermore, a SEAL would never admit to being apart of DEVGRU for security reasons. And any person with a fucking brain knows that “odd” number teams are NAB Coronado, and “even” are in Virginia.

    Ladies: if you meet any person who claims to be a SEAL or former one, simply ask to see their DD-214. It shows everything you’d ever done, and every award ever received while in the military. Every veteran knows what this is, and knows that its just as, if not more important to us than our birth certificates. if they can’t show it, then chances are they were never even in the military to begin with!!!

    This is a disgrace to the true heroes of our military, and us veterans need to call the phony’s out on it.

    God bless :-)

  108. ArmyDoc

    I served in the US Army & National Guard as a medic from 1988-1996. While on Active Duty I read a lot about SpecOps across all branches, Army libraries have large military history sections. I’ve lost count of all the SEALs, LRRPs, and Black Ops guys I’ve met, worked with, etc. Usually a few questions and the fakes are easy to spot. I really enjoyed screwing with the guys who claimed they were SEALs or USMC Force Recon thinking I didn’t know anything as an Army medic. To anyone wondering about a friend, boyfriend, acquaintance if they are really what they claim, odds are if they talk about they aren’t, if you ask they might tell you, if they show you their DD-214 you will probably get the real story.

  109. Jose Amram

    Years ago I worked with Carl Michaud from Kissimmee; he claims to have been the 1st Navy Corpsman to serve in the SEAL teams, and claimed to have been a SEAL in Vietnam, received the Navy Cross as well as having been promoted from enlisted ranks to officer ranks as a result of his heroic service. It turns out he never did any of the above, the only information I could find on this fraud was that he was an E-5 in the Navy, “electroencephalograph technician”. He used all his phony combat stories and exploits to gain admiration at work, became the secretary of the Central Fla Rifle and Pistol club, and all his professional acquaintances and bosses thought he was a former SEAL and Vietnam vet. I tried to expose him once but I do not believe it got too far. If anyone can find out anything on the phony “hero” living in Kissimmee, please confront him and expose the creep.

  110. DB

    I’ve met real Special Forces members and fake ones. The big tip off is if they talk about it a lot right away. All of the actual SF men I’ve known didn’t. OTHER people told me about the real ones (except for one guy). Tho’ proud of their service, they didn’t brag or romanticize it Fakes just can’t shut up.

  111. Sh aron

    I have known a classmate from high school whom I recently had the opportunity to speak to. He portrayed himself as a SEAL. He told me he led his mom to believe he was a cook in the military because he did not want her to know he was a SEAL, told me he was in a unit, told me had to go on missions, could never look at me when I asked him a question about it, told me he was no longer going to do this type of work after December 2011, told me everything was rated high security, e-mailed me a picture of himself in a SEAL shirt along with a picture of himself in Army uniform holding a gun.

    Well after listening to numerous lies, I googled him and found out he works for a construction company in Norfolk VA with the USACE and was only in the Army for 2 yrs honorably discharged from Korea back in 89. He wore the SEALS hat told me he jumps from planes, underwater and a bullet grazed his head.

    I reviewed information on being a Navy SEAL and he is 47 yrs old now and I know their is an age limit.

    When I confronted him, he went crazy told me he never pretended to be a SEAL. I asked him why he sent me a picture of him in a SEAL shirt and his comment was ” We trade shirts in our unit and he is not in a unit. Works for a construction company in Norfolk VA at the Naval Shipyard. He sent me a magazine article showing his type of work. It was all lies. It is crazy to think this man is working at a construction company and claiming to be a SEAL. So unfair to the men who have truly served as SEALS. How pathetic. He is also a user and try to get money from others with his charming stories that he is a SEAL.

  112. Nick

    My dream is to become a SEAL or at least into the Marine Cor.
    I understand i’m a naive 16 year old kid,

  113. Nick

    Opps i posted without wanting to. Anyways as i was going to ask, how can i best prepare myself in order to become a SEAL. I understand my chances are extremely slim but it’s my dream.
    I’ve started reading (only finished my second book) and magazines, have watched tons of documenturies on BUD/S, and have a planned excercizing schedule.
    Any advice would be great.

  114. Nick

    Please mind my horibble grammar. I blame my phone :/.

  115. Jay

    I spent 15 years active duty Navy. I was in the reserve for 10 years. I started life in the navy as a BM but ended up an AZ.

    In my entire tenure in the navy I met and became friends with two SEALs.

    I belive you should be proud of your service no matter what you did. I have no problem calling a fake SEAL out and exposing him.

  116. John A. Morrow

    Just wanted to contribute my 2 cents and mention another fake S.E.A.L.
    His name is Mark Lemon and he’s an artist.
    I’ve never seen a more ego driven narcissistic character.
    Briefly,I knew him personally but my BS radar went up rapidly as he talked.
    On his Linkedin webpage he has listed S.E.A.L.”class 125″on his resume.
    I did some checking and Lemon was NOT in SEAL Class 125(or any other class).
    I confronted Lemon about his S.E.A.L. bio claim but he still has it posted.
    Does anybody expose these wannabees where it will stick?

  117. Inspired Silver

    Inspired Silver…

    10 Ways to Spot a Fake US Navy SEAL | Navy SEALs Information & Resources…

  118. Matthew Eich

    was just wondering if my father James Robert Eich was a navy seal during vietnam born 1/26/47 any information would help thank you

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