Welcome to Navy SEALs Information & Resources

The United States Navy is one of the most respected and accomplished Naval forces in the world today. From within the US Navy, a handful of sailors were trained to form and lead the first US Navy SEALs team: SEAL Team One. Since then SEALs have become the “numero uno” anti-terrorist and covert ops unit of the US Navy. Synonymous with words like courage, commitment, and bravery, Navy SEALs have played a vital role in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Our website is dedicated to these men, the men who live anonymously and whose heroic efforts and supreme sacrifice are rarely written about, the men who have willingly jumped into the cauldron of fire so that YOU and ME can live in peace!

We Aspire
This is not just a US Navy SEAL dedicated information website; it is an insight into the lives of men behind the covert missions. As a child, we always hear these stories about super-heroes or read about them in comic books. There are many youngsters who have found their idol in some of the super-heroes as well. We aspire to bring you closer to some of the real life super-heroes, who are flesh and blood, who live and breathe in the same environment and world as we do.

We Can
The two most important words that can make any team perform at its highest level is “We Can.” The US Navy SEALs is one of the most elite Special Forces in the world and there are several aspects that makes them so special. From training sessions like BUD/s to Hell Week, Sniper training, HALO/HAHO, combat swimming, martial arts and much more, the SEAL comes out on the top because they believe in “We Can.” This website is our effort towards providing you with information in the form of articles, blogs, interactive ideas, etc so that you get to understand the functioning of the US Navy SEALs at a macro and micro level.

You Can
Our website has been created and structured in such a way that You Can browse through it and acquire information you require at the click of a button. We have divided each area or aspect of US Navy SEALs into several distinct categories and sub-categories so that information is available in a more comprehensible and streamlined format. From Navy SEAL history to the AVSAB examination, from Boot Camp to War front, from Duty & Assignments to Pay & Benefits, this is an encyclopedia of information on SEALs available just for you.

The SEAL Pride
Navy SEALs take every responsibility given to them with pride and this includes sacrificing their life for the country. SEALs are a different breed and their pride shows in what they do. SEALs like Danny Dietz, Matthew Axelson, Michael Monsoor, and Michael P. Murphy lived, fought, and died with the SEAL pride.

There is a Navy SEAL in each one of you! HOOYAH!